Technological watch

Date Title
2023-09-21 Aquapak joins WRAP and the UK Plastics Pact
2023-09-21 A Broad Range of Advanced Recycling Technologies Keeps Carbon in the Loop 
2023-09-20 Free PEFerence webinar on 17 October: Furanic Humins – 100% bio-based side stream of PEF production, as basis for thermoset and other binder applications
2023-09-20 Ducor Petrochemicals launches product range for healthcare applications
2023-09-20 Lummus and RWDC Announce Agreement to Accelerate and Scale PHA Production 
2023-09-20 Cortec® Awarded Patent for Industrially Compostable Stretch Wrap Technology!
2023-09-20 UPM and Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London showcase new, sustainable design concepts to prototype a world beyond fossils
2023-09-19 AIMPLAS inicia 12 nuevos proyectos para contribuir a la economía circular, la transición energética, la salud y la protección del medio natural, agrícola y marino
2023-09-18 The Greener Manufacturing Show Europe 2023: Accelerating Renewable Chemicals & Material Solutions
2023-09-16 Lifocolor at Fakuma 2023: Innovative masterbatch solutions
2023-09-14 Wood modification boosts biomass conversion 
2023-09-11 ExxonMobil selects JL Goor to help drive growth in UK
2023-09-11 Camm ultima una segunda fábrica en Valencia
2023-09-08 Israeli biotech startup lands $2M for fungi packaging
2023-09-08 Joint venture plans $50M PET tray plant in West Virginia
2023-09-08 Woodacity® Collection – now a complete monomaterial range in wood!
2023-09-07 CJ Biomaterials and RIMAN to Expand Use of PHA in Cosmetic Packing
2023-09-07 Brabender develops new film quality analysis system
2023-09-06 Lignin pilot plant opens in Germany / Bio-based feedstock material for PU, thermoplastics
2023-09-05 Bio-based packaging films could revolutionize global markets – LUT and VTT are developing a new solution from cellulose
2023-09-05 Biocompatible sealant used for a wireless optogenetic microsystem
2023-09-01 GluECO Adhesives Certified by the USDA
2023-09-01 Arburg set to exhibit its Allrounder 720A at Fakuma 2023
2023-09-01 Goodbye solvents: sustainable synthesis and recycling with mechanochemistry
2023-08-31 Deal with Japanese firms set to produce PET with renewable feedstock
2023-08-31 Covestro Completes Construction of PUD Facility in Shanghai
2023-08-31 Challenges facing plastic recycling
2023-08-30 PLA con riciclato per dribblare (forse) la plastics tax
2023-08-29 BioICEP Project turns non-biodegradables into biobased materials
2023-08-25 Research tests whether bioplastics break down in Moreton Bay
2023-08-24 Braskem and SCG Chemicals join forces to advance in the bio-based Ethylene project in Thailand
2023-08-23 Bio-Based Adhesives Market Expected to Grow
2023-08-23 H.B. Fuller to Showcase Innovations at PACK EXPO Las Vegas
2023-08-23 MSU School of Packaging researchers make a sustainable plastic more compostable
2023-08-23 Origin Materials and Proman Partner to Produce Low-Carbon Biofuels
2023-08-23 AIMPLAS' BioICEP Project turns non-biodegradable plastics into new biobased materials
2023-08-22 Milestone Scientific uses Cyrolite to produce "magic wand"
2023-08-21 An Egg-cellent development: Spark Sourcing gains eco certification for egg shell based compound
2023-08-17 Braskem and SCG Chemicals look to expand biopolymer production across Thailand and South East Asia
2023-08-16 Origin Materials Creates Sustainable PET Bottle Caps, Enabling “All PET Mono-Material” Bottle and Cap Solutions, a Breakthrough in Recycling and Circularity
2023-08-15 Making bioplastics that are easier to compost
2023-08-15 ADBioplastics develops together with Borges International Group compostable single-use packaging for extra virgin olive oil
2023-08-15 Intricon will open facility for production of sensor-driven medical devices
2023-08-14 SK Capital to take majority stake in PVA film producer / Strong growth planned
2023-08-08 All-PET cap simplifies bottle recycling
2023-08-08 Using starch to boost compostability in packaging
2023-08-08 A Toy Story- circularity gives new life to old toys
2023-08-08 Plastics in Politics Live August 2023: Debating infrastructure, ESG and reusables
2023-08-04 Origin Materials and Terphane Partner to Produce High-Performance Packaging
2023-08-03 Braskem expands its biopolymer production by 30% following an investment of US$ 87 million
2023-08-03 ALPLA Launches New ALPLArecycling Brand to Consolidate Its Recycling Activities
2023-08-02 Barbie hoax spotlights an anti-plastics message
2023-08-02 ADBioplastics desarrolla junto a Borges International Group envases monodosis compostables para aceite de oliva virgen extra
2023-08-01 Researchers Develop Biodegradable Plastic Bags for Use in Mushroom Farming
2023-07-31 Arburg marks 50 years of collaboration with H&K Müller
2023-07-31 Monthly news from the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI), July 2023
2023-07-31 Avient Launches Two Automotive-specific TPEs with PCR Content
2023-07-28 Phasing out hard-to-recycle and single-use plastics
2023-07-28 Erthcycle develops biogradeable plastic packaging for family owned food distributor
2023-07-28 Nexam Chemical Receives the First Patent in a Polypropylene Recycling Technology
2023-07-27 Researchers Found Two Common Fungi that Successfully Biodegrade PP
2023-07-27 Fungi makes meal of hard to recycle plastic
2023-07-26 Braskem invests $87M to expand biopolymer production
2023-07-26 Plastic waste could be used to manufacture neurological treatments
2023-07-26 Amcor to Launch First Premium Wine Bottle Made from 100% Recycled PET
2023-07-25 House Republican EPA budget backs chemical recycling, bioplastics, reuse
2023-07-25 Researchers Develop Spirulina-based Plastics that Degrade as Quickly as a Banana Peel
2023-07-24 Compostable Plastics
2023-07-24 Researchers Develop a Method to Recycle PET Using Electricity
2023-07-21 NOVA Chemicals to Develop Its First Mechanical Recycling Facility
2023-07-20 New Zealand expands its ban on hard-to-recycle plastics
2023-07-19 Biodegradable PVOH targets food packaging / Output to be raised at Spanish plant
2023-07-18 Shaping the sustainable fibre future with cellulose fibres – Abstract submissions open for the Celullose Fibres Conference 2024
2023-07-18 New biodegradable plastics are compostable in your backyard
2023-07-17 Researchers Develop New Class of Nanoparticle-based Latex Films
2023-07-13 ALPLA to Expand Its Recycling Facility in Poland
2023-07-13 H.B. Fuller Acquires Private US Company, Adhezion Biomedical
2023-07-13 Drug delivery systems: combating non-adherence with technology
2023-07-12 The role of biodegradable materials in reducing medical plastics waste
2023-07-12 TotalEnergies Launches PE bags with 50% PCR Content for Its Wood Pellets Packaging
2023-07-12 Fuller Company expands portfolio with acquisition of Adhezion Biomedical
2023-07-12 Nuevo vicepresidente de ventas de etiquetas y packaging de Avery Dennison para EMENA
2023-07-12 Chiude impianto di riciclo PET in Germania
2023-07-11 IFF Pioneers Designed Enzymatic Biomaterials Technology Platform to Deliver Sustainable Biopolymers
2023-07-11 FANUC’s biodegradable plastic cutlery demo makes its way to Interplas
2023-07-10 UPM Biochemicals Partners with Selenis to Develop Sustainable PETG for Packaging
2023-07-10 NOVA Chemicals to Explore Scope of Advanced Recycling Plant in Canada
2023-07-06 Firm targeted by environmental group defends New York construction plans
2023-07-06 Avantium and SCGC partner to bring CO?-based polymers to pilot phase
2023-07-04 Ceresana: cada año se fabrican más de 13 millones de toneladas de adhesivos de base biológica
2023-07-04 COIM a Plast punta sulla sostenibilità
2023-07-03 Avantium receives Critical Guidance Recognition for its bioplastic PEF from the US-based Association of Plastic Recyclers
2023-07-03 Soluciones sostenibles de Cabopol
2023-06-30 Monthly news from the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI), June 2023
2023-06-29 Compostable bioplastics biodegrade in real conditions, study confirms
2023-06-29 Cellulose Fibres Conference 2024 – Call for Abstracts
2023-06-27 The future of fabrics – UPM and VAUDE think beyond recycling
2023-06-26 Study Confirms Compostable Packaging Biodegrade in Industrial Composting Facilities
2023-06-26 Bioplastics in Medical Device Packaging: Yea or Nay?
2023-06-26 ‘Time is right': WinCup moving to all biodegradable EPS
2023-06-23 Glue Derived From Industrial Bio-Waste Wins Material Science Prize
2023-06-23 H.B. Fuller Announces Two Acquisitions
2023-06-22 First CBE JU grant agreements provide €116?million for circular bio-based sector
2023-06-22 Verde Bioresins goes public through SPAC deal
2023-06-20 Johnson Matthey’s state-of-the-art technology helps China tackle plastic pollution
2023-06-20 Envalior to Showcase Its Latest Solutions for EVs at VDI PIAE 2023
2023-06-20 New EU chemicals enforcement project to focus on products sold online
2023-06-16 FLEXconâ??s OMNI-WAVE Wins 2023 Med-Tech Award
2023-06-16 ALPLA to Build State-of-the-Art PET Recycling Plant in South Africa
2023-06-16 How does the growth of home diagnostics affect manufacturing?
2023-06-15 K.D. Feddersen expands Trinseo TPE portfolio
2023-06-15 TotalEnergies Launches HDPE Resin for Tethered Cap Applications
2023-06-14 ALPLA Supports Coca-Cola India to Launch 100% Recycled PET Bottle for Packaged Water
2023-06-14 Stevanato presents an On-Body Delivery System platform
2023-06-13 ACC Honors Companies with Its 2023 Sustainability Leadership Awards
2023-06-12 UPM Biochemicals and Selenis form strategic alliance to develop sustainable PETG
2023-06-09 MDO PE films for sustainable and recyclable flexible packaging
2023-06-09 Johnson Matthey to Provide Fujian Zhongjing Its Technology for Bio-degradable Plastics
2023-06-09 TOMRA and Plastretur Sign JV to Create Plastic Packaging Sorting Plant in Norway
2023-06-09 Revolutionising Eco-Friendliness with Unparalleled End-to-End Impact: Niine launches India’s first PLA-Based Sanitary Napkins
2023-06-09 Insempra and Fibers365 announce successful testing of 2-generation feedstock
2023-06-08 Selenis signs offtake deal for organic feedstock / Wood-based material to be basis of PETG
2023-06-07 Avient Showcased Its Healthcare TPEs at Medtec China 2023
2023-06-07 Bluepha and TotalEnergies Corbion collaborate advance sustainable biomaterials solutions in China
2023-06-06 Ancora alti i costi per il packaging flessibile
2023-06-06 Changsu Industrial and TotalEnergies Corbion collaborate to advance adoption of sustainable biobased BOPLA films
2023-06-02 Sulzer signs agreement with Jindan New Biomaterials in China for production of biobased plastic
2023-06-02 Ingevity’s Thermoplastic Grades Receive OK Biodegradable WATER Certification
2023-06-01 Free Webinar on the Life Cycle Assessment of Avantium’s PEF
2023-06-01 UPM Biochemicals and Selenis announce sustainability partnership
2023-06-01 New research from Industrial Physics reveals packaging innovation warning
2023-06-01 Aquapak joins CEFLEX in an effort to enhance circular solutions
2023-05-31 Dow Collaborates to Develop Renewable Materials from Corn Residue
2023-05-31 Accelerating packaging innovation cannot come at the cost of ensuring safety.” According to new report
2023-05-30 Monthly news from the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI), May 2023
2023-05-30 Paper instead of plastic: sustainable packaging with a good conscience
2023-05-30 AIMPLAS trabaja en nuevos envases monouso aceptados por la legislación a partir de algas o almidón
2023-05-26 New generation of home-compostable coffee capsules
2023-05-26 Groundbreaking invention in the field of packaging materials comes from Bayreuth
2023-05-26 Wanhua Chemical offers diverse solutions for a sustainable future
2023-05-25 Sulzer’s PLA Technology to be Used by Jindan at Its New Manufacturing Plant
2023-05-25 TotalEnergies Corbion and Changsu Industrial to Advance Adoption of BOPLA Films
2023-05-25 Nuevo “yogur ecológico natural” llega al mercado español
2023-05-24 UBQ: biobased thermoplastic material from household waste
2023-05-23 Drinks bottles from landfilled plastic waste / European bottler trials Dutch start-up's technology / Recyclate content to rise to 50%
2023-05-23 UPM Biochemicals further expands distribution network for its new sustainable Renewable Functional Fillers (RFF)
2023-05-23 De l’emballage sur Plant Based Summit
2023-05-23 @equiplast Ficha técnica: Equiplast 2023 Encuentro Internacional del Plástico y el Caucho
2023-05-23 Vinyl Institute awards $460K in grants to spur recycling
2023-05-22 Un nuevo estudio pone de manifiesto que aumentará la inversión en material sostenible para packaging
2023-05-22 Compostabilidad: una respuesta a los retos de sostenibilidad europeos para el packaging
2023-05-22 Cajas de plástico compostables para botellas de vino: economía circular en el sector vitivinícola
2023-05-22 Sumitomo (SHI) Demag opens Limerick office
2023-05-19 Simply EGG-genious: Students invent edible packaging from eggshells
2023-05-19 Green Dot’s Compostable Film Resin Gains TÜV OK Compost HOME Certification
2023-05-19 Biomerics merging with Precision Concepts medical units
2023-05-19 ITC Packaging presenta una nueva gama de envases plásticos con material biobasado y compostables
2023-05-17 Bioplastics Live May 2023: Bioplastics offer climate benefits, but need investment and research
2023-05-17 Bio-based content, compostable plastics, and chemical recycling – many opportunities for more innovation and sustainability in the new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR)
2023-05-17 SGH Medical Pharma receives ISO 22000 certification
2023-05-17 Organic-based coating with innovative functional properties is suitable for packaging and food products
2023-05-17 Biobasierte Inhaltsstoffe, kompostierbare Kunststoffe und chemisches Recycling – viele Chancen für mehr Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit in der neuen Verordnung über Verpackungen und Verpackungsabfälle (PPWR)
2023-05-17 La distribuzione taglia la plastica e cerca alternative
2023-05-16 FEICA to Offer Master Class on the Mass Balance Approach at Its Annual Conference
2023-05-16 Trinseo and RWDC Industries Announce PHA Dispersion Partnership
2023-05-15 TriMas Introduces Its Range of Fully Recyclable Single Polymer Dispenser Pumps
2023-05-15 Project manager Food Contact Materials
2023-05-15 Ingevity's thermoplastics range becomes 'certified compostable'
2023-05-15 Seaweed-based straw maker Loliware scaling up with new financing
2023-05-12 Bormioli collaborates with to launch new contests
2023-05-12 Polyplastics’ COC Grades Get APR Recognition for Recyclability with PE Films
2023-05-12 KIK compounds opens new R&D lab
2023-05-11 Investment in pilot plant for biodegradable cellulose films in Finland / Applications in food industry
2023-05-11 Kraiburg TPE expands range of TPE solutions with ISCC PLUS certification
2023-05-11 Tassonomia UE: anche i monouso potenzialmente sostenibili
2023-05-10 Origin Materials and Indorama Ventures collaborate in effort to produce enhanced bio-based plastics
2023-05-10 TotalEnergies Acquires Iber Resinas, a Spanish Plastic Recycler
2023-05-10 ADBioplastics presenta un bioplástico compostable para packaging
2023-05-09 NOVA Chemicals to Develop Food Packaging Solutions with Pregis Using Its rPE
2023-05-09 IDTechEx analiza el mercado del packaging sostenible impulsor de la economía circular
2023-05-09 TotalEnergies acquires Spanish-based mechanical recycling company
2023-05-09 Alleanza nel rivestimento di cartoni con PHA
2023-05-09 El greenwashing en la industria alimentaria y sus implicaciones
2023-05-05 Totalenergies Corbion and Danimer Develop Compostable Coffee Pod Biopolymer
2023-05-05 La grande finanza si muove contro i monouso
2023-05-05 Kelpy Partners With SOS Carbon to Fight Global Economic Disaster
2023-05-04 Wanhua Chemical Attends the Press Conference of Chinaplas and Shares New Trends of Green Materials
2023-05-04 La producción mundial de plásticos crece un 4%
2023-05-04 Regolamento imballaggi sotto esame del Parlamento UE
2023-05-04 AIMPLAS participa en la feria Interpack 2023
2023-05-02 Perspective: Bioplastics — An idea whose time has come
2023-04-28 Monthly news from the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI), April 2023
2023-04-27 FKuR: New bioplastics and natural-colored recyclates
2023-04-27 Oregon lawmakers ban EPS, boost reusable packaging
2023-04-25 Chemical recycling a flashpoint in FTC Green Guides review
2023-04-24 Beardow Adams Develops Eco-Friendly Adhesive
2023-04-24 Interpack 2023: comienza la cuenta atrás
2023-04-20 Two Injection Molding Grades of Biobased Materials Enhance Sulapac’s Cosmetics Packaging Portfolio
2023-04-20 OQ Presents Advanced Rigid Packaging Solutions at Chinaplas 2023
2023-04-20 Compañía de envases de cartón reporta importante crecimiento
2023-04-20 ECHA provides advice on new hazard classes for substances and mixtures
2023-04-19 Vinmar adds bioplastics to offering with Verde distribution deal
2023-04-19 Borouge Showcases Its Diverse Range of Polyolefin Solutions at Chinaplas 2023
2023-04-18 Avient Showcases Its Innovative Sustainable Solutions at Chinaplas 2023
2023-04-18 Biotrend Energy To Build The First Commercial-Scale Advanced Plastics Recycling Facility Using Honeywell Upcycle Process Technology
2023-04-17 Toyobo to Begin Selling Bio-based BOPP Film as an ISCC Plus-certified Product
2023-04-17 VTT pilot scales up production of sustainable cellulose film
2023-04-17 Kickstart: Making the news
2023-04-17 LG Chem Collaborates with CJ Logistics to Recycle Discarded Packaging Wraps
2023-04-14 Kuraray Launches Bio-based High-barrier Resin for Pouches & Cartons
2023-04-14 ExxonMobil to Showcase Its Sustainable Solutions at Chinaplas 2023
2023-04-13 Novamont Partners with OrthoLite® to Develop Circular Foam Material for Footwear
2023-04-13 Fost Plus Partners with Morssinkhof Plastics for New Recycling Plant in Belgium
2023-04-13 ALPLA Launches JV with HANA Innovation to Produce Sustainable Dispenser Pumps
2023-04-12 TCEP Endorses Use of Perstorp’s Copolyesters in Heat-Resistant PET Trays
2023-04-11 Plastiques : les industriels entrent dans le moule
2023-04-10 Kickstart: Plastic packaging? For some Hasbro products, it's still the way
2023-04-07 Kuraray Announces Distribution Agreement with Gehring-Montgomery
2023-04-06 VTT pilot scales up production of sustainable cellulose film to replace traditional plastic wrap in food packaging
2023-04-06 TotalEnergies Corbion & Partners to Develop PLA Recycling Infrastructure in South Korea
2023-04-06 Advancing PLA recycling
2023-04-06 Arburg’s anniversary days celebrate the past and look forward to the future
2023-04-05 Why coffee capsules should be compostable
2023-04-05 Afera TechSem 23 Takes Place April 17 to 19 in Brussels
2023-04-05 Researchers Develop Non-toxic Method to Upcycle Single-use Plastic
2023-04-05 Microalgas generan nuevos compuestos de valor
2023-04-03 Sterile Medical Packaging Essential in Healthcare Infection Prevention
2023-04-03 Researchers Develop Method to Extract Hydrogen from Plastic Waste
2023-04-02 Material Insights: How can the US implement a shift to bioplastics?
2023-04-01 VTT pilot scales up production of cellulose film
2023-03-31 Innovative and sustainable solutions from Kiefel at Interpack 2023
2023-03-31 Innovative und nachhaltige Lösungen von Kiefel auf der Interpack 2023
2023-03-31 Ricerche sui film cellulosici per packaging
2023-03-30 Amcor, Nfinite enter into joint research agreement to leverage nanotechnology in recyclable and compostable packaging
2023-03-30 Italyâ??s disposable cup producer switches to cardboard, biopolymers
2023-03-30 Avantium and Kvadrat sign offtake agreement for the development of PEF for interior textiles
2023-03-30 Poll shows eco-conscious consumers prefer compostables to recycled plastic
2023-03-29 Webinar Series Green Renewable Solutions 2023
2023-03-29 Q&A: Gel-Pak's journey and product development
2023-03-28 El 36% de los plásticos consumidos se destinan a envases y embalajes
2023-03-27 Arkema Outlines Collaborative Approach to Sustainability at 2023 ECS
2023-03-27 Bioplastics International Gets US Patent Pending for World’s First Sugar Cane Polyvinyl Alcohol to End Plastic Pollution
2023-03-24 Evonik to Present at the European Coatings Show 2023
2023-03-24 What is the difference between ‘biodegradable’ and ‘compostable’?
2023-03-23 Fact.MR Releases New Adhesive Resins Market Report
2023-03-23 SK Chemicals Enters 7.57 Billion Dollars Recycled PET Market to Take the Lead
2023-03-23 Teknia amplía su apuesta por la energía renovable
2023-03-23 La producción de bioplásticos se triplicará en los próximos años
2023-03-23 Adhesive Resins Market Expected to Reach $31 Billion
2023-03-22 FKuR: New dishwasher-safe bioplastics and natural-colored recyclates from FKuR
2023-03-22 El Real Decreto de Envases: el mayor cambio normativo para la economía circular
2023-03-21 Henkel Publishes Sustainability Report
2023-03-17 JEC Composites reveals Startup Booster 2023 finalists
2023-03-17 Desarrollan empaques ecológicos y biodegradables para productos frescos
2023-03-16 SK Chemicals Makes Investment to Expand into CR-PET Market
2023-03-15 Sulapac launches Sulapac® Luxe, a new sustainable material for luxury fragrance caps as part of its expanded cosmetics portfolio
2023-03-15 Why Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund is investing in this entrepreneur and her plastic waste solution
2023-03-10 Vonco acquires Genesis Plastics
2023-03-08 Vonco adds specialty medical capabilities with Genesis acquisition
2023-03-08 Pathways towards circular plastics in Europe — good practice examples from countries, business and citizens
2023-03-08 @aimplas Los bioplásticos triplicarán su producción hasta 2027 y alcanzarán los 6,3 millones de toneladas
2023-03-07 Véritable opte pour des boîtes modulaires Posson Packaging
2023-03-07 PureCycle Partners with iSustain to Divert 10M Pounds of Waste PP from Landfills
2023-03-06 El futuro de la industria del envase y embalaje hacia 2030
2023-03-06 Avient Unveils New TPEs with up to 4% PCR Content for PC/ABS Overmolding
2023-03-03 Recubrimientos y aditivos ignífugos, antihielo, aislantes térmicos e hidrofóbicos sostenibles y eficientes
2023-03-03 Los bioplásticos triplicarán su producción hasta 2027 y alcanzarán los 6,3 millones de toneladas
2023-02-28 Free PEFerence Webinar on 21 March: From bio-based feedstocks to FDCA and PEF – And how can we keep PEF in the loop?
2023-02-28 Avvicendamento agli uretani Lanxess
2023-02-27 Bio-based Polymers Market to Grow at a CAGR of 14% by 2027
2023-02-27 Cruz Foam Redefines Consumer Packaging Solving the Customer Need for High-Performance with Exceptional Sustainability
2023-02-27 Un envase activo a partir del residuo del queso alarga su vida útil entre 5 y 10 días
2023-02-24 Deep insights into bio- and CO?-based solutions for polymers
2023-02-24 Foster appointed marketing partner for Röhm’s Cyrolite portfolio
2023-02-23 NatureWorks Celebrates Construction Milestone for New Fully Integrated Ingeo™? PLA Biopolymer Manufacturing Facility in Thailand
2023-02-22 Avient Extends Bio-Based Polyolefin Range, Utilizing the Benefits of Cellulose Fiber and Giving Waste Coffee Grounds a Second Life
2023-02-22 Shellac-based coating makes pulp materials suitable for food without use of petroleum based polymers or metals
2023-02-21 Nuevos recubrimientos y aditivos ignífugos, antihielo, aislantes térmicos e hidrofóbicos más sostenibles y eficientes
2023-02-21 NOVA Chemicals Unveils New rPE Portfolio
2023-02-21 Non-wood fibre is a new innovation frontier for Europe’s paper and board sector, shows nova-Institute study
2023-02-20 Researchers Develop Stronger Bioplastics by Adding Cream of Tartar
2023-02-20 Las claves de la Ley de Economía Circular de la Ciudad de México
2023-02-17 Plastic Film Resins from Green Dot Bioplastics Receive TU?V Certification
2023-02-17 Thrifty trick for bacterial plastic upcycling
2023-02-16 Why extractables in sustainable packaging is as safe as other packaging
2023-02-16 Metsä Spring leads funding round in Fiberwood to make insulation and packaging fossil free
2023-02-16 UPM Biochemicals and HAERTOL Chemie GmbH announce strategic partnership to develop new sustainable coolants
2023-02-16 Empaque y etiquetas: esto es lo que el consumidor verá en 2023
2023-02-15 Inventu announces two forums
2023-02-15 Kelpi secures £3m seed funding led by Science Creates Ventures to develop the next generation of sustainable bioplastics
2023-02-14 Upcycled plastic membrane helps clean up waste
2023-02-13 Avient Launches Polyolefins Filled with Cellulose Fiber and Waste Coffee Grounds
2023-02-13 Gaining momentum – Bio-based polymers grow at a CAGR of 14% between 2022 and 2027
2023-02-13 Zunehmende Dynamik – Bio-basierte Polymere wachsen mit einer CAGR von 14% zwischen 2022 und 2027
2023-02-09 SK Geo Centric Receives GRS Certification for Its Sustainable Polymers
2023-02-08 Avient launches new range of polyolefins
2023-02-08 Want a stronger biodegradable plastic? Add a ‘pinch’ of cream of tartar
2023-02-08 Could natural decay be a solution to plastic pollution after all?
2023-02-07 Replacing single-use plastic film with algae-based biodegradable edible film
2023-02-07 An introduction to innovative design in wearable injection devices
2023-02-06 Turning food waste into biodegradable bioplastics
2023-02-06 Rallenta la corsa dei costi nel packaging flessibile
2023-02-06 Bioplastics project shows juicy results
2023-02-03 Supply deal with Portuguese processor / Shop to make packaging from â??low-carbonâ? resins
2023-02-03 TotalEnergies Collaborates with Intraplás for Sustainable Packaging Solutions
2023-02-02 Pharmapack Europe announce awards winners 2023
2023-02-02 From Fibre Production to Recycling and Policy – The Final Program of the Cellulose Fibres Conference 2023
2023-02-02 Von der Faserproduktion über Recycling bis hin zu politischen Rahmenbedingungen – Das finale Programm der Cellulose Fibres Conference 2023
2023-02-01 Working with sustainability makes Norwegian companies more innovative
2023-02-01 How adhesives are used in prosthetics and implantable medical devices
2023-01-31 ExxonMobil to Showcase Its Advancing Sustainable Solutions at PlastIndia 2023
2023-01-31 Braskem Collaborate with Nexus Circular to Secure High-quality Circular Feedstock
2023-01-30 Brazilian petchem giant sources circular feedstocks from Nexus / Deal for polyolefins to run for a decade
2023-01-30 Packaging español en el top 10 de los más innovadores en el mundo
2023-01-27 Avient Adds Sustainable Grades to Its Density Modified Polymers Portfolio
2023-01-27 TotalEnergies and Intraplas collaborate in sustainable packaging scheme
2023-01-27 Rimax’s New Eco-Conscious Pet Line ‘Made With UBQ™’ Commercially Launches Across Colombia
2023-01-26 Avient Launches New Density Modified Polymers
2023-01-26 New tailwind for renewable carbon plastics in EU policy?
2023-01-25 Packaging giant achieves record sales / Increased involvement in pharmaceutical sector
2023-01-24 Laurea ad honorem in Ingegneria Gestionale a Alberto Vacchi
2023-01-23 Avery Dennison announces bio-based certification for rubber-based adhesives
2023-01-23 Bormioli to showcase sustainability and IoT technologies at Pharmapack
2023-01-23 Envases españoles ganadores de los WorldStar Awards 2023
2023-01-23 Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2023 – From Hygiene Products, Sustainability Improved Technologies to Cellulose from Textile Waste and Banana Production Waste
2023-01-23 How can we make the medical sector more sustainable?
2023-01-20 UBQ Material’s Climate Positive Thermoplastic to be Used by Rimax for Its Pet Line
2023-01-20 Turning plastic waste into a valuable soil additive
2023-01-19 Maine begins writing packaging EPR rules
2023-01-19 Esta empresa quiere convertir los azucares en fibra para fortalecer la salud digestiva
2023-01-19 Con tecnología buscan detener plagas y enfermedades en la industria agrícola
2023-01-19 US compounder opens second plant / Site selected for proximity to Boston pharma, biotech hotbeds
2023-01-19 Piden regular el etiquetado de alimentos integrales para impulsar su consumo
2023-01-18 Support of Israeli cleantech company for bio-based plastics production / Recycling machinery group opens branch in Italy
2023-01-18 Sustainable lignin-PLA composites for food packaging
2023-01-18 @aimplas Limitaciones en el reciclado mecánico de envases plásticos y vías para su adecuada gestión
2023-01-17 @hispackbcn @graphispack España, entre los diez países con el packaging más innovador del mundo
2023-01-16 New research developments identify new methods for bio-derived carbon filler reinforcement for biocomposites
2023-01-16 Ceresana analiza la sostenibilidad del PVC
2023-01-16 Registration for IME West 2023 is now live
2023-01-13 New ‘Spray-On Wrapper’ Offers Plastic-Free Food Packaging Alternative
2023-01-12 Lignovations’ functional ingredient LignoGuard® based on Fibenol LIGNOVA™ lignin confirmed safe for use in cosmetic products
2023-01-12 Case study: Plastribution works with tote box manufacturer to reduce carbon footprint
2023-01-12 ¿Cuál es el consumo de fibra en América Latina?
2023-01-11 QatarEnergy, Chevron Phillips Chemical to Build Integrated Polymers Complex in Qatar
2023-01-11 England to Expand Ban of Single-Use Plastic Items
2023-01-10 Monthly news from the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI)
2023-01-10 TotalEnergies Joins NEXTLOOPP to Create Food-Grade Recycled Polymer
2023-01-10 SK Geo Centric Signs MoU with Plastic Energy to Build Pyrolysis Plant in Ulsan ARC
2023-01-10 USDA Invests $9.5M to Develop New Bioproducts from Agricultural Commodities
2023-01-10 Scientists Discover Enzymes That Could Make It Cheaper To Recycle Waste Polyester Textiles and Bottles Than Making Them From Petroleum
2023-01-09 CJ Biomaterials Partners with South Korean Industry-University Research Council to Promote Eco-Friendly Material and Accelerate Adoption of PHA Technology
2023-01-09 Así se movió la industria del empaque durante 2022
2023-01-09 K 2022: Europe chemical recycling investment continues but waste supply access remains a challenge
2023-01-06 Go West – MD&M West 2023 preview
2023-01-05 European Green Deal: Putting an end to wasteful packaging, boosting reuse and recycling
2023-01-05 Packaging para alimentos de V gama, estas son las demandas del consumidor
2023-01-05 Informa Markets revela a los ganadores de los premios Fi Europe Innovation Awards
2023-01-05 Reducción del desperdicio de alimentos y el impacto sostenible
2023-01-05 Formerra, Danimer Scientific Announce Sustainable Materials Distribution Relationship
2023-01-04 Cuáles son las principales diferencias entre biodegradable y compostable
2023-01-04 Wood and CuanTec to accelerate circular economy solutions in the UK
2022-12-30 AIMPLAS Transforms Coffee Waste into Plastic Film for Packaging
2022-12-30 Esta cerveza lleva etiquetas de papel certificado por FSC
2022-12-23 Canada Imposes Ban on Harmful Single-use Plastics
2022-12-22 Alpla and PTT Global Chemical Realise Thailand’s Largest Plastics Recycling Plant Equipped with State-of-the-Art Technology
2022-12-19 Sustainable bags come into fashion
2022-12-19 Researchers Develop Self-Healing Polymer from a Common Chemical
2022-12-16 Successful EUBP Conference
2022-12-15 BIOMAC project: Bio-based nanomaterials for packaging solutions
2022-12-14 The Success Story of Cellulose Fibres Continues – First Peaks Into the Program of the Upcoming Cellulose Fibres Conference 2023 Available
2022-12-14 Die Erfolgsgeschichte der Cellulosefasern schreitet fort – Erste Einblicke in das Programm der kommenden Cellulose Fibres Conference 2023 (CFC) verfügbar
2022-12-12 Standard UE su sacchetti per compostaggio domestico
2022-12-12 UPM biochemicals refinery progressing – first wood delivered to Leuna
2022-12-12 EUBP conference examines policy framework and discusses bioplastics innovations
2022-12-12 LanzaTech and Sumitomo Riko Partner to Create Substitute for Natural Rubber Production
2022-12-12 Successful scale-up of Pomacle commercial unit
2022-12-12 Lignin nanoparticles: A sustainable recipe for combining cellulose with hydrophobic polymers for advanced applications
2022-12-08 New white paper: Stay in the cycle
2022-12-07 EU Publishes New Packaging Regulation & Framework on Bioplastics
2022-12-07 LanzaTech and Sumitomo Riko partner to produce natural rubber substitute
2022-12-07 EUBP predicts growth in bioplastics industry
2022-12-05 European commission adopts rules on packaging and bioplastics
2022-12-05 Henkel Expands Corporate Venture Capital Activities
2022-12-02 Freedonia Group Predicts Adhesives and Sealants Market to Reach $81 Billion by 2025
2022-12-02 Un million d’euros pour Notpla ?
2022-12-02 Eco-Products Launches New Line of Compostable Straws Made from Plant-Based Plastic
2022-12-01 Beacon MedTech Solutions appoints vice president
2022-12-01 Primi commenti al Regolamento imballaggi
2022-12-01 Il riciclo chimico può aiutare nei target di contenuto riciclato
2022-12-01 Why the medical industry should tackle single-use diagnostic waste
2022-12-01 AIMPLAS trabaja en el desarrollo de un recubrimiento bioactivo para naranjas que permite alargar su vida útil
2022-11-30 EU’s ambitious PPWR targets should be matched by equally ambitious investment and innovation support measures
2022-11-30 European Commission to put an end to ‘wasteful packaging'
2022-11-30 Regolamento imballaggi presentato al Parlamento UE
2022-11-30 Regolamento imballaggi UE punto per punto
2022-11-29 Collaboration for Novel Biopolymer Solutions
2022-11-29 CJ Biomaterials and NatureWorks Sign Master Collaboration Agreement, Solidifying Relationship to Commercialize Novel Biopolymer Solutions
2022-11-29 Braskem brings sustainable materials to K 2022
2022-11-29 Ceresana: en Europa se moldean por inyección 12,9 millones de toneladas de plástico
2022-11-29 Spunta nuova bozza del regolamento imballaggi
2022-11-28 Packaging company Amcor raises sustainability targets.
2022-11-28 Melodea Enters U.S. with Plastic-Free Packaging Solution
2022-11-25 CJ Biomaterials and NatureWorks Sign MCA to Develop Sustainable Material Solutions
2022-11-25 Premium Leather Producer ECCO Leather Partners With Ecovative to Pursue New Mycelium Materials
2022-11-24 Pichetto conferma posizione su Regolamento imballaggi
2022-11-24 New study by the University of Bayreuth: Biodegradable microplastics in soils cause CO? emissions to rise
2022-11-23 Amcor alza l'asticella sul riciclato
2022-11-22 Lummus Technology Unveils PP Grades Suitable for Multiple Industries
2022-11-22 PHA straws from Eco-Products are certified home compostable
2022-11-22 ExxonMobil and Partners Sign MoU to Accelerate Plastic Recycling in Indonesia
2022-11-22 La célula de producción interconectada digitalmente se comunica con el molde para inyección y los periféricos
2022-11-21 Vecoplan Introduces Innovative Cleaning Process for Plastic Recycling
2022-11-18 HEXPOL TPE Unveils Medical Mass Balance Thermoplastic Elastomers
2022-11-17 igus Recycles High-performance Plastic Leftovers to Develop Ball Bearings
2022-11-17 US packaging giant opts for European recyclate accreditation
2022-11-14 AIMPLAS to develop bioplastics for active packaging for cosmetics and absorbent litter for pets for the BeonNAT Project
2022-11-14 Groups want EPA to limit PVA in laundry pods, seeing microplastic problems
2022-11-14 Tagli al CAC sugli imballaggi
2022-11-11 Packaging unito contro il Regolamento sugli imballaggi
2022-11-11 Braskem and Sojitz Corporation launch Sustainea
2022-11-11 NatureWorks Appoints TTCL as General Contractor for New PLA Manufacturing Plant
2022-11-11 KRATON announces collaboration with Asphalt Pavement net zero initiative “The Road Forward”
2022-11-09 El proyecto Ecosmartpack4.0 logra desarrollar un prototipo funcional de envase circular inteligente y reutilizable
2022-11-08 Nuova acquisizione per il gruppo Walki
2022-11-08 Why cleanroom player Guardtech is on a mission
2022-11-08 One in four substances recovered from waste non-compliant with REACH
2022-11-07 Assobioplastiche critica la nuova Direttiva Imballaggi
2022-11-07 Economia circolare e bioeconomia a Rimini
2022-11-07 Esto pasa en el mercado de envases de alimentos en Europa
2022-11-03 Amcor Develops Technology for 50% Lighter PET Bottles
2022-11-03 Biotrend Energy Selects Honeywell Technology To Build An Advanced Plastics Recycling Plant In Turkey
2022-11-03 Este es el panorama a futuro de la industria de bebidas
2022-11-02 NOVA Chemicals Unveils 100% Post-consumer Recycled PE Resin
2022-11-02 Ceresana: la demanda de envases para alimentos en Europa alcanzará los 41,7 millones de toneladas en 2031
2022-11-01 WP Manufacturing invests $1M to add capabilities following acquisition
2022-11-01 Approaching sustainability in healthcare
2022-11-01 SK Geo Centric and PureCycle to Jointly Operate First PP Recycling Plant in Asia
2022-10-31 TotalEnergies and Partners Develop High Barrier Recyclable Food Packaging
2022-10-31 Las cápsulas de aluminio del vino ante el entorno sustentable
2022-10-31 NIRI upgrades spray bonding investment for greater sustainability
2022-10-28 Resource Label Group makes second acquisition in a month
2022-10-27 Mitsui Chemicals Group to Produce Chemically Recycled Polyethylene Derived From Plastic Waste
2022-10-27 In bozza il nuovo regolamento su imballaggi e rifiuti da imballaggio
2022-10-27 Only three weeks left for your abstract submission: Cellulose Fibres Conference 2023
2022-10-25 Braskem promotes plastic circularity and disruptive innovation at the K 2022 Fair
2022-10-21 AIMPLAS to Develop Bioplastics from Biomass for Innovative Products
2022-10-21 Mitsui Chemicals to Produce Chemically Recycled Polyethylene Derived From Plastic Waste
2022-10-21 BIG IDEAS 2023 Calls for Presentations
2022-10-19 Mitsui to Produce Chemically Recycled Polyethylene Derived from Plastic Waste
2022-10-18 Los Premios Liderpack 2022 galardonan 45 trabajos de packaging y PLV
2022-10-17 @hispackbcn La sostenibilidad se impone en los Premios Liderpack 2022
2022-10-17 LanzaTech Produces Ethylene from CO2, Changing the Way We Make Products Today
2022-10-14 GAIA BioMaterials launches a world first in packaging materials
2022-10-14 Palsgaard and Korean PE film manufacturer collaborate to optimize the shelf-life, aesthetics, safety & sustainability of sensitive food packaging
2022-10-13 @aimplas Aimplas mejora la valorización de residuos para producir bioplásticos biodegradables y la seguridad de los envases alimentarios
2022-10-12 LanzaTech and Brookfield Form Strategic Partnership with an Initial $500 Million Commitment
2022-10-11 Polyplastics announces sustainability goals at K 2022
2022-10-10 AIMPLAS mejora la valorización de residuos para producir bioplásticos biodegradables y la seguridad de los envases alimentarios
2022-10-07 Against greenwashing
2022-10-05 Materials Manufacturer to Locate $10 Million Facility to Robeson County
2022-10-05 Tecom at K 2022 between eco-sustainability and recycling
2022-10-03 @aimplas Entrevista a Rosa Puig Moré, marketing manager de Novamont Iberia
2022-09-30 ProAmpac Presented Newest Recyclable Film at Fachpack 2022
2022-09-29 New way found to turn #7 plastic into valuable products
2022-09-29 Givaudan and LanzaTech announce their collaboration on developing sustainable fragrance ingredients from renewable carbon
2022-09-28 Plastics to virgin materials
2022-09-27 FKuR at K 2022
2022-09-23 Bayer Consumer Health Sustainable Packaging Challenge
2022-09-23 Guala Closures certifica ISCC Plus anche Kirkintilloch
2022-09-21 Positive Thermomechanical Properties in New Bioplastic Films
2022-09-20 ALPLA Group and PTT Global Open Thailand’s Largest State-of-the-Art Recycling Plant
2022-09-20 Arburg se enfoca en la eficiencia, la sostenibilidad y la digitalización en Moldplas
2022-09-16 Up for the challenge: challenges and trends with extractables and leachables
2022-08-03 Distrupol reflects on six decades in plastics - and what lies ahead
2022-07-29 Sustainable and digital – Kiefel at K 2022
2022-07-28 Renewable Carbon Initiative sees Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive revision as central
2022-07-27 Beiersdorf launches world’s first cosmetic product with recycled CO2
2022-07-26 Aquapak partners with Industrial Physics to help customers transition to sustainable packaging
2022-07-25 Bioplastics, where is the market heading?
2022-07-25 Lanzan bolsas de origen vegetal para empacar ensaladas
2022-07-20 KHS to Unveil Latest Machine and Packaging Systems at drinktec
2022-07-20 MEAF at K: Less energy, less material, more circularity
2022-07-19 ProAmpac Presents ProActive Sustainability® at SPC Engage Montreal
2022-07-19 Green Dot Bioplastics Expands Its Line of Compostable Resins for Packaging Applications
2022-07-19 Renewable Carbon Initiative Steps up Policy Activities to Push for More Sustainable Carbon Use in the EU
2022-07-19 Grafe de­ve­lops mas­ter­bat­ches for home com­pos­table ma­te­ri­als
2022-07-18 The advantages of compostable bioplastics for the circular economy
2022-07-18 GRA­FE de­ve­lops mas­ter­bat­ches for home com­pos­table ma­te­ri­als
2022-07-13 Spinverse helped Lignin Industries secure 4.4 M€ from Innovation Fund to expand their production of bio-based materials
2022-07-12 Trinseo and CEDAP Collaborate for Food Contact Compliant rPS
2022-07-11 DIC Partners with SAP for Blockchain-based Waste Plastics Traceability System
2022-07-08 AIMPLAS Creates Regulatory Trademarks for Safe Reusable Food Packaging
2022-07-06 100% Biodegradable, Compostable Alternative to Polyethylene Films: Eco Film® Receives Industrial Compostability Certification!
2022-07-05 Walki Launches Recyclable Packaging Materials for Frozen Foods
2022-07-05 The Biomass Utilisation Factor (BUF): A simple indicator to calculate circularity of biomass and bio-based products
2022-07-05 SDK and Microwave Chemical to Jointly Develop a New Chemical Recycling Technology
2022-07-04 Placon Launches Salad Bowl Family Made of Post-consumer PET Material
2022-07-04 PCG and AFES Join Forces to Promote Circular Economy
2022-07-01 Bormioli data supports safety of sustainable medicine packaging
2022-07-01 Trinseo and GMP to Establish a Recycling Plant in Europe Focusing on PS Circularity
2022-07-01 España, en el «Top 10» de países visitantes de la K
2022-06-30 Empaques sostenibles, producto de la alianza entre DiDi Food y WeCare
2022-06-29 Rutgers Scientist Develops Antimicrobial, Plant-Based Food Wrap Designed to Replace Plastic
2022-06-29 Arburg hace balance de sus Technology Days 2022
2022-06-29 Can your medical device survive repeat sterilisation?
2022-06-28 Position Paper: “Composting of packaging and products made from compostable or biodegradable plastics is no recycling” – Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.
2022-06-28 Sales decline continues at German toymaker / Costs hit results / Transformation process launched
2022-06-27 @aimplas Aimplas desarrolla una solución para obtener envases alimentarios más seguros
2022-06-24 Electrosprayed Seaweed Derived Nanoparticles Loaded with Sensitive Bioagents
2022-06-23 The Absolut Company partners with Blue Ocean Closures to develop innovative fibre-based bottle cap
2022-06-23 ENGEL to Present at K 2022 a New Method of High-quality Plastic Recycling
2022-06-23 We need to radically rethink how we design
2022-06-21 New Plant-based Food Wraps to Replace Petroleum-based Packaging
2022-06-21 Una solución de Aimplas permitirá obtener envases alimentarios más seguros
2022-06-20 Envases alimentarios más seguros gracias al proyecto Invitro Nias
2022-06-16 VTT Develops Transparent Cellulose Film as An Alternative to Traditional Packaging Films
2022-06-16 Kraton Polymers to Exhibit Its Recycling Solutions at PRS Europe 2022
2022-06-16 AIMPLAS desarrolla una solución para obtener envases alimentarios más seguros
2022-06-15 Piattaforma per denunciare shopper e packaging fuorilegge
2022-06-14 Sostenibilidad en el packaging
2022-06-13 Drop test y su impacto en el packaging
2022-06-13 gluECO Adhesives Options Sustainable Commercial Adhesive from Purdue
2022-06-07 SIG Announces Successful Acquisition of Scholle IPN, A Sustainable Packaging Innovator
2022-06-07 Reciclaje en la industria del packaging, un desafío constante
2022-06-07 CJ BIO and NatureWorks Working Towards a Master Collaboration Agreement to Commercialize Novel Biopolymer Solutions
2022-06-01 Kraiburg Offers Colored TPE Product Range for Medical Applications
2022-06-01 Cambia l'accusa per i vertici Bio-on
2022-05-31 Norske Skog Saugbrugs pens biocomposite plant and signs long-term customer agreement
2022-05-31 New Method Uses UV Light to Make PLA More Biodegradable
2022-05-30 US biopolymer specialist collaborates with South Korean firm on high-performance PLA blends
2022-05-30 Glyphosate: no change proposed to hazard classification
2022-05-27 Husky to Introduce Revolutionary RMTP System to Enable Circularity of PET
2022-05-27 CJ BIO and NatureWorks to Sign MCA to Develop High-performance Polymers
2022-05-27 Avient Launches Nine Bio-Based TPEs Formulated with Plant-Derived Content
2022-05-25 ENGEL lanza nuevo Packaging Center
2022-05-25 Plastic Recycling: TotalEnergies and New Hope Energy partner on U.S. Advanced Recycling Project
2022-05-25 CJ BIO and NatureWorks collaborate on creating high-performance biopolymers
2022-05-25 Tetra Pak senza alluminio
2022-05-25 Toys and furniture from popcorn
2022-05-25 Brazilian resilience
2022-05-23 First Fully Compostable Package for Deli Meats
2022-05-23 Shiseido introduces the first vertical farm beauty brand Ulé – with lids made with sustainable Sulapac material
2022-05-23 Newly discovered enzyme breaks down PET plastic in record time
2022-05-20 The ultimate balancing act
2022-05-18 Stretch film maker Zummit Plastics is expanding again
2022-05-18 Von der Kaffeekapsel zur Kosmetikverpackung: Kneipp und Rezemo arbeiten an biobasierten Verpackungen aus Holzfasern
2022-05-18 CJ BIO launches PHA product line: PHACT®
2022-05-18 Ingevity’s Thermoplastic Grades Receive OK Biodegradable MARINE Certification
2022-05-18 Piovan revenues grow in the first 2022 quarter, the Plastic area marks +16.5%
2022-05-17 PHAXTEC Awarded National Science Foundation SBIR Phase I Grant
2022-05-17 KRAHN Chemie exclusively distributes UPM Biochemicals BioMotion™ RFF Portofolio
2022-05-13 Kurz wants to 'set a cycle in motion'
2022-05-12 Graft Polymer awarded HACCP Certificate
2022-05-11 Danimer Scientific and Kemira Expand Exclusive Partnership to Commercialize Fully Biobased Barrier Coatings
2022-05-10 Alpina Ecuador innova empaques biodegradables y de material PET
2022-05-10 Alpla and Vöslauer’s First Ever Resource-conserving Returnable PET Bottle
2022-05-10 Mussels Inspire Enhanced Nanocrystal-Keratin Composites
2022-05-10 Engineering & Tooling from Portugal, a la vanguardia de las soluciones innovadoras para el mercado del embalaje
2022-05-09 Good Natured adds thermoforming capacity in Texas
2022-05-05 Vinos 100% sostenibles, el lanzamiento de bodegas Faustino Rivero Ulecia
2022-05-05 Lummus and Braskem Announce Partnership for Green Ethylene Technology
2022-05-04 Tishwish: Starch-based Biopolymer for Sustainable Packaging
2022-05-03 Bioplastiche per il packaging alimentare
2022-05-03 Kickstart: May the Fourth Be With You
2022-05-03 nova-Institute steps up policy activities to push for more renewable carbon
2022-05-03 ZFoam asiste a Hispack con su gama de espumas ECO como protagonista
2022-05-03 New Enzyme-based Plastic Recycling Method to Tackle Landfill Waste
2022-04-28 Earthworms Break Down Bio-Based Plastic
2022-04-28 New Biomaterial Could Save Our Oceans From Plastic Pollution
2022-04-26 NOVA Chemicals and Enerkem Advance Commercialization of Made-in-Alberta Chemical Recycling Technology
2022-04-26 Ceresana publica un informe sobre el mercado mundial de rellenos minerales de alto rendimiento
2022-04-26 Bridgestone Partners with LanzaTech to Pursue End-of-Life Tire Recycling Technologies
2022-04-22 Braskem and Sojitz Corporation join hands to bring renewable MEG technology to the market
2022-04-22 Upcycling PS waste into benzoic acid / Process uses light, oxygen, iron-based catalyst
2022-04-21 An Industry Pioneer: Beiersdorf Launches the World’s First Cosmetics Product with Recycled CO2
2022-04-21 Light, oxygen turn waste plastics into useful benzoic acid
2022-04-20 New Project to Recycle Food-grade Plastics into Packaging Materials
2022-04-20 New Latitude 5000 Series Are Dell’s Most Sustainable Laptops Yet*
2022-04-20 Researchers Find Way to Make Better Use of Plastic at Recycling Stations
2022-04-19 Avantium and Sukano sign offtake agreement to develop PEF film masterbatches
2022-04-18 Nova Chemicals, Enerkem take joint project to pilot scale
2022-04-18 New Method to Recycle Polystyrene Waste Using Sunlight
2022-04-14 Finnish companies Lumene and Sulapac collaborate to become one of the world’s first to sell water-based cosmetics in sustainable packaging that leaves no traces behind
2022-04-14 Researchers Develop Sustainable Plastic Materials Based on Pineapple Waste
2022-04-14 Cortec’s VpCI-126 HP UV shrink film provides multi-metal protection
2022-04-14 Bridgestone and LanzaTech Partner to Recycle End-of-Life Tire Waste
2022-04-14 Selex sceglie il Mater-bi per shopper e ortofrutta
2022-04-13 Todo preparado para la feria Greenplast
2022-04-12 270+ professionals confirm attendance at MeetingPack 2022
2022-04-11 Amcor Launches Initiative Focused on Innovative Packaging Solutions
2022-04-07 Avantium reaches Financial Close for its FDCA Flagship Plant
2022-04-07 Native Shoes Launches The Robbie with Braskem’s I’m green™ Bio-Based EVA Polymer
2022-04-06 Braskem Signs JV to Produce bioMEG and bioMPG
2022-04-05 Mol Group Acquires ReMat, a Hungarian Plastics Recycling Company
2022-04-01 Less fossil oil in CO2-reducing plastics
2022-03-31 SHV Energy and LanzaTech announce partnership to pioneer renewable propane
2022-03-31 Converting wastewater into bio-based polymer, essential oils, phenolic extracts and clean water: The AFTERLIFE project presents its results.
2022-03-31 UBCO researchers use unique ingredient to strengthen bamboo
2022-03-31 Honeywell Introduces New Technology To Produce Key Feedstock For Plastics
2022-03-31 ABB to automate bioplastics plant to help meet the growing global demand for sustainable materials
2022-03-30 Fuerte crecimiento de la facturación de Grupo Hinojosa en 2021
2022-03-29 FIP in Lyon: NETSTAL demonstrates biodegradable packaging on all-electric high-performance machine
2022-03-29 Alzamora Group aumentó su presencia internación con el aumento en sus exportaciones
2022-03-29 GO Orleans convertirá el suero en recubrimientos que alargarán la vida del queso entre un 25% y un 50%
2022-03-28 Lightening the UK Packaging Tax load
2022-03-28 Ceresana: El mercado mundial de adhesivos se mantiene estable
2022-03-28 AIMPLAS develops new techniques to give a second life to packaging, textile, tyre and mattress waste
2022-03-23 Amazon and U.S. Department of Energy team up to cut plastic waste
2022-03-22 Novel Lab-Made Nanotexture Kills up to 70% of Bacteria
2022-03-21 Retail giant enters US energy department reclaim consortium / Work to focus on materials, energy-efficient recycling
2022-03-21 The NEOREC Project: A second life for difficult materials
2022-03-17 DOE Grant to engineer bioplastic packaging that’s infinitely recyclable
2022-03-14 Amazon and US DOE Collaborate to Focus on Packaging Waste Reduction
2022-03-14 Sulzer’s bio-plastic technology selected for Yangzhou Huitong Biological New Material’s plant
2022-03-11 Braskem Invests Millions to Promote Circularity in Plastics
2022-03-11 The Woodly W200 Series – Combining Bioplastics, Durability, and Efficiency
2022-03-09 Braskem’s New PCR-based PP Grades for Food Contact Applications
2022-03-09 Carbios to build in France its first-of-a-kind manufacturing plant for fully bio-recycled PET in partnership with Indorama Ventures
2022-03-09 AIMPLAS convierte residuos alimentarios en nuevos materiales biodegradables para envases
2022-03-04 Indorama Ventures to Acquire 85% Stake in Czech Republic-based PET Recycler
2022-03-03 Global Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) Market Research Report 2022: Current and Future Applications, Commercial Products and Market Revenues, Historical and Estimates to 2032 -
2022-03-03 Arburg focusing on LSR IM and digitalisation at Plastec West
2022-03-02 Innovative recycling projects receive £30m boost from UKRI
2022-03-02 Life Cycle Assessment study demonstrates the potential of Avantium’s FDCA and PEF technology to curb global warming
2022-03-02 In France a PET enzymatic bio-recycling plant
2022-03-01 Nexeo Plastics and Earth Renewable Technologies Sign Agreement to Distribute BioCompounds in North America
2022-02-28 Global PVDF Resin Market (2022 to 2027) - Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecasts -
2022-02-28 MD&M West Reveals 2022 Educational MedTech Conference Content: 3D Printing and Biomaterials to Robotics and Digital Health
2022-02-25 Need for Sustainable Packaging Solutions Boost Polylactic Acid Market Size: M&M
2022-02-25 Origin Materials Co-CEOs to Speak at Upcoming Investor Conferences
2022-02-25 Carbios and Indorama Ventures to Co-develop Bio-recycled PET Manufacturing Plant
2022-02-23 Empresas obtienen reconocimiento Cero Pérdida de Pellets
2022-02-22 Biopolymer film: An alternative to single-use plastic food packaging
2022-02-22 NatureWorks and IMA Accelerate on Testing Phase of the Compostable Coffee Pod
2022-02-21 Honeywell and TotalEnergies Sign Agreement for Advanced Plastic Recycling
2022-02-21 Sulzer Chemtech will provide its SuRe™ BTX technology to recover high-value circular petrochemicals downstream of Encina’s mixed plastics catalytic conversion process
2022-02-17 Paccor, nuevos envases con fibra
2022-02-17 Honeywell Introduces New Technology for Renewable Naphtha Production
2022-02-16 The Worldwide Biodegradable Films Industry is Expected to Reach $1.4 Billion by 2026 -
2022-02-16 IFF to Acquire Health Wright Products
2022-02-15 Environmental investment group claims win in Tyson packaging vote
2022-02-15 Danimer Scientific Appoints Keith A. Edwards as Vice President of Business Development
2022-02-15 Waitrose innovation hub on the lookout for sustainable manufacturing partners
2022-02-14 New Lotus Leaf-inspired Self-cleaning Bioplastic for Packaging
2022-02-10 Anellotech and Trecora Resources subsdidary South Hampton Resources renew site host and services agreement for process development pilot plant
2022-02-09 Connecting fibres: The cellulose fibre industry impresses with innovation and vision
2022-02-09 UK Plastic Packaging Tax Becomes Effective April 2022
2022-02-04 Las empresas emergentes, también protagonistas de Pick&Pack 2022
2022-02-03 Origin Materials Announces Fourth Quarter 2021 Earnings Release Date and Conference Call
2022-02-02 Neste Concludes Trials for Processing Liquefied Plastic Waste in Finland
2022-02-02 Global Biodegradable Polymers Market to 2030 - by End-use, Type and Region -
2022-01-31 People in Plastics: Week of Jan. 31, 2022
2022-01-31 EU Commission's New Consultation on Biobased, Biodegradable and Compostable Plastics
2022-01-27 U.S. Plastics Pact Releases Problematic and Unnecessary Packaging Materials List
2022-01-27 Global Glycerol Esters Markets, 2022-2026 - Rising Demand for Agricultural Output and Increasing Demand for Non-petroleum Product Alternatives for Cosmetics -
2022-01-26 Danimer Scientific and Hyundai Oilbank Collaborate on Driving Global Growth of PHA and Sustainable Alternatives to Traditional Plastic Products
2022-01-26 Approved Packaging List for Certain CA Food Service Operations to be Published in March
2022-01-25 U.S. Plastics Pact Calls for Elimination of 11 Products and Materials
2022-01-25 Heartland, Ravago collaborate on hemp additives for plastics
2022-01-25 Performance of Natural Polymer Composites with Nano-SiO2 Filler
2022-01-24 No One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Plastics Industry to Meet Sustainability Goals, Says Delterra CEO
2022-01-24 Heartland and Ravago Develop Products to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Plastic
2022-01-24 Biotecnología aplicada al sector de los plásticos
2022-01-21 Primera edición de un seminario internacional centrado en la biotecnología aplicada al sector de los plásticos
2022-01-21 SKGC and PureCycle to Start Asia's First PP Recycling Plant in South Korea
2022-01-20 Bioplastics Ecosystem from Seaweed Takes Root
2022-01-20 European Green Deal: Giving the public a say
2022-01-20 Botellas compostables, ¿por qué usarlas?
2022-01-20 La jornada tendrá lugar los días 1 y 2 de marzo y tratará sobre los principales avances en I+D+i y soluciones globales para toda la cadena de valorAimplas organiza la primera edición de un seminario internacional centrado en la biotecnología aplicada al sector de los plásticos
2022-01-19 Nestlé incorpora cajas de cartón en la distribución de las latas Litoral
2022-01-14 Global Cellulosic Materials Markets, Application Analysis, & Opportunities Report 2021: Focus on Sustainability Drives Interest in Nano-cellulose and Cellulose Composites in Various Industries -
2022-01-14 Global Calcium Carbonate Industry to 2026 - Decorative Paints Register Strong Demand Driving Growing of CaCO3 -
2022-01-13 INEOS Joins NEXTLOOPP Project to Convert PCR Packaging into Circular PP
2022-01-13 Optomec Receives $2 Million Order for 6 Production 3D Electronics Printers
2022-01-13 Dow Invests in Mr. Green Africa to Advance Plastic Waste Management
2022-01-13 Rayonier Advanced Materials Announces ISCC Plus Certification at Fernandina Beach Facility
2022-01-13 Future Fresh Food Packaging with Essential Oil Nano-Emulsions
2022-01-12 5 tendencias de packaging para el consumidor
2022-01-12 DOE research project targets carbon impact of single-use plastics
2022-01-12 TÜV SÜD Announces Medical Device Testing Laboratory Expansion, Adding 26 High-Skilled Job Opportunities in New Brighton, MN
2022-01-11 El coche del futuro: la sostenibilidad en la automoción
2022-01-11 CHINAPLAS 2022 to Offer Smart Solutions for Packaging Production in Southeast Asia
2022-01-11 Plastic Energy and TotalEnergies to Build Advanced Plastic Waste Recycling Plant in Spain
2022-01-11 Desarrollan bioplástico impermeable y transpirable apto para la industria alimentaria
2022-01-11 Global Bioplastics Markets and Technology Research Report 2021-2026 -
2022-01-11 Origin Materials Wins BIG Innovation Award for Disruptive Carbon Negative Materials Technology
2022-01-10 Global Polyurethane Adhesive Market Report 2022: Increasing Relevance of Electrically Conductive Polyurethane Adhesive - Outlook & Forecast to 2027 -
2022-01-10 Origin Materials and Mitsui Form Strategic Partnership to Industrialize Advanced Carbon-Negative Chemicals and Materials
2022-01-07 Zebrafish Model Exposes Biological Effects of Nanoplastics
2022-01-06 Cinco tendencias en el packaging para envases de alimentos
2022-01-06 Clearwater Paper Launches NuVo® with BioPBS™ Cup
2022-01-05 Plastec South Debuts in Charlotte this Spring
2022-01-05 Bioplastics News Stream
2022-01-04 Origin Materials Co-CEO to Speak at Credit Suisse 2022 Carbon Negative Conference
2022-01-03 Scientists Develop Smart Bacteria-killing Food Packaging for Extended Shelf-life
2021-12-30 INEOS and Partners to Convert Hard-to-Recycle Waste into Food-grade Plastic
2021-12-30 Bio-Fed: New biomass-balanced polypropylene compounds in portfolio
2021-12-30 Plastics for a Cleaner Planet Conference (Newark, United States - June 28-30, 2022) -
2021-12-24 Conoce la tapa de cartón 100% reciclable para vasos de bebidas para llevar
2021-12-23 Global Bioplastic Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study 2022 - Featuring BASF, Braskem and Novamont Among Others -
2021-12-22 Total Corbion to Rebrand into TotalEnergies Corbion
2021-12-22 El polímero utilizado para producir los nuevos envases procede los residuos plásticos de las playas, las riberas de los ríos y los perímetros de los océanosProductos elaborados a partir de plástico recogido del mar
2021-12-21 Total Corbion PLA rebrands as TotalEnergies Corbion
2021-12-21 Worldwide Plastic Additives Industry to 2026 - by Additive Type, Plastic Type, Application and Geography -
2021-12-20 Según se ha mencionado en el III Encuentro de Packaging y Economía Circular, en el que han participado más de 100 expertos y profesionalesEl borrador del Real Decreto de envases ha recibido 2.500 alegaciones y se aprobará en 2022
2021-12-17 Pick&Pack busca las startups más innovadoras en packaging e intralogística para impulsar la digitalización y la sostenibilidad
2021-12-16 Pretium expands with Mexico acquisition
2021-12-16 Pick&Pack busca las startups más innovadoras en packaging e intralogística
2021-12-13 KOREA PACK & ICPI WEEK (Int’l Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry Week) 2022 to Provide O2O Service Connecting Offline Exhibition to the Online Business Platform
2021-12-13 Suntory Develops 100% Plant-based PET Bottle Prototypes
2021-12-10 New Cellulose Nanofiber Production Facility for Biomedical Applications
2021-12-10 All you’ve ever wanted to know about how the plastics industry is working towards climate neutrality
2021-12-09 La sostenibilidad, la seguridad y la calidad están tomando el valor más importante para la sociedadEl Packaging Cluster centra su Inmersión Estratégica en la sostenibilidad
2021-12-09 Global Laboratory Glassware & Plasticware Market (2021 to 2027) - by Products, End-users and Geography -
2021-12-09 Cellulose Diacetate-Based Materials Disintegrate in the Ocean More Quickly than Previously Thought
2021-12-09 La producción mundial de bioplásticos se triplicará en cinco años
2021-12-08 Majority of inspected products sold online breach EU chemicals laws
2021-12-07 Nanotechnology's Potential for Developing Soy Milk
2021-12-03 Suntory Introduces 100% Plant-Based PET Bottle Prototypes
2021-12-03 Race Is On for Commercialization of Plant-based Plastic Bottle
2021-12-03 Sulzer’s New Method Turns Ocean-bound Plastic Waste into High-quality Foams
2021-12-03 Antibacterial Properties of Silver, Zinc and Graphene Nanomaterials
2021-12-02 Key Production Modules Fabricated by Koch Modular Process Systems Installed at Origin Materials’ Manufacturing Facility Six Months Ahead of Schedule
2021-12-02 Developers plan second US plastics recycling site in Ohio
2021-12-02 La importancia de preservar la cultura de la calidad en las industrias
2021-12-02 Nanoparticles Help Enable Autonomous Pathogen Biosensor For Food Diagnostics
2021-11-30 Estas son las consecuencias de sustituir los envases plásticos
2021-11-30 New 7197PCP-DIN-NX Controller Improves Operational Efficiency by Allowing Centralized Control of Volumetric Dispensing Pumps
2021-11-29 Natech Plastics Makes CapEx Investment to Bolster Services for Medical Device OEMs
2021-11-25 Biodegradable Plastics Market by Type, End-use Industry and Region - Global Forecast to 2026 -
2021-11-23 Fast-food giants hop on sustainability bandwagon / McDonald's to replace Happy Meal toys / Burger King tests reduced-paper packaging
2021-11-23 Six new pieces of equipment in place at Natech
2021-11-18 Winners of â??Plastics Recycling Show Europe 2021â? announced
2021-11-18 Tres pilares básicos para el diseño de empaques en alimentos
2021-11-12 Un proyecto convertirá el suero en recubrimientos que alarguen la vida del queso entre un 25% y un 50% y en ingrediente probiótico para los piensos
2021-11-12 LanzaTech launches PET bottles made from recycled carbon
2021-11-11 Südpack presents PP films which are free of halogenic substances
2021-11-11 Origin Materials, Inc. Reports Financial Results for Third Quarter 2021
2021-11-11 Avances en envases comestibles para alimentos
2021-11-08 Origin Materials and Kolon Form Strategic Partnership to Industrialize Advanced Carbon-Negative Chemicals and Materials
2021-11-08 QIAGEN Commits to Reduce Carbon Emissions by Setting Science-Based Target to Reach Net Zero by 2050
2021-11-08 Rayonier Advanced Materials and the State of Georgia Use Bioscience to Optimize the Value from a Tree
2021-11-04 Plastic Energy and Partners to Recycle Plastic Waste into Food-grade Packaging
2021-11-03 Starlinger’s Post-consumer HDPE Recycling Machine Concept Receives FDA Approval
2021-11-02 Coca?Cola Unveils First-ever 100% Plant-based Plastic Beverage Bottle
2021-11-01 What Is SPRING and Why Is It Needed in Packaging Now?
2021-10-29 Avient’s Recycled Content-based TPE Finds Use in BIC’s New Women’s Razor
2021-10-28 Estée Lauder Joins the International Space Station National Lab’s Sustainability Challenge as Exclusive Partner
2021-10-28 Global Bio-based Market Report 2021: Focus on Bio-Chemicals, Bio-Polymers, Bio-Materials and Bio-Coatings & Paints -
2021-10-28 PURE Bioscience Reports Fiscal 2021 Financial Results
2021-10-27 Safe and sustainable personal protective equipment
2021-10-25 Dow and Gunvor Sign Agreement to Turn Waste into Circular Plastics
2021-10-22 Global Adhesives & Sealants Markets, 2021-2026 - Growing Demand for Bio-Based Adhesives & Increasing Use in Healthcare Industry / -
2021-10-21 BASF Introduces IrgaCycleâ?¢, Additive Solutions For Mechanical Recycling Of Plastics
2021-10-19 Dow to Build Market Development Unit for Circular Polyethylene Production
2021-10-19 Platinum buys high-performance case molder Pelican
2021-10-18 Researchers Offer Thought Leadership on Pandemic-Related Pollution
2021-10-18 Bioplastics & Biopolymers Market to Reach USD 29.7 Bn by 2026, Predicts M&M
2021-10-13 Avient Launches Bio-filled Polymers at Fakuma 2021
2021-10-13 Origin Materials Announces Partnership with Drive+ Sustainability Platform
2021-10-11 Ferrero and Milliken Collaborate to Develop Sustainable Chocolate Boxes
2021-10-08 People Watch: Week of Oct. 4, 2021
2021-10-08 ARBURG to Highlight Sustainable Plastic Processing Equipment at Fakuma
2021-10-08 Sussex IM Molds a Preventive Solution to Traumatic Brain Injury
2021-10-07 Dow Advances Plastic Sustainability Efforts, to Provide Circular Polymers Globally
2021-10-06 Solvay Proves Concept for PVDC Recycling Process
2021-10-06 A powerhouse of technology for bioplastics compounds
2021-10-05 Glenroy’s PE Pouch Qualifies for Trex Recycling Label
2021-10-04 Major Push into Moulded Fibre
2021-10-04 Salchichas en empaque de papel renovable
2021-10-01 TruRenu Poly Packaging by Glenroy Approved for NexTrex Recycling Program
2021-10-01 Dow and Partners Develop High-quality Pouches Using Pouch-to-Pouch Recycling Concept
2021-09-30 Plastic-Like Compostable Packaging Is Baked
2021-09-30 EPA opens review of chemical recycling rules
2021-09-30 Black & Veatch to Determine Cost of Pending PFAS Regulations on More Than 140,000 U.S. Drinking Water Systems
2021-09-29 Solvay’s New PVDC Recycling Solution Paves Path for Circular Packaging
2021-09-29 Glenroy's TruRenu-brand packaging approved for NexTrex recycling program
2021-09-29 Biomass plasticizer for sealing gaskets of safety capsules
2021-09-29 Global Benzophenone Market Outlook to 2026 - Featuring BASF, ADEKA and Clariant Among Others -
2021-09-28 Compostable and biodegradable compounds get BPI certification for US market
2021-09-28 Kiefel opens technical center, expands natural fiber expertise
2021-09-28 Global Industrial Adhesives and Sealants Markets Analysis & Forecasts, 2017-2020 & 2021-2027 -
2021-09-28 AdvanSix Adds 100% Post-industrial Recycled PA6 Grades to Its Portfolio
2021-09-28 Global Medical Plastics Market Report 2021: Future Growth Potential Enhanced by Increasing Healthcare Expenditure in Developing Economies -
2021-09-27 Paccor launches new bio-based PP packaging
2021-09-24 Global Biodegradable Plastics Market to Reach USD 23.3 Bn by 2026, Predicts M&M
2021-09-23 Netflix ‘Seaspiracy’ Doc Shifts Debate on Ocean Plastics
2021-09-23 Glyphosate: ECHA and EFSA launch consultations
2021-09-22 SC Johnson and Liverpool Football Club Recycle Plastic Bottles
2021-09-22 Adaptive Surface Technologies Expands Reach in Europe with New Distribution Partnership
2021-09-22 BASF to Showcase Sustainable Products for Various End-applications at Fakuma 2021
2021-09-22 Masterbatch for medical and pharmaceutical applications
2021-09-21 Packaging group creates recycling JV in Romania / Construction of plant for food-grade rPET
2021-09-20 Global Chemical Packaging Market Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts 2021-2026 - Growing Demand for Fixed IBC's in industrial Establishments to Drive Growth -
2021-09-20 Additives for the mechanical recycling of plastic
2021-09-20 Technology Advances in Biodegradable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Markets, 2021 Report -
2021-09-20 Danimer Scientific to Produce Plastics Based on High-Oleic Soybean Oil
2021-09-17 Spartech adds opportunities for growth with Crawford acquisition
2021-09-17 Lanzan ensaladas veganas en un envase ecofriendly
2021-09-17 A second generation at Gaim takes on work of turning ‘trash' into treasure
2021-09-16 Pretium deal to buy Alpha will create a top 10 blow molder
2021-09-16 Mitsui and PureCycle Sign MoU for Recycled Polypropylene Resin Production in Japan
2021-09-15 Tunable PVA Packaging Dissolves in Water
2021-09-15 IrgaCycle, los nuevos aditivos de Basf para el reciclado mecánico de plásticos
2021-09-14 BASF Debuts IrgaCycle Additives to Improve Properties of Mechanically Recycled Plastics
2021-09-14 Uniloy Launches Next-Gen Electric Continuous Extrusion Shuttle Blow Molding System
2021-09-13 Boston Micro Fabrication Launches Ultra-High Resolution 3D Printer
2021-09-09 New Biocompounds for Extrusion and Thermoforming
2021-09-09 El grado Zimia X321 es un material biobasadoPrime Biopolymers valida su grado X321 para la fabricación de envases de fruta
2021-09-09 Global Bio Plasticizer Market Research Report (2021 to 2026) - by Application and Region -
2021-09-08 Danimer Scientific Continues Research into Soybean Oil as PHA Source
2021-09-08 Origin Materials to Participate in the Credit Suisse 34th Annual Basic Materials Conference
2021-09-08 Danimer Scientific Receives Grant from United Soybean Board to Expand Research of High-Oleic Soybean Oil in Biodegradable Plastic Production
2021-09-07 Celwise AB Uses ExOne 3D Printed Tooling to Transform Wood Fiber into Innovative, Single-Use Plastic Replacement
2021-09-03 INEOS Styrolution Joins U.S. Plastics Pact to Advance Circularity in Plastics
2021-08-31 Herman Miller Increases Use of Ocean Plastics in Iconic Aeron Chair
2021-08-26 C-P Flexible Packaging Makes Two Acquisitions
2021-08-26 ENGEL to Showcase IM Technology for Sustainable Food Packaging at Fakuma 2021
2021-08-26 Breaking News in Flexible Packaging
2021-08-25 Researchers Find Glassy Polymer’s Surface to have Rubbery Consistency
2021-08-25 Hot News in Plastic Packaging Sustainability
2021-08-24 Takeover of packaging maker Wolf Plastics / Presence in Central, Southeast Europe
2021-08-20 Coca-Cola and Asahi Beverages Sign MoU to Build PET Recycling Facility in Australia
2021-08-19 New Fusilli-shaped Polymers with Post-polymerization Modification Potential
2021-08-19 INEOS Styrolution Joins Cyclyx Consortium to Boost Plastic Circularity and Sustainability
2021-08-19 New Breakthrough Could Set the Stage for Better Products Using Plastics
2021-08-17 Braskem’s New HDPE Grade with High Rigidity for Packaging Applications
2021-08-17 Sulzer and Wageningen partner for bio-based foamed materials
2021-08-16 New Way to Develop Strong and Recyclable Thermoplastic
2021-08-16 Adhesives manufacturer builds new plant in Egypt / Development of biodegradable adhesives with Covestro
2021-08-10 Benvic enters US market with deal for materials maker Chemres
2021-08-09 Illig marks 75 years in business, sets goals for 'Next 75'
2021-08-03 ALPLA backing biodegradable materials
2021-07-30 Scientists Test Bioplastics’ Resistance Under Aggressive Environmental Factors
2021-07-30 Duurzame initiatieven bekroond tijdens Rethink Awards 2021
2021-07-29 Danimer to Acquire Biodegradable Polymer Producer Novomer
2021-07-29 PHA maker Danimer buying Novomer to expand bioplastics offerings
2021-07-27 People Watch: Week of July 26
2021-07-27 Texas A & M Researchers Develop New â??Plug-Inâ?? Process For Environmentally Friendly Bioplastics
2021-07-26 New Mountain Capital affiliate buying medical supplier Flexan
2021-07-22 New colour pigments earn TÃ?V Austria certification for industrial composting
2021-07-22 Researchers Find Enzymatically Recycled PET More Sustainable and Energy Efficient
2021-07-21 High-performing Medical Product, Innovations and Technologies of H1 2021
2021-07-20 Launch of packaging brand for biodegradable items / First product is a compostable coffee capsule
2021-07-09 New Economical Way to Produce Bioplastics Using Agricultural Byproducts
2021-07-08 GREENPLAST in Milan: A new exhibition dedicated to materials, technologies, and converting
2021-07-07 GREENPLAST, the new event for sustainability - Amaplast
2021-07-07 NewAge invests $2M in new clean room
2021-07-07 Avient focuses on 'sustainable megatrends'
2021-07-07 Indorama to build new PET recycling facility in Indonesia
2021-07-07 Scientist Receives Million Dollar Grant to Transform Pulses into Bioplastics
2021-07-07 Plastics, technologies and sustainability: GreenPlast is born
2021-07-06 People watch, week of July 5
2021-07-06 TOMRA study – Holistic resource systems could save 2.76 billion tonnes of CO2
2021-07-06 Borealis Acquires Minority Stake in Renasci to Accelerate Plastics Circularity
2021-07-05 Plastics Could be Broken Down by the Bacteria in Cow Stomachs
2021-07-02 Westfall Technik acquires Carolina Precision Plastics, enters Southeast US, China markets
2021-07-01 Tetra Pak investing $118M for tethered cap production
2021-07-01 Canadian GREENMANTRA awarded to develop recycling solution for PPE waste
2021-07-01 Injection molders ranking gets bigger
2021-06-30 Tetra Pak to invest €100 million to expand European manufacturing for more sustainable solutions
2021-06-25 Global Consortium Brands Unveils Enzymatically Recycled Plastic-based Bottles
2021-06-23 Debate virtual con laboratorios farmacéuticos y empresas de packaging el 28 de junio
2021-06-21 Más de 7.500 asistentes participaron en el evento onlineEnlace Expo Pack reúne a la industria del packaging de Latinoamérica
2021-06-18 BPF document focuses on sustainability of plastic
2021-06-17 Stratasys Launches Printers for Research and Packaging Prototyping
2021-06-17 Scientists Develop Milk Protein-based Plastic Foam for Extreme Environment Applications
2021-06-17 Gracias a dos nuevas impresoras para la impresión con múltiples materiales y prestaciones en la oficina, y dos nuevas soluciones de software para el packaging y la investigación, los diseñadores e ingenieros pueden convertir sus ideas en realidadStratasys presenta las nuevas soluciones de impresión 3D PolyJet que amplían las capacidades de diseño
2021-06-17 Exploring the Possibilities and Pitfalls of Biodegradable Polymers
2021-06-17 RUDN Biologist Tested the Impact of Environmental Factors on Nanofibers of Biopolymers
2021-06-16 Lactips is innovating for sustainable packaging - Bio-based News -
2021-06-16 Carbios strengthens its position in polymer biodegradation technologies with the acquisition of the SPI Fund’s entire stake of Carbiolice capital - Bio-based News -
2021-06-15 New Plastic Foam Developed from Whey Proteins can Withstand Tough Environment
2021-06-14 The biodegradable battery - Bio-based News -
2021-06-11 EC Commission stands firm: PHA is a non-natural polymer - Bio-based News -
2021-06-11 Green Dot Bioplastics Breaks Ground for New Plant in Kansas
2021-06-11 Green Dot Bioplastics Breaks Ground on Plant Expansion - Bio-based News -
2021-06-11 Partnership key to challenges of testing, regulation
2021-06-10 Minimise investment risks in renewable chemistry - Bio-based News -
2021-06-09 Green Dot Bioplastics doubling production capacity
2021-06-09 ADBioplastics obtiene el certificado OK industrial compost por la Tà?V Austria para espesores hasta 1mm
2021-06-02 INEOS and LACTEL partner to produce the world’s first HDPE Milk Bottles from advanced recycling - Bio-based News -
2021-06-02 Embracing The Use Of Bioplastics In Home Construction And Design - Bio-based News -
2021-06-02 LanzaTech Awarded $4.1 Million from ARPA-E for Transformational Energy Technology - Bio-based News -
2021-06-01 A kind of magic – Cosmetics packaging without microplastic pollution - Bio-based News -
2021-05-31 EarthFirst Films by PSI Produces First PHA Home Compostable Packaging Film - Bio-based News -
2021-05-31 DOE Invests Millions in R&D to Curb Single-use Plastic Waste
2021-05-28 Praj’s technology breakthrough for producing “Bio-bitumen” - Bio-based News -
2021-05-27 Team Technologies buys California-based converter
2021-05-27 Quadpack invierte en fabricación inteligente
2021-05-27 Danimer Scientific Receives Innovation Research Grant to Support Biodegradable Plastic Solutions - Bio-based News -
2021-05-27 Plasticizers for the PVC industry are now also available based on renewable and chemically recycled feedstock - Bio-based News -
2021-05-26 CHINAPLAS 2021 Concludes Successfully Amidst Post-pandemic Challenges
2021-05-26 Sulzer partners with Swiss AVA Biochem to expand its technology portfolio for renewable, bio-based and recyclable materials production - Bio-based News -
2021-05-25 Sanner BioBase®: Sanner expands portfolio of bio-based plastic packaging - Bio-based News -
2021-05-25 Canada's Good Natured Products acquires Illinois-based sheet extruder Ex-Tech Plastics - Bio-based News -
2021-05-24 Scientists to Convert Waste Multilayer Plastic Packaging into New Products
2021-05-21 TerraVerdae Bioworks Inc. releases new bioplastic product line for blown/cast films, injection moulding and thermoforming - Bio-based News -
2021-05-20 Seed financing round for female-founded circular bioeconomy startup traceless materials - Bio-based News -
2021-05-18 Sanner Adds New Variants to Its Bio-based Packaging Solutions Portfolio
2021-05-17 Cosmetics brand LAST® to launch in June 2021 - Bio-based News -
2021-05-14 Carbiolice receives the GreenTech Innovation label by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition - Bio-based News -
2021-05-13 Scientists Develop BioNylons with Pepsin Degradation Function
2021-05-12 Total Cray Valley and Gevo to further Scale Up Development of Renewable Isoamylene from Fusel Oil - Bio-based News -
2021-05-11 A ‘radically sustainable’ partnership - Bio-based News -
2021-05-11 Launched: New book celebrating innovation and creativity in eco-design - Bio-based News -
2021-05-11 Trinseo and ETB to Collaborate on Development of Bio-Based 1,3 Butadiene - Bio-based News -
2021-05-10 New contract awarded by Total Corbion PLA to design a biopolymer plant in France - Bio-based News -
2021-05-10 With this new science, plastics could see a second life as biodegradable surfactants - Bio-based News -
2021-05-07 Private equity firm buys Lyons Blow Molding owner CL Smith
2021-05-07 Good Natured Products buys Illinois-based sheet extruder Ex-Tech Plastics
2021-05-06 NatureWorks and IMA Announce New Strategic Partnership for the Compostable Coffee Pods Market - Bio-based News -
2021-05-05 Acquisition of Spain's Plasbel Plásticos / Sustainable packaging portfolio expanded
2021-05-04 La compañía ha trasladado al sector sus desafíos en un nuevo desayuno del Clúster de Envase y EmbalajeCareli pide a las Administraciones un marco normativo más claro sobre envases sostenibles
2021-05-04 Cosun Beet Company and Avantium join forces with the ambition to produce plant-based glycols from sugars - Bio-based News -
2021-04-29 Teknos and Brightplus cooperate to develop bio-based and biodegradable solutions for food packaging - Bio-based News -
2021-04-29 Total Corbion PLA Enters Engineering Stage for New Polylactic Acid Plant
2021-04-27 People in Plastics: Week of April 26
2021-04-27 Gráficas Salaet, Macsa ID, Tavil, Enplater y AND&OR presentan sus novedades centradas en aspectos clave como el packaging sostenible, la industria 4.0, la trazabilidad del producto y la gestión del final de líneaMás de 600 empresas internacionales siguen las innovaciones en la cadena de valor del envase y embalaje
2021-04-27 Recycling, sustainability are goals for Milliken additives
2021-04-23 New Plastic Could Tackle the Waste Crisis Head On
2021-04-22 For which plastic products is biodegradation a viable end-of-life option? - Bio-based News -
2021-04-20 Biopolymer specialist announces USD 700m buildup of Georgia complex / New PHA plant planned
2021-04-19 New Project to Develop Biodegradable Packaging System Using Avocado Waste
2021-04-16 Chemical Process Provides Biodegradable Surfactants from Discarded Plastics
2021-04-16 Turning Wood Into Plastic - Bio-based News -
2021-04-15 Kickstart: Holy guacamole, science is cool
2021-04-15 Total Corbion PLA Presents Several Bioplastic Applications at CHINAPLAS 2021
2021-04-15 Trinseo and BASF jointly announce Business Collaboration on Circular Feedstock - Bio-based News -
2021-04-14 CHINAPLAS 2021 Opens Its Gates for Visitors, Offers Plastic & Rubber Innovations
2021-04-13 Avient Displays Sustainable Material Portfolio at CHINAPLAS 2021
2021-04-12 CHINAPLAS 2021 to Focus on Circular Plastics and Sustainable Material Solutions
2021-04-09 Danimer Scientific Planning $700 Million, 400-Job Expansion in Decatur County - Bio-based News -
2021-04-09 A Simple Approach for Freeform Polymer Precipitation in Microparticulate Gels
2021-04-09 Scientists Aim to Develop Sustainable Polyurethanes Using Fish Waste
2021-04-09 Multipurpose bioplastic from soy residues: A pilot plant to Finland - Bio-based News -
2021-04-08 IPO back in the works for Lollicup parent Karat Packaging
2021-04-07 Nestlé launches bio-based lids and scoops made from renewable resource - Bio-based News -
2021-04-06 La UPV y Xumuxua trabajan en el desarrollo de envasesbiodegradables para productos preparados
2021-04-05 Plastimagen puts the spotlight on plastic bans in North America
2021-04-05 Ofrece prestaciones idénticas al polipropileno (PP) y presenta sus mismas características técnicasKnauf Industries lanza R?Kap y Celoops, nuevos materiales fabricados al 100% con plástico reciclado
2021-04-01 Beverage carton industry releases ten-year roadmap outlining vision and commitments for its sustainable packaging - Bio-based News -
2021-04-01 Trinseo and BASF Collaborate to Produce Circular Feedstock-based Styrenic Plastics
2021-03-31 Wheat straw, mango peels could be used for renewable food packaging - Bio-based News -
2021-03-30 Functional printing expertise pooled in Germany / Smart packaging and printed circuits
2021-03-30 Scientists Develop High-quality Bioplastic Using Wood Byproducts
2021-03-29 New Project to Create Sustainable Packaging Using Renewable Raw Material
2021-03-26 INEOS Styrolution Launches RSB Certified Styrenics Based on Renewable Feedstock
2021-03-26 Chemicals and Materials for the Future: Renewable Materials Conference 2021 – Final Program - Bio-based News -
2021-03-24 "Best CO2 Utilisation 2021":The three winners of the innovation award are turning CO2 into methanol, cleaners, plastic packaging or surfactants - Bio-based News -
2021-03-23 UK start-up The Magical Mushroom Company moves to large-scale production plastic-free packaging - Bio-based News -
2021-03-23 Mars Wrigley and Danimer Scientific Help Environmentally Conscious Consumers to Compost at Home by Developing Biodegradable Packaging from Natural Ingredients - Bio-based News -
2021-03-22 Usable Packaging project: Launching a revolution in bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2021-03-22 ProAmpac makes two more packaging deals in the UK
2021-03-19 Perspective: The Materials Wars: Is plastic actually better?
2021-03-19 Early returns on China's single-use plastics ban show big changes, big challenges
2021-03-18 Compostable coffee packaging wins FPA sustainability award - Bio-based News -
2021-03-17 Novel Way to Develop Active Food Packaging Using Wheat Straw and Mango Peels
2021-03-17 Kickstart: Taste the PHA rainbow
2021-03-16 CHINAPLAS 2021 to Highlight Sustainable Plastic Packaging Solutions
2021-03-16 Capsul’in Pro Launches World’s First Home Compostable, 100% Biobased and Barrier to Oxygen Coffee Capsule - Bio-based News -
2021-03-15 FKuR and SKYi establish joint venture in India: A strategically significant move for biodegradable, bio-based plastics in Asia - Bio-based News -
2021-03-15 FKuR and SKYi Innovations Form JV to Produce Biopolymers in India
2021-03-11 Brightplus and Natural Indigo Finland drive sustainable decorative colours - Bio-based News -
2021-03-09 Novomer Announces New Low-cost Production Process for Compostable Polymers
2021-03-09 Aimplas lanza el Título Profesional de Técnico de Laboratorio de Calidad online para el sector del plástico
2021-03-08 Novomer shows feasibility of its PHA polymerization process
2021-03-08 AIMPLAS lanza el Título Profesional de Técnico de Laboratorio de Calidad para el sector del plástico
2021-03-08 El plástico que se usa para envasar AOVE es seguro, apto para todos los formatos y más sostenibleEl Clúster del Plástico de Andalucía aplaude la decisión del Gobierno de permitir el envasado del aceite de oliva virgen extra en plástico
2021-03-05 PublirreportajeSumitomo (SHI) Demag, a la vanguardia del progreso tecnológico
2021-03-04 New barrier film structure for compostable food packaging - Bio-based News -
2021-03-04 Brightplus and Origin by Ocean join forces to utilise redefined seaweed in biomaterials - Bio-based News -
2021-03-03 Renewable Materials Conference 2021 – A unique concept that covers all renewable materials solutions in one event - Bio-based News -
2021-03-02 Polymaker Introduces PLA-based 3DP Filament with Lesser Environmental Impact
2021-03-01 Tetra Pak introduces certified recycled polymers - Bio-based News -
2021-02-24 Milliken joins GO!PHA, aims to drive adoption PHAs in single-use packaging applications - Bio-based News -
2021-02-24 Nordson sales up 6% with demand up for testing, medical markets
2021-02-23 Henkel: New sustainable packaging for toilet cleaners
2021-02-22 Advances in cellulose-based food packaging material move to testing phase of industrial production - Bio-based News -
2021-02-19 Milliken Joins GO!PHA to Boost Adoption of Bio-based PHA in Packaging Applications
2021-02-18 Dow and Henkel bring sustainability to hot melt adhesives - Bio-based News -
2021-02-18 The circular economy can help save the planet –? if we start innovating now - Bio-based News -
2021-02-16 El proyecto Guacapack desarrollará envases sostenibles a partir de residuos del propio aguacate
2021-02-15 deSter enters Strategic Partnership with PulPac - Bio-based News -
2021-02-12 VTT Tests Cellulose-based Food Packaging Film with Thermoplasticity
2021-02-11 Ver más artículos sobre: Estudio de mercado de inyectoras, robots y periféricos 2020?Algunos transformadores se han visto beneficiados, como es el caso del sector medical, PET y productos de packaging de gran consumo?Entrevista a José Esquer, director de ventas de KraussMaffei High Performance AG /Brand Netstal
2021-02-11 Commercial CCU Plant using LanzaTech Technology Receives RSB Advanced Products Certification - Bio-based News -
2021-02-09 Benvic helps film packaging move to natural solutions - Bio-based News -
2021-02-09 In one cycle: ecopaper, energy and fertiliser made from Silphium perfoliatum - Bio-based News -
2021-02-08 Progreso hacia la economía circular y la protección del climaHenkel lanzó al mercado europeo casi 700 millones de botellas fabricadas con plástico 100% reciclado en 2020
2021-02-08 Cyanobacteria could revolutionize the plastic industry - Bio-based News -
2021-02-05 Avantium provides update on the FDCA flagship plant final investment decision process - Bio-based News -
2021-02-04 Silver Embedded Plastic Packaging can Form Harmful Nanoparticles in Foods
2021-02-04 Stora Enso from Sweden wins the innovation award “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2021” with new cellulose foam for packaging - Bio-based News -
2021-02-03 Benvic’s new film grades enable transition to natural solutions
2021-02-02 CHINAPLAS Unveils Concurrent Events and Agenda for 2021 Edition
2021-02-01 Expansion continues for packaging group with LPF takeover / Clondalkin group continues to shrink
2021-02-01 Südpack adquiere la empresa LPF
2021-01-29 New Non-toxic Biodegradable Plastic Film Based on Marine Seaweed
2021-01-28 SÜDPACK acquires LPF
2021-01-28 New Method to Convert Plastics Used in Bottles into Fuels and Chemical Feedstock
2021-01-28 For the first time: Growth rate for bio-based polymers with 8 % CAGR far above overall polymer market growth - Bio-based News -
2021-01-27 LANXESS acquires biocides specialist INTACE - Bio-based News -
2021-01-27 BIO-FED’s contribution to the EU Green Deal 2030 - Bio-based News -
2021-01-27 New Biocomp® Grades for Sirmax Group - Bio-based News -
2021-01-25 Kuhne Group opens US site for film, sheet extruders
2021-01-22 Braskem & AlpFilm Co-develop Transparent Packaging Film to Eliminate Coronavirus
2021-01-22 Biodegradability of plastics in the open environment - Bio-based News -
2021-01-21 Metsä Spring and Valmet begin construction of the 3D fibre product pilot plant - Bio-based News -
2021-01-21 New Project to Transform Soy Hulls into 3DP Natural Fiber Composites
2021-01-21 Perspective: Plastics manufacturers — a surprising contribution to sustainability
2021-01-20 ProAmpac sees more investment from Pritzker, Singapore-based GIC
2021-01-20 LVC buys Summit Plastics, targets more acquisitions
2021-01-19 Avient to expand in Vietnam
2021-01-19 Novamont acquires BioBag, strengthens global presence - Bio-based News -
2021-01-19 Cellulose fibres are virtually miracle materials – Almost endless possibilities and high market growth due to great demand! - Bio-based News -
2021-01-18 Partnership-based development of integrated process flows in film and pouch production - Bio-based News -
2021-01-18 Major banks are funding plastics pollution, finds new report - Bio-based News -
2021-01-18 Sulzer wins contract for biomaterial processing in China - Bio-based News -
2021-01-18 Scientists make sustainable polymer from sugars in wood - Bio-based News -
2021-01-15 Rice Scientists Turn Pyrolyzed Ash into Graphene
2021-01-15 Avient expanding color concentrates plant in Vietnam
2021-01-14 New biobased materials - Bio-based News -
2021-01-14 Novamont Acquires BioBag, a Plastic Waste Collection and Packaging Solutions’ Supplier
2021-01-13 European REFUCOAT Project develops recyclable, active packaging food systems - Bio-based News -
2021-01-13 Scientists Develop Tunable Sustainable Polymer Based on Sugar
2021-01-13 Danimer Scientific Completes Business Combination with Live Oak Acquisition Corp. - Bio-based News -
2021-01-13 Nuevos envases sostenibles alagarán un 15% la vida del guacamole con etiquetas y aditivos extraídos del propio aguacate
2021-01-12 BASF to Present Energy-efficient, Compostable Plastic Solutions at CHINAPLAS 2021
2021-01-12 New Xylose-Based Sustainable Polymer Reduces Reliance on Crude Oil Products
2021-01-11 Improving Highly Stretchable Hydrogels
2021-01-08 Join the Biocomposite Recycling Industry Group (BRIG)! - Bio-based News -
2021-01-08 Los proyectos van desde nuevos procesos de reciclado químico o mejora de la biodegradación con enzimas hasta mejoras en el reciclado de los bioplásticos, productos sostenibles para plasticultura o captura y uso de CO2 industrialAimplas impulsa proyectos de reciclado y valorización para implantar la economía circular en las empresas valencianas del sector del plástico
2021-01-07 SK Capital buying Catalent blow-fill-seal business
2021-01-07 Ecompact, ganador del Premio Especial de los Best Packaging 2020 por su envase sostenible para cosmética
2021-01-06 The European Circular Bioeconomy Fund welcomes Nestlé as an investor to accelerate sustainable innovation in Europe - Bio-based News -
2021-01-06 Commission’s SAM report confirms role of biodegradable plastics within a circular economy - Bio-based News -
2021-01-05 Braskem America and Encina Announce Intent to Develop Circular Feedstock Agreement for Production of Recycled Polypropylene - Bio-based News -
2021-01-05 The European Circular Bioeconomy Fund has raised €175 million to foster sustainable innovations - Bio-based News -
2021-01-04 Kemira announces exclusive partnership with Danimer Scientific to develop biodegradable coating for paper and board industry - Bio-based News -
2021-01-04 Neste Processes Liquefied Plastic Waste at Industrial Scale in Finland
2021-01-04 Un estudio de la UPV/EHU propone polímeros biodegradables con las características adecuadas para el envasado de alimentos, ante el problema de los residuos plásticosUn polímero biodegradable químicamente reciclable para el envasado de alimentos
2020-12-23 Partnership with Kemira to develop biodegradable paper coatings
2020-12-21 Fernando Trenor, se incorpora al departamento comercial de ADBioplastics como project manager
2020-12-18 Fungi as biomaterials - Bio-based News -
2020-12-16 El proyecto AZMUD tiene como objetivo reducir el coste y mejorar la eficiencia de los sistemas de calefacción mediante calentamiento local de las raíces de las plantas gracias a plásticos conductores de electricidad integrados en sistemas estándar de cultivos hidropónicosInnovadores materiales plásticos, aditivos naturales y nuevas tecnologías de riego en invernaderos del Mediterráneo
2020-12-15 Bacterial Cellulose Scraps Reused to Make Biodegradable Film for Food Packaging
2020-12-14 BASF and BillerudKorsnäs cooperate to develop unique home-compostable paper laminate for flexible packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-12-14 Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2021: One of six nominated new technologies or applications will be awarded this title! - Bio-based News -
2020-12-14 Biopolymer specialist Teysha Technologies urges cosmetic companies to move to green polymers - Bio-based News -
2020-12-11 Extruder makers step up to supply medical, packaging needs
2020-12-11 Toraphene to launch world’s first graphene-reinforced bioplastic - Bio-based News -
2020-12-11 Stora Enso invests in production line for granulated lignin - Bio-based News -
2020-12-09 Total Corbion PLA outlines most favorable end-of-life options for PLA bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-12-08 Start-up Carbiolice launches Evanesto®, the first additive that allows plastics with a high PLA content to achieve certification "OK compost HOME" by TÜV AUSTRIA Group - Bio-based News -
2020-12-08 Neste RE enables a future where all plastic products can be made of renewable and recycled materials – and the future starts today - Bio-based News -
2020-12-08 Market update 2020: Bioplastics continue to become mainstream as the global bioplastics market is set to grow by 36 percent over the next 5 years - Bio-based News -
2020-12-08 Plastics Industry Emphasizes Solutions to Eliminate Plastic Waste and Drive the Circular Economy Forward
2020-12-07 Sustainable packaging - the devil is in the detail - Bio-based News -
2020-12-04 Spartech adds specialty film producer Tufpak
2020-12-04 Nurel expands its biopolymers production plant - Bio-based News -
2020-12-02 PepsiCo to transition to 100% recycled PET in EU
2020-12-02 NPE2021’s 13 Technology Zones Highlight The Plastics Industry’s Most Important Business Sectors
2020-12-02 Total Corbion PLA outlines most favorable end-of-life options for PLA bioplastics
2020-12-01 H&M Utilizes Eastman’s Recycled Plastic-based Fibers for Its Exclusive Range
2020-12-01 NewAge investing to boost medical division
2020-12-01 Braskem and Haldor Topsoe achieve first production of bio-based MEG from sugar - Bio-based News -
2020-12-01 KFC Canada Testing Compostable Cutlery Made of Bamboo and Sugar Cane - Bio-based News -
2020-12-01 An exclusive interview with Mercedes Alonso, Executive VP Neste - Bio-based News -
2020-11-30 KRAIBURG TPE: New solution for pharmaceutical packaging
2020-11-30 Danimer Scientific and Eagle Beverage to Produce Biodegradable Drinking Straws - Bio-based News -
2020-11-30 La tecnología se basa en una marca de agua digital para separar los residuos plásticos en tipos homogéneosArburg da un paso más con el proyecto HolyGrail2.0
2020-11-27 New AI Robotic Systems to Curb Plastic Waste and Upgrade Chemical Recycling
2020-11-26 UPM joins the Renewable Carbon Initiative to change the foundation of chemical industry - Bio-based News -
2020-11-26 Bacteria use task division when breaking down plastic - Bio-based News -
2020-11-24 Cucumber Peels for Ecofriendly Food Packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-11-23 Green Chemicals Market Research Report 2020-2030: Focus on Bioalcohols, Biopolymers, Biosolvents, Organic Acids -
2020-11-23 ApiJect building $900M vaccine packaging 'Gigafactory'
2020-11-20 Kao Named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for Seventh Consecutive Year
2020-11-19 Scientists Study Microbial Degradation of Bioplastics in Cryogenic Soil
2020-11-17 Polylactic Acid Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report 2020 -
2020-11-17 Biodegradable Tapioca Starch-based Bioplastic Film to Reduce Food Waste
2020-11-17 ADDING AND REPLACING Danimer Scientific and Eagle Beverage to Produce Biodegradable Drinking Straws for Quick Service Restaurants
2020-11-17 Se han desarrollado tres sistemas distintos de envases biológicos activos diseñados específicamente para envasar carne de pollo fresca, cereales y aperitivosRefucoat desarrolla nuevos sistemas de envasado activo contra la Salmonella y envases reciclables para alimentos
2020-11-16 Global Polyethylene Furanoate Films Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report, 2020-2035 -
2020-11-13 Expansion into Italian compostables market / High consumer demand
2020-11-13 Henkel, Plastic Bank win top Packaging Innovation honor
2020-11-12 The Global Market for Hydrophobic, Superhydrophobic, Oleophobic and Omniphobic Coatings 2020 -
2020-11-11 Packaging monomaterial: una solución sostenible
2020-11-11 Aphena Adds Cold Chain Storage, Biologics Packaging and Distribution to Its Offerings
2020-11-11 Henkel AG & Co KGaA’s Social Plastic Ecosystem in collaboration with Plastic Bank earns top honors in the 2020 Packaging Innovation Awards by Dow
2020-11-11 Scientist Develops Biodegradable Plastic Foam for Industrial Applications
2020-11-11 Braskem unveils new goals, plans for more efficient PVC feedstocks plant
2020-11-10 KRAIBURG TPE Introduces Thermoplastic Elastomers for Pharmaceutical Packaging
2020-11-10 El proyecto europeo REFUCOAT desarrolla nuevos sistemas de envasado activo contra la Salmonella y envases reciclables para alimentos
2020-11-06 Plans for an in-person Fakuma 2021 taking shape
2020-11-06 Neste & LG Chem Partner to Drive Biopolymer Market Towards Circularity
2020-11-04 North America Bio-Based Chemicals Market 2019-2020 & 2028 -
2020-11-04 Additional Testing Procedures Mandatory for Bio-based Plastics to Access EU Market
2020-11-04 Period-care Brand Callaly Secures Funding From Innovate UK’s £191m Sustainable Innovation Fund for Award Winning Tampliner
2020-11-03 El bioplástico PLA-Premium, el sustituto perfecto del plástico tradicional para los envases rígidos de bollería y pasteleríaEl bioplástico PLA-Premium, el sustituto perfecto del plástico tradicional para los envases rígidos de bollería y pastelería
2020-11-02 PepsiCo working to meet sustainability goals
2020-10-30 Unilever reports good progress on its sustainable packaging goals
2020-10-29 Global Nanocellulose Market (2020 to 2030) - Production and Pricing Report -
2020-10-29 The Sustainable Masterbatch Industry is Forecast to Create an Annual $934.8 Million Revenue Opportunity for Bio-based and Biodegradable Plastic and Additive Manufacturers Globally by 2025 -
2020-10-29 Pharmaceutical Technology® and BioPharm International® to Host 2020 Bio/Pharma Virtual Congress
2020-10-28 Chemical distributor takes over European sales of natural fibre-reinforced bio-compounds
2020-10-28 Medical Grade - What Should That Mean to You?
2020-10-27 "En nuestra empresa la sostenibilidad ha pasado de ser un valor a ser el foco del desarrollo de nuestro negocio"Entrevista a Pedro Melgarejo Martínez, responsable de Organización y Estrategia de Eversia
2020-10-20 AIMCAL Inducts Five Industry Icons Into New Hall Of Honor Class Of 2020 At R2R USA Virtual Conference
2020-10-16 Flexible Plastic Packaging Market 2020 - 2024: Post-Pandemic Industry Planning Structure
2020-10-16 Van het Hof: Sustainability a core value for Trinseo
2020-10-15 Conagra adds new products to plant-based fiber packaging products - Bio-based News -
2020-10-15 Poland Spring Joins Forces with the University of Maine to Explore Bio-Based Materials for Packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-10-15 Axens, IFPEN and JEPLAN join their forces to demonstrate and commercialize an innovative process for the recycling of all types of waste PET - Bio-based News -
2020-10-15 Cargill and Virent collaborate to study Virent’s BioForming® technology to produce biobased fuels and chemicals - Bio-based News -
2020-10-15 The world’s first carbon-neutral rPET
2020-10-14 Braskem advances in research into chemical recycling of plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-10-12 W-Cycle replaces plastic packaging with food waste - Bio-based News -
2020-10-12 Schaufenster Bioökonomie: Bio-Kunststoffe machen Verpackungen nachhaltiger - Bio-based News -
2020-10-09 Danimer Scientific to Become Public Company, Signs Agreement with Live Oak
2020-10-08 Post-consumer Recycled Plastics Market by Polymer Type, Service, Processing Type, End-use Application, and Region - Global Forecast to 2025 -
2020-10-08 Carbios Acquires Limagrain Ingredients’ Entire Stake in the Capital of Carbiolice
2020-10-07 Energy Transition: Total Is Investing More Than €500 Million To Convert Its Grandpuits Refinery Into a Zero-Crude Platform for Biofuels and Bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-10-07 Unilever accredits its collaboration with Evonik as one key pillar of its “Clean Future” initiative - Bio-based News -
2020-10-06 Total Corbion PLA to invest in the first world-scale PLA-plant in Europe
2020-10-06 Total Corbion PLA announces the first world-scale PLA plant in Europe - Bio-based News -
2020-10-06 BSI Introduces New Standard for Measuring Biodegradability of Polyolefins
2020-10-05 Bioplastics firm Danimer merging with publicly traded Live Oak
2020-10-02 Poland Spring, University of Maine forage for bio-based alternatives
2020-10-01 Packaging Technology Group (PTG) Completes Its Line of Thermally Pre-Qualified 2-8°C Shipping Solutions for Vaccines and Biologics
2020-09-30 Chemicals in bioplastics not safer than those in conventional plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-09-30 Laundry bags for sanitary prevention: how Lactips’ efficient solution fights COVID-19 - Bio-based News -
2020-09-29 thyssenkrupp to build second bioplastics plant in China - Bio-based News -
2020-09-29 Final issue of ECHA Newsletter published
2020-09-28 Vegan leather for sustainable fashion - Bio-based News -
2020-09-24 Collaboration Between DuPont™ Sorona® and Sateri’s EcoCosy® Results in Innovative Fabrics for Fashion and Athleisure - Bio-based News -
2020-09-24 The World Bioeconomy Forum - Bio-based News -
2020-09-23 Maxwell House Launches New Zero Waste Single-Serve Coffee Pods - Bio-based News -
2020-09-22 Galatea Biotech is launching a revolutionary crowdfunding in the bioplastics sector - Bio-based News -
2020-09-22 European Bioplastics criticises biased interpretation of EEA study on biodegradable and compostable plastics: - Bio-based News -
2020-09-21 This 100% biodegradable packaging material is made from brewers’ spent grain! - Bio-based News -
2020-09-21 Footprint Named to Fortune's 2020 Change the World List
2020-09-21 Thermo Fisher Scientific expands laboratory plastics production
2020-09-21 La tercera edición de okPlast, el Foro de Plásticos y Legislación de Aimplas, presentará los días 6 y 7 de octubre las novedades y tendencias en legislación de materiales plásticos y cómo implementarlas en la empresa.Aimplas consolida su Foro de Plásticos y Legislación okPlast con una innovadora tercera edición en la que el asistente podrá elegir formato
2020-09-21 COVID-19 Recovery Analysis: Polyhydroxyalkanoate Market
2020-09-18 Novedades en la USP para envases farmacéuticos. Nueva prórroga 
2020-09-18 Bio-Fed subsidiary studies film with bio-based carbon content of over 60% for fruit and vegetable bags
2020-09-18 The Start-Up Carbiolice reveals its purpose and launches its revolutionary solution that makes the plastic disappear into the compostin less than 200 days! - Bio-based News -
2020-09-17 DuPont Announces New Brand Name for Its Silicone Healthcare Solutions
2020-09-16 EU microplastics ban set to make a growing problem worse - Bio-based News -
2020-09-15 All green products start with a #Greensource - Bio-based News -
2020-09-15 Stora Enso: Pilotanlage für biobasierten Schaumstoff in Planung - Bio-based News -
2020-09-14 Essential Requirements for Packaging should consider benefits of bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-09-14 Global Foodservices Disposable Market - Post Pandemic Recovery Plan, Strategies and Processes
2020-09-11 Volta Trucks Unveils e-vehicle with Natural Flax Material-based Exterior Body
2020-09-10 Toyochem Launches New Biodegradable Polyurethane Adhesive - Bio-based News -
2020-09-10 Plastics Industry Association Announces Registration for NPE2021
2020-09-09 Stora Enso to build a pilot plant for bio-based packaging foam - Bio-based News -
2020-09-09 Cleaning our Homes while Cleaning the Sky CarbonSmart™ Products hit the Stores in Switzerland! - Bio-based News -
2020-09-09 Biodegradable Polymers Market with Highlights on the Impact of COVID-19 (2020-2024)
2020-09-09 HEXPOL TPE Expands Range of Biobased Thermoplastic Elastomers - Bio-based News -
2020-09-08 Bloom Biorenewables secures 2.9M€ fundraising to prove biomass valorization at pilot scale and signs partnership agreement with Yokogawa - Bio-based News -
2020-09-07 Unilever to eliminate fossil fuels in cleaning products by 2030 - Bio-based News -
2020-09-03 Sulapac’s Nordic Collection: biodegradable and compostable cosmetics packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-09-03 Innovadores materiales plásticos, aditivos naturales y nuevas tecnologías de riego mejorarán el rendimiento de los invernaderos de la zona Mediterránea hasta en un 15%
2020-09-01 DWK Life Sciences Increases Glass Vial Production Capacity to Meet Increased Market Demand
2020-09-01 Biome Technologies plc’s bioplastics division receives order for compostable bioplastic for coffee pods - Bio-based News -
2020-09-01 Unilever to Eliminate Fossil Fuels in Cleaning Products by 2030 as Part of €1 Billion Clean Future Investment
2020-09-01 La optimización del rendimiento de los invernaderos en el Mediterráneo mediante la sinergia de diversas tecnologías reducirá los costes de producción hasta en un 15%Innovadores materiales plásticos, aditivos naturales y nuevas tecnologías de riego mejorarán el rendimiento de los invernaderos de la zona Mediterránea hasta en un 15%
2020-08-26 DS Smith to target hard-to-recycle plastic packaging reduction with Hydropol - Bio-based News -
2020-08-25 Analysis on Impact of COVID-19- Global Cell Culture Protein Surface Coating Market 2020-2024
2020-08-20 Global $1.5 Bn Biodegradable Films Market by Type, Application and Region - Forecast to 2025 -
2020-08-20 An Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Market Client Gains Significant Market Share
2020-08-20 Danimer Scientific and WinCup Named Winners of the 2020 Innovation in Bioplastics Award
2020-08-19 Towards a future with bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-08-19 Nordson Corporation Reports Fiscal Year 2020 Third Quarter Results
2020-08-14 Bimbosan® and ProAmpac Announce ProActive Renewable Bio-Based Packaging for Baby Nutrition
2020-08-13 "New markets are actually old markets" - Bio-based News -
2020-08-13 Mondi Syktyvkar commissions a new crude tall oil plant - Bio-based News -
2020-08-13 Ionic Liquid Bursts Open Wood Fibres In Minutes - Bio-based News -
2020-08-11 BIOnTop obtains promising results in the development of new recyclable and compostable packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-08-11 Michelman Announces Growing Portfolio of Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) Certified Compostable Coatings
2020-08-10 The Global Market for Phase Change Materials 2020 -
2020-08-10 Dairy waste is being turned into bioplastics and plant food - Bio-based News -
2020-08-07 Investment firm ploughs EUR 14m into company developing biodegradation technology / Successful tests on plastic packaging
2020-08-07 What the oil crash means for bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-08-07 14 MSEK to produce forest based materials that will replace fossil-based plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-08-05 Breakthrough packaging partnership puts women in rural Africa at the forefront of materials innovation - Bio-based News -
2020-08-04 Mondi supports youth start-up that turns food waste into compostable plastic - Bio-based News -
2020-08-04 Survey collecting evidence about the use of and knowledge about renewable carbon in products/materials - Bio-based News -
2020-08-03 Kimberly-Clark Joins WWF’s Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance - Bio-based News -
2020-08-03 Terphane Barrier Films Improve Shelf Life
2020-07-31 AIMPLAS’ Project to Develop Recyclable Packaging Shows Promising Results
2020-07-31 Bio-based industries are key to the EU’s green recovery, says BIC's position paper - Bio-based News -
2020-07-31 CPI Receives Million Dollar Grant to Establish Center for Plastic Upcycling
2020-07-30 Partnership with US nanotechnology specialist Titan Bioplastics to boost uptake of recycled plastics in Europe
2020-07-28 BIOnTop logra resultados prometedores en el desarrollo de envases reciclables y compostables
2020-07-28 Los nuevos materiales desarrollados permitirán obtener nuevos envases reciclables, compostables y reutilizablesEl proyecto europeo BIOnTop obtiene resultados prometedores en el desarrollo de nuevos envases reciclables y compostables
2020-07-27 Cortec's BioPad earns USDA certification - Bio-based News -
2020-07-24 Barrier-coated paperboard – the alternative to plastic for smart packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-07-24 Global Tube Packaging Market to 2026 - Featuring Alba Services, Amcor & CCL Industries Among Others -
2020-07-24 Compostable moisture absorption pads keep food fresh - Bio-based News -
2020-07-24 Global E-commerce Plastic Packaging Market (2020 to 2025) - Growth, Trends, and Forecasts -
2020-07-24 El proyecto europeo BIOnTop obtiene resultados prometedores en el desarrollo de nuevos envases reciclables y compostables
2020-07-23 Polyplastics’ Copolymer for Medical Vials Gains Popularity Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-07-23 Conclusions of a study on compostable plastics and microplastics unsupported by data - Bio-based News -
2020-07-22 Clariant’s bio-based additives for biopolymers awarded OK compost INDUSTRIAL & OK biodegradable SOIL certification - Bio-based News -
2020-07-22 Using Existing Injection Blow Moulding Machinery For Bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-07-22 Anellotech Secures Funds to Develop Innovative Plas-TCat™ Plastics Recycling Technology from R Plus Japan, a New Joint Venture Company launched by 12 Cross-Industry Partners within the Japanese Plastic Supply Chain - Bio-based News -
2020-07-21 Pledge to use 100% recycled or bio-based plastics / Group consumed 140,000 t of polymers in 2018
2020-07-21 PolyOne Sustainability Portfolio in Europe Expanded to Support Circular Economy - Bio-based News -
2020-07-21 Home Compostable and Soil Degradable Compound for Injection Moulding Applications - Bio-based News -
2020-07-21 Se trata de empresas que dan empleo a más de 6.000 personasMás de 760 empresas del sector de los materiales avanzados suman una facturación de 2.660 M? en Catalunya
2020-07-21 La tercera edición del Foro de Plásticos y Legislación okPlast de Aimplas permitirá elegir formato
2020-07-20 Removal of single-use plastic packaging in 50 warehouses in India / Expansion of "Packaging-Free Shipping" initiative to 100+ cities
2020-07-20 La tercera edición de okPlast presentará los días 6 y 7 de octubre las novedades y tendencias en legislación de materiales plásticos y cómo implementarlas en la empresa.Aimplas consolida su Foro de Plásticos y Legislación okPlast con una edición en la que el asistente podrá elegir formato
2020-07-20 3ª edición de okPlast, el Foro de Plásticos y Legislación de AIMPLAS -
2020-07-17 Praj and Lygos to Co-develop Advanced Lactic Acid Yeast Technology for Bio-based Products - Bio-based News -
2020-07-16 Unilever sets out new actions to fight climate change, and protect and regenerate nature, to preserve resources for future generations - Bio-based News -
2020-07-15 Mondi Supports Genecis Bioindustries to Develop Compostable Plastic from Food Waste
2020-07-15 Acquisition of JiHÃ¥ Plast / Deal expands Scanfill's PET and PS films portfolio
2020-07-14 Global Bio-plastic Market (2019 to 2024) - Technology Landscape, Trends and Opportunities -
2020-07-14 Eastman partners with IMCD Group to expand its distribution network for specialty plastics in EMEA
2020-07-14 Llega la III edición de okPlast en modalidad presencial o streaming
2020-07-13 A Polymer Solution to Potential Shortage of Glass Vials for COVID-19 Vaccines
2020-07-09 Research Report with COVID-19 Forecasts - Global Biopolymer Coatings Market 2020-2024
2020-07-09 Research Report with COVID-19 Forecasts- Global Cellulose Acetate Market 2020-2024
2020-07-08 Un innovador proceso de triple acción acelerará la degradación del plástico tradicional y lo convertirá en biopolímeros, que podrán utilizarse como sustitutos naturales y biodegradables de los plásticos.El proyecto BioICEP acelerará la degradación del plástico tradicional y lo convertirá en biopolímeros
2020-07-07 Global Sterile Bottles Market Is Expected to Reach US$ 16.4 Billion By End Of 2027, Says CMI
2020-07-07 The Next, ‘Natural’ Evolution in Thermoplastic Expandable Microspheres
2020-07-07 BioICEP acelerará la degradación del plástico tradicional y lo convertirá en biopolímeros y bioproductos
2020-07-07 El Clúster del Plástico de Andalucía contrario a prohibir envasar AOVE en envases de plástico
2020-07-07 El plástico que se usa para envasar AOVE es seguro, apto para todos los formatos y más sostenible: su proceso de fabricación y menor peso hacen que genere menos huella de carbonoEl Clúster del Plástico de Andalucía rechaza la prohibición de envasar el aceite de oliva virgen extra en envases de plástico
2020-07-06 Kraton Joins Association of Plastics Recyclers for Sustainable Product Development
2020-07-06 El proyecto BioICEP acelerará la degradación del plástico tradicional y lo convertirá en biopolímeros
2020-07-05 La startup catalana Oimo crea un material biodegradable al mar amb les mateixes propietats que el plàstic tradicional
2020-07-04 Life-Cycle Assessments of Plastic Products Have Blind Spots
2020-07-04 Anellotech Secures Funds to Develop Innovative Plastics Recycling Technology
2020-07-02 ISO 14855: Biodegradabilidad aeróbica en condiciones de compostaje controladas
2020-07-01 Neste and Jokey collaborate to develop the market for rigid packaging from renewable and recycled materials - Bio-based News -
2020-07-01 La feria expondrá en exclusiva algunos de los trabajos ganadores en la próxima edición de los Pentawards, los galardones internacionales más importantes del sectorEmpack y Packaging Innovations 2020 atraerán a Madrid el futuro del diseño en el sector del packaging
2020-07-01 Worldwide Industry for Bonding Film to 2024 - Featuring Arkema, Formplast & Gurit Among Others -
2020-06-29 Partnership with Neste to promote sustainable rigid plastic packaging
2020-06-29 Dolco’s New Partnership for PS Recycling in Packaging and Consumer Goods
2020-06-29 Introducing the NextFilm Line of new compostable packaging films - Bio-based News -
2020-06-29 New Compounding Technique for Nanocellulose Composites Shows Promise
2020-06-25 New Nanocellulose-based Polymer Manufacturing Technology for Vehicles
2020-06-25 ZELCOR webinar series - Bio-based News -
2020-06-22 COVID-19 Sparks Renaissance of Single-Use Plastics
2020-06-19 Neste & Jokey Collaborate to Develop Rigid Packaging from Sustainable Materials
2020-06-19 ASOBIOCOM rechaza el informe elaborado por EASAC
2020-06-19 $2.2 Billion Worldwide Bio-Plasticizer Industry (2020 to 2025) - Key Players Include Broadcom, Bioamber & Danisco Among Others -
2020-06-18 United States Biodegradable Plastics Market to 2026 - Forecast by Type, End-user, Raw Materials, Company Analysis & Forecast -
2020-06-18 Solvent-free Compounding of Nanocellulose into Polymers May Reduce Manufacturing Costs
2020-06-17 UK associations call on government to ban oxo degradable plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-06-17 Buen momento para el mercado internacional de film BOPP - MundoPlast
2020-06-17 Egg-based coating preserves fresh produce - Bio-based News -
2020-06-16 Woodly recycles its cellulose-based plastics with NGR recycling technology - Bio-based News -
2020-06-16 Superworms digest plastic, with help from their bacterial sidekicks - Bio-based News -
2020-06-15 Braskem's bioplastic recognized at UN event as one of Brazil's most transformational cases in sustainable development - Bio-based News -
2020-06-12 French bioplastics producer stems EUR 13m equity increase / Backing from Mitsubishi Chemical and Bpifrance
2020-06-11 PURE Bioscience Reports Fiscal 2020 Third Quarter and Nine-Month Financial Results
2020-06-10 Mitsubishi Chemical Invests to Support Lactips’ Water Soluble Bio-Plastic Technology
2020-06-10 Lactips, producer of first soluble bioplastic, raises $14.4M to ramp up bioplastic production based on milk protein - Bio-based News -
2020-06-10 GO!PHA policy paper on SUP Directive - Bio-based News -
2020-06-08 EuropaBio: Joint statement on the EU Climate Law - Bio-based News -
2020-06-08 Coca-Cola utiliza envases de plástico 100% reciclado - MundoPlast
2020-06-05 BASF and Red Avenue New Materials Group collaborate to produce certified compostable co-polyester (PBAT) in China - Bio-based News -
2020-06-04 AIMPLAS’ Project to Recycle Plastic Packaging Using Microbe-based Process
2020-06-04 PBAT technology licensed to China's Red Avenue New Materials / New plant planned in Shanghai
2020-06-04 French startup raises $14.8M in new investment round
2020-06-03 UPM Raflatac Launches Bio-feedstock-based PE Film for Labeling Applications
2020-06-02 EU-funded YPACK’s bio-paper discoveries reveal “bright future” for food waste prevention - Bio-based News -
2020-06-02 UPM Raflatac expands Forest Film product range with the industry’s first wood-based polyethylene label film - Bio-based News -
2020-06-02 Enzyme recycling process could break down plastics by 70%
2020-06-02 BASF Grants License to Red Avenue for Compostable PBAT Production and Sale
2020-06-02 Chemical recycling makes useful product from waste bioplastic - Bio-based News -
2020-06-02 Towards Closed-Loop Manufacturing – Sateri Enters China’s Lyocell Fibre Market - Bio-based News -
2020-06-01 good natured® Launches Biodegradable Packaging for Food Take-out and Delivery
2020-05-29 PureCycle Technologies, ganador de los premios Re|focus 2020 de Plastics
2020-05-27 Six candidates are nominated for the innovation award “Hemp Product of the Year 2020” - Bio-based News -
2020-05-26 New Automated Optical Inspection from Nordson EFD Verifies Fluid Deposit Placement and Accuracy
2020-05-25 Global Eco-Friendly (Green) Polyols Market Review 2015-2019 and Forecast 2020-2025 -
2020-05-22 NOVA Chemicals and Enerkem Collaborate to Close the Loop on Plastics Recycling - Bio-based News -
2020-05-21 Faster, More-Efficient Chemical Recycling Process Keeps Bioplastics in the Mix
2020-05-20 Toppan Develops Paper-Based Tube-Pouch to Reduce Plastic Use
2020-05-20 Sulzer launches new Global Bio-based and Renewables application development team - Bio-based News -
2020-05-20 Nordson Corporation Reports Fiscal Year 2020 Second Quarter Results
2020-05-19 Making use of the unique properties of cellulose-based nanomaterials - Bio-based News -
2020-05-17 Nova Chemicals and Enerkem Collaborate to Close Loop on Plastics Recycling
2020-05-13 CHINAPLAS 2021: Plastic Packaging Thrives to Overcome Sustainability Challenges
2020-05-12 An Open Letter to ‘Plastiphobes’ about the Material You Love to Hate
2020-05-11 Dow and Doxa Plast join forces to deliver stretch films made with renewable resources - Bio-based News -
2020-05-08 Kraton introduces Revolution rosin ester technology - Bio-based News -
2020-05-07 New investment boosts bioplastics product development capacity at TerraVerdae - Bio-based News -
2020-05-06 Varden Raises $2.2 million To Replace Single-Use Plastic Packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-05-06 PLA advances are changing the plastics industry - Bio-based News -
2020-05-05 TerraVerdae Receives Funding to Boost Bioplastics Product Development Capacity
2020-05-04 The world’s largest meeting on industrial hemp and cannabis will take place online this year – 500 participants from 50 countries and all industrial sectors are expected - Bio-based News -
2020-05-04 Circe: Biodegradable plastic without the plants - Bio-based News -
2020-05-01 Nordson Corporation Announces Earnings Release and Webcast for Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2020
2020-04-30 Biodegradable Plastic Market Size to Reach USD 7.6 Bn by 2027: Grand View Research
2020-04-29 Acquisition of UK's Planned Packaging Films
2020-04-28 Bioplastics Innovations Lagging Behind Public Sentiment for Sustainable Plastics Alternatives, Says New Clarivate Report - Bio-based News -
2020-04-24 Sustainability is crucial for success, says Lux Research - Bio-based News -
2020-04-24 Widespread Use of Bioplastics Held Back by Lagging Innovation, Claims Report
2020-04-24 Kao veröffentlicht Zwischenberichte zur ESG-Strategie „Kirei Lifestyle Plan“
2020-04-23 The Essential Connection Between Food Waste and Compostable Products - Bio-based News -
2020-04-21 Leeds Vacuum Formers hits 100% plastic waste recycling target
2020-04-20 Single-Use Bronchoscopes Could Reduce Contamination Risks During COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-04-20 How Plastic Industry is Putting Up Fight Against COVID-19
2020-04-17 Recycled PET Used in Honeycomb Core
2020-04-17 Earth Day 2020: More Plastic Makes for Enhanced Sustainability in Autos
2020-04-17 NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge Competitor Pitches in to Help COVID-19 Efforts - Bio-based News -
2020-04-16 Outlook on the Worldwide Bioplastics Industry to 2030 -
2020-04-16 Earth Day 2020: Why Compostable Plastics Are Not Sustainable
2020-04-16 Nature Journal Validates CARBIOS’ New PET-degrading Enzyme Technology
2020-04-16 Scientists successfully produce PLA/protein electrospun mats for future biomedical applications - Bio-based News -
2020-04-16 The State of the Global Release Liner Market
2020-04-15 Olive stones to develop a new sustainable plastic material for oil packaging items - Bio-based News -
2020-04-14 Food & Beverage Metal Cans Market by Material, Type, Degree of Internal Pressure, Application and Region - Global Forecast to 2025 -
2020-04-14 Novel Enzyme To Break Down And Recycle PET Bottles
2020-04-13 AIMPLAS & OLIPE Develop Biodegradable Packaging Material from Olive Oil Waste
2020-04-13 Orbis BiOAID N95 Reusable Mask â?? Covid 19
2020-04-09 Icma San Giorgio designs, builds and instals compounding plant for bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-04-09 Dow announces results from Annual Stockholder Meeting
2020-04-08 Biodegradable Plastics Market Rising 9.4% Yearly
2020-04-08 Biodegradable Plastic Markets, 2020-2027: Types, End-uses, Regions, Companies -
2020-04-08 Renewable Chemicals Market Forecasts, 2020-2025: Key Players are BASF, Myriant Corporation, Avantium, and DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products -
2020-04-07 Global Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET) Film Market: Insights, Trends & Forecast (2020 to 2024) -
2020-04-07 COVID-19 Reframes Debate on Single-Use Plastic Bags
2020-04-07 El material irá destinado a proteger al personal sanitario de Madrid, una de las ciudades más castigadas del mundo por el covid-19ADBioplastics dona 200 kilos de PLA-Premium para fabricar pantallas protectoras contra el coronavirus
2020-04-06 Molecular Fusion Technology Permanently Embeds Antimicrobials in Polymer Substrates
2020-04-06 Functional & Barrier Coatings for Paper: Worldwide Markets to 2027 -
2020-04-03 Global Survey Reveals Two Thirds of Adults Not Recycling All Plastic Waste - Bio-based News -
2020-04-02 New Way to 3D Print Composite Parts with High Cellulose Content
2020-04-01 Printing complex cellulose-based objects - Bio-based News -
2020-03-31 The Bioplastics Industry 2020-2024 - Bio-based News -
2020-03-31 Avantium announces 2019 results - Bio-based News -
2020-03-30 Trends Defining the Medical Polymers Market in the New Decade
2020-03-30 Plastics Materials and Products are on the Frontline of Combating COVID -19
2020-03-30 2020 Insights on the Global Market for Antimicrobial, Antiviral and Antifungal Nanocoatings - When the Current COVID-19 Crisis Has Ended Efforts Must Turn to Future Preventative Measures -
2020-03-30 Nordson Corporation Announces Business Realignment and Leadership Appointments
2020-03-26 Global Bioplastics Market with Focus on Biodegradable Plastics (2020 to 2024) - Insights, Trends & Forecast -
2020-03-26 Clariant and Floreon announce collaboration to expand high-performance biopolymer applications to additional markets - Bio-based News -
2020-03-25 Clariant and Floreon Collaborate to Expand High-Performance Biopolymer Applications
2020-03-25 More Than 100 Industry Groups Urge President, And Elected Officials at All Levels to Uniformly Apply Department of Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Definition
2020-03-25 New PLA-based Electrospun Fiber Mats for Drug Delivery and Release
2020-03-25 EUBP raises concerns over biased EASAC report on bio-based and biodegradable plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-03-25 Clover Sonoma Advances Social and Environmental Impact with B Corporation Recertification and New Fully Renewable Milk Carton - Bio-based News -
2020-03-24 Hi-Cone Survey Reveals Consumer Confusion over Recycling
2020-03-24 Innovations in Biodegradable Polymers, Green Hydrogen Production, Engineered Polymer Films & Multi-ion Battery Materials - 2020 -
2020-03-23 Collaboration with Floreon to extend performance of biopolymers
2020-03-23 European Scientists Take Hard Look at Packaging Plastics in Circular Economy
2020-03-23 Bioplastic production to increase by 15% by 2024
2020-03-23 EconCore’s New rPET Honeycomb Cores Available for Licensing
2020-03-21 Chemical Industry Deemed Essential Critical Infrastructure by Department of Homeland Security
2020-03-20 New Circular Economy Action Plan: no circular economy without bioeconomy - Bio-based News -
2020-03-20 Clariant and Floreon collaborate to expand high-performance-biopolymer applications
2020-03-20 Borealis Starts Renewable Polypropylene Production at Kallo and Beringen
2020-03-19 Clariant & Floreon: Partnership to Enhance Biopolymer Properties and Market Potential
2020-03-19 Detailed Analysis of the Downstream Polyethylene Market in South Africa (2019 to 2024) -
2020-03-19 Green Chemicals Market
2020-03-18 The Global Market for Cellulose Nanofibers 2020 - Volumes, Key Trends and Growth -
2020-03-18 Global Disposable Cups and Lids Market in Food and Beverage Industry 2020-2024
2020-03-18 Carbios is a signatory to the European Plastics Pact, a public-private initiative to promote the circular economy of plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-03-17 Clariant Masterbatches earn ‘OK’ certification for home and industrial composting - Bio-based News -
2020-03-17 Borealis producing certified renewable polypropylene at own facilities in Belgium - Bio-based News -
2020-03-17 Labelmaster Consultants Named 2020 Pros to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive
2020-03-16 BBIA responds to Tesco’s packaging strategy - Bio-based News -
2020-03-16 ?Nuestro packaging no contiene plástico, ni adhesivos ni pegas que no sean biodegradables?Entrevista a Manuel Hässig, fundador de Innov8Iberia
2020-03-16 Can Remote Patient Monitoring Curb COVID-19?
2020-03-13 Smart, compostable thin film packaging material - Bio-based News -
2020-03-12 Unilever switches Ingman ice cream to fully renewable packaging material from Stora Enso - Bio-based News -
2020-03-12 Global Biodegradable Plastics Market 2020 - Drivers & Challenges -
2020-03-12 2020 Worldwide Bioplastic Competitive Analysis & Leadership Study -
2020-03-12 Introducing chemical recycling: Plastic waste becoming a resource - Bio-based News -
2020-03-11 New Circular Economy Action Plan shows the way to a climate-neutral, competitive economy of empowered consumers
2020-03-11 Worldwide Biodegradable Plastics Market 2020 - Expected to Grow with a CAGR of 12.5% Over the Coming Years -
2020-03-11 Brewing greener chemicals from fermented waste - Bio-based News -
2020-03-11 EU Commission: New Circular Economy Action Plan shows the way to a climate-neutral, competitive economy of empowered consumers
2020-03-10 New online platform connects crop and food producers to biorefineries - Bio-based News -
2020-03-10 Recycled Plastic Bottles are Fashionable, Literally
2020-03-10 BASF showcases solutions for the entire packaging life cycle at interpack 2020 - Bio-based News -
2020-03-10 Takeover of Italian films manufacturer Soprad
2020-03-09 The Pros and Cons of Thermoforming, and Why It's Necessary
2020-03-06 Anellotech’s Technology Converts Lay’s Potato Chip Bag into Key Chemical Required for New Plastic Bottles - Bio-based News -
2020-03-05 Metsä Spring and Valmet announce collaboration to develop a new wood-based product as alternative to fossil-based materials - Bio-based News -
2020-03-05 ? Knauf presenta el nuevo biomaterial para envases, NeoPS - MundoPlast
2020-03-04 The combination of plant-based particles and water forms an 'eco' super-glue - Bio-based News -
2020-03-03 Graham Packaging’s Deep Dive into Sustainable Packaging
2020-03-03 Georgia-Pacific and Bast Fibre Technologies Inc. Enter into Global Licensing Deal for Nonwoven Sustainable Fibre Applications - Bio-based News -
2020-03-02 New campaign to clear up citizen confusion on plastics
2020-03-02 Bioplastics Production Capacity to Reach 2.4 Mn Tons by 2024: European Bioplastics
2020-03-02 BioSinn – products for which biodegradation makes sense! - Bio-based News -
2020-02-28 Los galardones distinguen soluciones de packaging en alimentación, farmacia y parafarmacia o premium, entre otras categoríasGanadores de los Premios Internacionales de Packaging & PLV Ibérico Arca
2020-02-28 Compostable plastics break down in less than 22 days in real life industrial composting - Bio-based News -
2020-02-27 Ver más artículos sobre: Estudio de mercado de inyectoras, robots y periféricos 2019"En 2019 superamos las ventas de 2018, que fueron las mejores desde que se abrió la oficina de Pallmann Ibérica"Entrevista a Carlos Gómez, responsable de Pallmann Ibérica
2020-02-25 EUBP: los plásticos compostables se descomponen en menos de 22 días en el compostaje industrial real
2020-02-25 Global Specialty Plastic Films Market 2019-2023
2020-02-25 Top Green Heat-Shrink PET Film Gets Thumb’s Up from Association of Plastic Recyclers
2020-02-24 Vellamo and UPM Raflatac partner for wood-based plastic label material
2020-02-24 Dominican Government to provide sustainable bags for all households
2020-02-24 Global Biodegradable Plastic Market Predicted to Reach $6 Billion in 2026 with a CAGR of 21.3% -
2020-02-24 Greenpeace Survey of Material Recovery Facilities Makes Some Valid Points
2020-02-21 Innovation Utility Vehicle releases edible coating
2020-02-21 New Temperature-resistant PLA-based Plastic Food Bowls
2020-02-20 Ver más artículos sobre: Estudio de mercado de inyectoras, robots y periféricos 2019?En lo referente a las máquinas de inyección el ahorro energético y precisión para atender a las nuevas exigencias es un punto a tener en cuenta?Entrevista a Fernando Arantes, gerente de Romi Máquinas España
2020-02-20 Ver más artículos sobre: Estudio de mercado de inyectoras, robots y periféricos 2019"Somos capaces de trabajar con PET 100% reciclado con las mismas garantías que los materiales vírgenes"Entrevista a Albert Ferré, director general de Gs Técnic
2020-02-20 How Sustainable Are Sustainable Coffee Cups?
2020-02-19 Stora Enso introduces new dispersion barrier materials
2020-02-19 Novamont Launches Bio-degradable Plastic Cling Film for Fresh Food Packaging
2020-02-19 NextGen Consortium launches reusable cup pilot in local cafes
2020-02-19 The Sustainable Packaging Evolution: Kwik Lok’s Eco-Lok Closure
2020-02-19 Nordson Corporation Reports Fiscal Year 2020 First Quarter Results
2020-02-18 Pick&Pack: los ?Smart Logistics & Packaging Awards 2020? reconocen a las soluciones biodegradables y digitales
2020-02-18 UAE’s Agthia launches new 100% plant-based water bottle
2020-02-17 BASF & Fabbri Group Co-develop Compostable Cling Film for Fresh-food Packaging
2020-02-17 Polyolefins from bio-based feedstock to be made in Cologne / UPM's "Bio Verno"
2020-02-17 MTP se instala en BarcelonaEntrevista a Ernest Gallego, director de la delegación de Cataluña de MTP
2020-02-16 Desenvolupen un embalatge comestible i biodegradable per evitar l'ús de plàstic al supermercat en l'àmbit de l'alimentació
2020-02-14 Kuraray to establish MonoSol production facility in Poland
2020-02-14 Airlite Plastics unifies Arctic Fox brand into KodiaKooler
2020-02-14 ? Satisfacción por la primera edición de Pick&Pack - MundoPlast
2020-02-13 BASF and Fabbri Group develop compostable film for fresh-food packaging
2020-02-13 La ceremonia tendrá lugar el 4 de marzo en la Antigua Fábrica Estrella DammHispack y Graphispack Asociación entregan los Premios Líderpack 2019 de packaging y PLV
2020-02-13 SCF Packaging introduce fast-acting biodegradable packaging
2020-02-12 Novamont introduces packaging machine-compatible Mater-Bi cling film
2020-02-12 INEOS to use UPM BioVerno to produce bio-attributed polyolefins
2020-02-12 Global Medical Plastics Market Analysis & Trends - Industry Forecast to 2028 -
2020-02-12 Liviri introduces reusable wine alcohol shipping solution for year round deliveries
2020-02-12 ?2019 ha sido un año extraordinario; bueno en ventas y nos hemos consolidado como un referente en el mercado del IML?Entrevista a Jordi López, senior sales manager Spain&Portugal de Solutions Plastic Group
2020-02-11 Scientists develop biodegradable packaging for the cosmetic industry
2020-02-11 El polietileno es, con diferencia, el material más utilizadoLigero, práctico, polémico: el mercado europeo de bolsas y sacos de plástico
2020-02-11 Ineos to make PVC from pulp production by-product
2020-02-10 Sustainable packaging innovation programme selects three start-ups / Bio-based and reusable containers
2020-02-10 ?La tendencia es considerar la máquina de inyección como una parte muy importante de un conjunto o isla de trabajo?Entrevista a Adolfo Ibáñez, gerente de Negri Bossi España
2020-02-09 World may not reach 50% recycling rate by 2030, but ‘plastiphobia’ is not the answer
2020-02-08 Consumers confused by distinction between biobased and biodegradable plastics
2020-02-07 Biotherm partners with NGO for plastic pollution awareness
2020-02-07 New Method to Chemically Recycle Plant-based Plastics Without Losing Quality
2020-02-07 Fake biodegradable products flood market after India bans single-use plastics
2020-02-06 Joint venture for reusable cups set up in Belgium
2020-02-06 Partnership to Develop 100% Renewably-sourced Nylon-6: Genomatica and Aquafil
2020-02-06 Resource Label acquires US company Axiom Label & Packaging
2020-02-06 BASF and Fabbri Group develop new fresh-food packaging film
2020-02-06 Carbios enters joint development agreement with Novozymes to produce its proprietary enzyme for complete recycling of PET-plastics and fiber
2020-02-05 ? Emsur presenta una bolsa compostable barrera - MundoPlast
2020-02-05 UK supplement brand Rejuvenated launches compostable packaging
2020-02-05 Worn AgainTechnologies makes step towards a sustainable and circular resource world with the launch of pilot R&D facility
2020-02-04 New Mountain Capital acquires packaging solutions provider ILC Dover
2020-02-04 Grooming brand men-ü develops smaller and more sustainable packaging
2020-02-03 ? Mega presenta una serie de juguetes fabricados con bioplásticos
2020-02-03 El Congreso Nacional de Packaging 4.0 debatirá sobre los retos del sector del packaging para impulsar la economía circular y el uso de nuevos materiales sosteniblesLa industria del packaging define la estrategia de nuevos plásticos 2030 en Pick&Pack
2020-02-03 Chemistry for Toxicological Risk Assessment—Transitions in Expected Approach
2020-02-03 Ajinomoto to transfer stake in Fuji Ace packaging materials company
2020-02-01 Plastics power innovation at PLASTEC West
2020-01-31 Danimer and CPG partner to manufacture home compostable bags
2020-01-31 UK researchers develop new method of recycling plant-based plastics
2020-01-30 The truth about compostable plastics
2020-01-28 ? La sostenibilidad será protagonista en Pick&Pack 2020 - MundoPlast
2020-01-27 Smithers Announces Sustainability in Packaging US 2020 Conference
2020-01-27 Surveys reveal buzzword burnout among consumers bombarded with sustainability claims
2020-01-27 ? BASF amplía su planta de Castellbisbal de dispersiones de PU
2020-01-23 Packaging Speaks Green: el foro internacional dedicado al envase sostenible
2020-01-23 China to Enforce Ban on Non-biodegradable and Disposable Plastics
2020-01-23 Global Laboratory Glassware and Plasticware Market 2020-2024
2020-01-23 Swedish company AR Packaging acquires rlc Packaging Group
2020-01-21 Sanner introduces bio-based plastic packaging
2020-01-21 Global Transparent Plastics Global Market Analysis & Outlook, 2018-2027: Covestro, LG Chem, Teijin Limited & BASF SE -
2020-01-21 FutureBridge: Food and Nutrition Industry Poised to Tap Emerging Technologies to Meet Sustainability Goals and User Demands In 2020
2020-01-21 Half of companies ignore carbon impact of plastic alternatives: Survey
2020-01-20 Indian Institute of Technology develops degradable plastic-like films
2020-01-16 Packaging Technology Group open new facility in Louisville, US
2020-01-16 Enthalpy Analytical Receives DoD’s ELAP Accreditation
2020-01-15 Colgate launches vegan toothpaste in fully-recyclable packaging
2020-01-15 Global Post-consumer Recycled Plastics Market Expected to Grow with a CAGR of 7.7% During the Forecast Period, 2018-2027 -
2020-01-15 Global Plastic Ampoules Market: Drivers, Constraints, Opportunities, Threats & Challenges During the Forecast Period, 2018-2027 -
2020-01-14 Plastic Bags and Pouches Industry Procurement Intelligence Report
2020-01-13 DS Smith develops solid board packaging for anti-allergy kits
2020-01-13 Valio and Stora Enso to introduce wood-based reusable lids
2020-01-13 BioBag compostable food wrapping expands into new markets
2020-01-13 Más de 3.000 profesionales inscritos en PICK&PACK en sólo 2 semanas
2020-01-13 Finnish study shows "Bioska" films biodegrade within six months
2020-01-09 The Clarke Companies Acquires Covex, LLC, to Better Connect Enterprise IT with Manufacturing & Operations for FDA Regulated Customers
2020-01-09 Solid growth projected for recycled plastics market
2020-01-08 Chemical recycling of plastics gets a catalytic boost in Australia, China
2020-01-08 North America Recycled Plastics Market Expected to Generate a Value of US $21.6 Billion by 2024 -
2020-01-07 Se fallan los Premios Liderpack más sostenibles
2020-01-07 Solo New York launches recycled bags collection
2020-01-03 Sumitomo Demag injection moulding machines installed at Greek food packaging specialist
2020-01-02 A green alternative to the regular PVC and polyethylene rolls
2019-12-30 Braskem, Biowash and Greco & Guerreiro to launch sustainable packaging
2019-12-26 Braskem and Biowash to Co-develop Sugarcane-based Plastic Packaging
2019-12-26 Global Blow Fill Seal Technology Market Forecast Report, 2019-2024 -
2019-12-24 Global Nanocrystalline Cellulose Market Analysis, Size, Share, Growth & Trends - Forecast 2018-2026 -
2019-12-23 PlasticsToday’s quotes of the year
2019-12-23 France charts course for zero-waste society
2019-12-19 Braskem, Biowash and Greco & Guerreiro to launch biobased packaging
2019-12-19 Estonian plastics sector innovates as it targets overseas markets
2019-12-18 Innovations in Battery Coatings, Coating Additives, and Coatings for Flexible Packaging, 2019 Research Report -
2019-12-18 Innovations in Compostable Resins, Biochemicals, Fabrics, Biopolymers, and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, 2019 Research Report -
2019-12-18 Anellotech Offers Technology to Covert Waste Plastic Packaging into Chemicals
2019-12-18 Globsl $6 Billion Biodegradable Plastic Market to 2026: Volume by Material Types (PBAT, PBS, PLA, PHA, Starch Blends, Others), Regions, Application, & Companies -
2019-12-18 Innovations in Nanoprocessing, Nanofertilizers and Nanomaterials, 2019 Research Report -
2019-12-18 Innovations in Anti-corrosive, Anti-bacterial, Protective, and Intumescent Coatings, 2019 Report -
2019-12-18 New York Governor proposes to ban single-use Styrofoam food containers
2019-12-17 El packaging español hace pleno en el concurso internacional de envases WorldStar
2019-12-17 44 % of hazardous mixtures not compliant with classification and labelling obligations
2019-12-17 A lesson on how to educate eateries about plastics and recycling
2019-12-17 European Bioplastics publica su informe anual sobre el mercado y la industria de los bioplásticos
2019-12-16 Stora Enso Invests to Build Facility for Bio-based Plastic Packaging Material
2019-12-16 European Bioplastics welcomes EU Green Deal
2019-12-16 21 casos de innovación papelera española y europea para la descarbonización del sector
2019-12-13 ASOBIOCOM se convierte en Supporting Partner de Pick&Pack 2020
2019-12-13 Smurfit Kappa and Wings for Aid develop disaster relief packaging
2019-12-13 Diez envases españoles, entre los mejores del mundo - MundoPlast
2019-12-13 United States Esters (Fatty, Phosphate, Acrylic, Cellulose, Allyl and Aromatic) Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report 2019-2025 -
2019-12-12 Sulapac and Quadpack partner on microplastic-free packaging
2019-12-12 PCI begins expansion of Tredegar facility in Wales, UK
2019-12-12 Process technology for chemical Recycling of plastic waste / Development program expanded / Commercial plant construction planned in 2020
2019-12-11 Nordson Corporation Reports Fiscal Year 2019 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results
2019-12-11 Stora Enso and Sulapac launch new biodegradable straw
2019-12-10 Global Polyethylene Packaging Market 2019-2023
2019-12-10 Nordson Corporation Declares First Quarter Dividend for Fiscal Year 2020
2019-12-10 The European Union votes to ban single-use plastics by 2021
2019-12-09 Colgate introduces recyclable toothpaste tube; shares technology with competitors
2019-12-09 Vodafone reduces size of SIM holder to reduce plastic use
2019-12-09 Can a Breakthrough Medical Device Reduce the Risk of Hospital-Associated Infections?
2019-12-09 El mercado mundial de bioplásticos crecerá más de un 15% en los próximos años
2019-12-05 Stora Enso to create new Packaging Materials division
2019-12-05 Global Polyester Straps Market 2019-2023
2019-12-04 New Way to turn Banana Pseudostem into Recyclable Food Packaging
2019-12-04 Kumru Kimya distributes PLA in Turkey
2019-12-03 Smurfit Kappa launches paper-based eco-friendly toys
2019-12-03 Tetra Pak claims a bioplastic first for food and beverage packaging
2019-12-03 Graphene nanotubes help breakthroughs in polymer industry
2019-12-03 Novolex brand Eco-Products introduces new compostable utensil line
2019-12-02 Global Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market 2020-2024
2019-12-02 UNSW Sydney researchers develop packaging from banana plantation waste
2019-11-29 The House of Extrusion® to present four rigid film extrusion lines
2019-11-27 Stora Enso enters strategic collaboration with HSMG
2019-11-26 Danimer Scientific & Genpak Co-develop Biodegradable Food Containers Using PHA
2019-11-26 Braskem Partners with Colgate-Palmolive to Develop Recyclable Toothpaste Packaging
2019-11-25 Gerresheimer, SQ Innovation developing micro pump for heart failure
2019-11-25 Stora Enso launches a new concept for constructing office buildings from wood - Bio-based News -
2019-11-25 Global Polymer Foams Market Study 2019 - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends & Forecasts (2018-2027) -
2019-11-22 Danimer Scientific and Genpak Partner to Launch New Line of Biodegradable Food Packaging - Bio-based News -
2019-11-22 Smurfit Kappa launches new corrugated range for beverage packs
2019-11-22 Global Polylactyic Acid Market Study 2019-2024
2019-11-21 Fish Waste-based Plastic for Single-use Packaging Receives James Dyson Award
2019-11-21 New Tubulanes-like 3D-printed Polymer Blocks for Extraordinary Strength
2019-11-21 Braskem partners with Colgate-Palmolive in initiative to drive the circular economy in the packaging segment - Bio-based News -
2019-11-20 Tetra Pak first to use fully traceable polymer sugarcane packaging
2019-11-20 Novartis invests in SiO2 to use material sciences for packaging tech
2019-11-20 El enfoque del consumidor en la conveniencia y la sostenibilidad no sólo está ejerciendo presión sobre los fabricantes de envases, sino también sobre los minoristas que almacenan el productoEn busca del envase sostenible
2019-11-20 European Social Innovation Competition 2019: â?¬200,000 across 4 social innovation projects
2019-11-20 AR Packaging to launch fibre-based cutlery in cooperation with Bionatic - Bio-based News -
2019-11-20 AR Packaging präsentiert faserbasiertes Besteck in Kooperation mit Bionatic - Bio-based News -
2019-11-20 BT2i and nova-Institute join forces to offer multi-client program for technology and market intelligence on “Greener Plastics” - Bio-based News -
2019-11-19 Global Polyhydroxyalkanoate Market 2019-2023
2019-11-19 Gerresheimer develops refillable plastic bottle for cosmetics customer
2019-11-19 Avantium opens branch office in Japan to reinforce high-value market for PEF - Bio-based News -
2019-11-19 Winners of the innovation award “Biocomposite of the Year 2019” show the amazing versatility of commercially available biocomposites - Bio-based News -
2019-11-15 University of Sussex student creates bioplastic from fish waste
2019-11-15 Radical Plastics awarded $ 500 K for a game changing solution to plastic pollution
2019-11-15 Avantium advances its plant-based MEG technology with the opening of its demonstration plant - Bio-based News -
2019-11-14 Bangor University to create biodegradable food packaging using stover
2019-11-14 Tubulane-Like Polymer Structures Stop Bullets Better than Solid Materials
2019-11-13 Genpak and Danimer Scientific partner for biodegradable containers
2019-11-13 Curtin-Devised Plastic Films to Benefit Food Industry and Environment
2019-11-11 First Mile launches wine corks and long-life carton recycling service
2019-11-11 Queensland Government proposes plan to ban single-use plastics
2019-11-07 Smurfit Kappa and Mitsubishi HiTec Paper to develop food packaging
2019-11-06 KFC Canada to test bamboo fibre poutine bucket
2019-11-06 Plastics group announces performance decline / Plant shutdowns impact results
2019-11-06 Plans for US pilot plant for PET recycling technology / Start-up due in late 2020
2019-11-06 Divisional results collapse dramatically / Polyurethanes suffer from falling price of MDI
2019-11-05 El Packaging Cluster coorganizará el Congreso Nacional de Packaging 4.0 en Pick & Pack
2019-11-05 Next to no organic growth in high-performance polymers / Acquisition of ArrMaz in the US boosts sales and earnings
2019-11-05 Core profit down 48% on provision to cover EU anti-trust probe into ethylene market / Masterbatches and Pigments business declines / Bernd Högemann joins executive committee
2019-11-05 MonoSol announces expansions to serve growing global customer base 
2019-11-04 October’s top five in plastics packaging were 80% sustainable
2019-11-04 ADBioplastics participa en un debate y en una conferencia sobre bioplásticos en Packaging Innovations 2019
2019-11-04 Films and flexible packaging made of wood cellulose / Prototypes in cooperation with Amerplast and Wipak
2019-11-04 Purchase of Lotte Chemical's UK PET plant / First acquisition outside the Americas
2019-11-04 Additives producer opens European central office in Rotterdam
2019-11-04 Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. Announces Upcoming Participation at Morgan Stanley Investor Conference
2019-11-04 NextChem awarded contract to build new bio-lubricants plant  
2019-11-03 Two women entrepreneurs launch ‘radical’ approach to plastics that can ‘change the world’
2019-11-01 Plastics business stable in Q3 vs Q2 / Q3 group profits and revenue down year on year
2019-11-01 UK manufacturing plant to be closed / Company shifts production to three plants in Germany
2019-11-01 Fiat looking to merge with Peugeot Citroën / Fourth largest car manufacturer in the world would be created
2019-11-01 Consumer goods group plans to save over 300,000 t of virgin plastics per year by 2030 / Up to 50% recyclate used in detergent bottles so far
2019-11-01 Creating A Green Solution For Bioplastics Logistics Security 
2019-10-31 Danimer Scientific and UrthPact to develop biodegradable straws
2019-10-31 Update on PP project in Police / PDH Polska rebranded as Polyolefins
2019-10-31 Additives manufacturer extends portfolio of stabilisers for recycling / Investments in the last years focused on Asia
2019-10-31 Former DuPont CEO Kullman sides with Chemours in PFOA liability dispute / DuPont pushes back
2019-10-31 Expansion of "Mater-Bi" plant in Patrica / Launch of compostable biopolymers / Joint development with Italy's Saes group
2019-10-31 Q3 profits plunge as disappointing demand depressed selling prices / Forecast for 2019 confirmed but narrowed ranges / Sales down 14.6%
2019-10-30 Brink Group is industry’s ‘best kept secret’
2019-10-30 Trade disputes and economic downturn put pressure on sales
2019-10-30 Borealis and Adnoc partners for India petrochemical project / USD 4 bn investment
2019-10-30 Launch of 100% rPET tray for food contact use / Formulated for thermoforming market
2019-10-30 Partnership with Remondis to develop chemical recycling process for plastic waste / Target capacity of above 200,000 t/y
2019-10-30 Plans to speed up expansion of biodegradable polymer / Food contact approvals granted in EU, USA and Japan
2019-10-29 La conferencia ?Circularidad para los Polímeros? tendrá lugar el 5 de noviembre en Berlín
2019-10-29 Norwegian group commits to making 40% of world's plastic packaging recyclable by 2030
2019-10-29 Increased use of rPET with recyclate from external sources / Company renamed ANL Packaging
2019-10-29 Packaging manufacturer reports excellent first half-year / Croatian site to be expanded on a large scale
2019-10-29 Danimer Scientific and UrthPact partner on manufacture new compostable straw 
2019-10-29 Doubling output of rPP for automotive / PS recycling in France
2019-10-29 Concept of first recyclable juice bottle presented / Wide-neck PET containers for hot filling also unveiled at "K 2019"
2019-10-28 Total Corbion seeking to give PLA recycling a boost
2019-10-28 Design of new products with recycled polyethylene content / Collaborations with several industry partners
2019-10-28 Hengyi and Rongsheng to jointly build 6m t/y PTA project in Eastern China
2019-10-28 Q3 revenue and net profit weaken on subdued demand / CEO sees broader masterbatch business as growth driver for sustainable solutions / No comment on alks with Clariant
2019-10-25 Chemical recycling of PET / Test run for industrial production
2019-10-25 Acquisition of German distributor and trader CHG Thermoplast completed
2019-10-25 Distribution of Lucite's PMMA portfolio in Iberia / Sales region for Covestro's PC expanded
2019-10-25 Chemical recycling of PA and PET / Same properties as virgin material plus suitability for food-contact applications
2019-10-25 Distribution group surpasses the EUR 100m sales mark / New warehouse in Morocco / Portfolio extended Sabic products
2019-10-25 EBIT before special items down 24% in Q3 as sales ease off 2% / Contribution of plastics businesses ?significantly lower? amid pricing problems / Outlook for full year subdued
2019-10-24 La división Coexpan cuenta con cinco plantas de producción especializadas en la extrusión de láminas de plástico a base de PET y rPET en todo el mundoCoexpan lanza Corepet, sus primeras láminas 100% r-PET para contacto alimentario
2019-10-24 New distribution partners in Europe / Styrenic copolymers and PC blends for Iberia and France
2019-10-23 Aptar Activ-Blister packaging solution obtains FDA approval
2019-10-23 Kaneka Presents Biodegradable Polymer Technology for Food Contact at K 2019
2019-10-23 Braskem expands I'm green product portfolio through new circular economy solutions  
2019-10-23 Global Reusable Icepacks Market 2020-2024
2019-10-22 Transcend acquires Leeds-based BioStraw
2019-10-22 Hi-Cone halves new plastics use with RingCycles packaging solution
2019-10-22 ADM, LG Chem develop project on superabsorbent polymers  
2019-10-22 Celanese Bio-based Materials and Recycled Offerings Deliver Value to Businesses and Consumers
2019-10-22 Nordson EFD Introduces New 797PCP Progressive Cavity Pump Systems for Continuous Volumetric Dispensing
2019-10-21 AB Group Packaging introduces 100% sustainable reusable paper bag
2019-10-21 Novamont announces expanded production Mater-Bi to 150,000 Tonnes  
2019-10-21 @KronesAG Diseà±o sostenible para envases
2019-10-21 New PA and PBT compounding plant starts up in India / Plans to add PPS
2019-10-21 Expansion of injection moulding plant in Portugal complete
2019-10-21 Sale of UK bag-in-box business to win approval for DS Smith purchase
2019-10-21 New catalysis-based chemical recycling scheme / Pilot plant at Ferrara / First samples of Samsonite suitcases made with recycled plastics at ?K 2019?
2019-10-21 Expansion of ?STOP? initiative against marine litter with Borouge and Nova / New partnership with AEPW / Bio-propane from Neste / Pellets with a high recyclate content and mono-materials added to portfolio
2019-10-18 At K 2019: Coperion and Sirmax celebrate their business relationship 
2019-10-17 Sirmax Relies on Coperion ZSK Technology for Bioplastics
2019-10-16 Kaneka Highlights Biodegradable Polymers and Foam at K 2019
2019-10-15 Carolina Biological Supply Company Minimizes Environmental Footprint by Reducing Plastic Use and Designing Reusable Kits
2019-10-14 McLaren invests in sustainable energy site
2019-10-11 Global Rigid Plastic Packaging Market 2019-2023
2019-10-11 Recyk, Meplas to open medical waste recycling plant in UK
2019-10-10 Novamont recognised with Innovation Award by PIA Bioplastics Division 
2019-10-10 Everything is awful: Greenpeace comes to the realization that no alternative materials to plastics are eco-friendly
2019-10-10 Trinseo to Present Sustainable Plastic Solutions and more at K 2019
2019-10-09 SECOS Launches Home Compostable Resin, An Alternative Compostable Replacement
2019-10-09 Versatility drives stunning growth of BOPET films
2019-10-09 SECOS launches new certified home compostable resin 
2019-10-09 Potential closure of acrylonitrile plant in UK
2019-10-09 Management team expanded in tandem with international growth / Production increase in Scotland planned
2019-10-09 Italy's Stevanato Group licenses pen-injector technology for diabetes care
2019-10-09 FKuR to Display Bioplastic-based Reusable Cup Developed by Dom at K 2019
2019-10-08 Biodegradable whisky pods cause ‘a bit of a stir’  
2019-10-08 En la edición de 2019 se han premiado 29 trabajos de envase, embalaje y PLVFallados los Liderpack más sostenibles
2019-10-08 German distributor plans to market more propylene
2019-10-08 Teijin subsidiary starts construction of new US plant / EUR 64m investment
2019-10-08 Proposed acquisition of UK's Low & Bonar / Expansion of expertise in nonwovens
2019-10-08 Construction work begins at Marl cumene project
2019-10-08 Talks with PolyOne on sale of masterbatch business said to be well-advanced
2019-10-08 German consumer goods producer announces job cuts / Relocation of production processes to Poland
2019-10-07 What’s new in packaging at K 2019
2019-10-07 Nova ordered by Canadian court to pay nearly EUR 1 bn in Joffre cracker dispute
2019-10-07 Investment in maleic and phthalic anhydride intermediates in Americas / New reactor in Italy planned
2019-10-06 Speaking of sustainability, what have Coke and Pepsi been up to lately?
2019-10-04 Greenpeace USA says plastics solutions from multinationals unsustainable
2019-10-04 Distribution of PBT from Sipchem in the Benelux region and Germany
2019-10-04 Expansion of thermoplastics composites capacity in US / Strong growth in aerospace sector
2019-10-04 Expansion of neopentyl glycol in Germany / Intermediate product for plasticisers and polyester resins
2019-10-03 Ya se conocen los ganadores de los premios Liderpack 2019
2019-10-03 US group expands PVC masterbatch capacity in the Netherlands
2019-10-03 Acquisition of India's Monachem Additives / Velox merged with IMCD Deutschland
2019-10-03 Foundation stone laid for EUR 1.2 bn polyol complex in Hungary / Start-up expected in 2021
2019-10-03 Sirmax moving into bioplastics 
2019-10-03 Researchers Develop Composite Using Coffee Waste for Cost-effective 3D Printing
2019-10-02 PepsiCo Announces New Target to Reduce Plastic Content in Beverage Packaging
2019-10-02 Kiefel Packaging to show future proof performance tool at K2019
2019-10-02 Spanish company takes over Germany's Louvrette / Expansion of cosmetic packaging capacity
2019-10-02 Partnership with UPM Biofuels to produce bio-based PE / Plans to scale production at Terneuzen plant
2019-10-02 FKuR welcomes visitors for a sustainable coffee break at K2019 
2019-10-01 Collaboration on recyclable polyethylene packaging for ?Finish? detergents successfully piloted for retail
2019-10-01 Polyamide and PBT compounding plant starts up in China
2019-10-01 Groundbreaking at PET and HDPE recycling plant in Hong Kong
2019-10-01 Construction permit for chlor-alkali project in southern China / PVC production start up in 2021
2019-10-01 A fish story: waste offcuts turn into bioplastic 
2019-09-30 Acquisition of Russian packaging manufacturer TT-print completed
2019-09-30 Expansion of PTFE and precursor production in US
2019-09-30 Expansion of polypropylene compounding in Germany / World's largest PP compounding site
2019-09-30 Huhtamaki acquires packaging firm Everest Flexibles
2019-09-30 Ahlstrom-Munksjö and Seoil to introduce U-shaped drinking straws
2019-09-27 Dow and UPM partner to produce plastics made with renewable feedstock 
2019-09-27 Israel's compostable packaging producer raises USD 25m
2019-09-27 Ultrafiltration membrane business divested to DuPont / Technology for drinking and wastewater treatment
2019-09-26 Dow and UPM Co-develop Renewable Naphtha-based Plastic Packaging
2019-09-25 K 2019 news: Palsgaard’s biobased additives offer safety, sustainability and superior performance 
2019-09-25 Belgian PVC compounder acquires UK's Dugdale
2019-09-24 Color, care, clarity keywords at K 2019 for Milliken
2019-09-24 Sale of cosmetics packaging department to Quadpack / Third plant in Germany currently under construction
2019-09-24 Construction of PA 12 complex begins in Germany
2019-09-24 Contract signed with wind energy specialist Vestas for structural foams
2019-09-23 Coperion helps Benin firm convert to bio-based film
2019-09-23 UK authorities review Kohlberg's merger of three plants with subsidiary
2019-09-23 JV for recycling starts up in Kosovo / First batches of rLDPE and rLLDPE produced
2019-09-23 Distribution of polyamide barrier resins from DuPont in EMEA and Brazil
2019-09-23 Additional C2 capacity in South Korea now in operation / More downstream polyolefins to follow
2019-09-23 Two-year project to upgrade Fife ethylene plant / Plans include reducing the impact of flaring
2019-09-20 K2019: Husky to present Plastic Packaging for Every Market Needs
2019-09-20 Eastman unveils vision for sustainable future at Luxe Pack Monaco
2019-09-20 Acquisition of French PVC recycler Ereplast
2019-09-20 Divestment of European production of polycarbonate sheets to Germany's Serafin
2019-09-20 Two new production lines for composite material start operations / Lanxess subsidiary widens capacity by 50%
2019-09-20 German film manufacturer expands distribution to Northern Europe / Filmolux Scandinavia founded
2019-09-19 Synthos buys XPS insulation panel line from Italian supplier
2019-09-19 Novamont wins 2019 Innovation in Bioplastics award
2019-09-19 Almost 1,700 jobs to be cut worldwide in efficiency drive / Major changes to production in Hungary
2019-09-19 Opening of PU systems house in Dubai / Base for expansion into Middle East and North Africa
2019-09-19 New Biomass-derived PC Composite to Replace BPA-based Polycarbonates
2019-09-18 New Nettle Fiber-based Biodegradable Composite for Packaging Applications
2019-09-18 H1 revenue and consumer sales rise / Business in China sees double-digit growth
2019-09-18 WinCup introduces biodegradable line of straws and stirrers
2019-09-17 FachPack 2019: FKuRâ??s New Terralene® rPP Range for Bioplastic Packaging & More
2019-09-17 California legislature rejects bills to phase out single-use plastics, for now
2019-09-17 Stora Enso and Fiskeby announce success in paper cup recycling trial
2019-09-17 Polyolefins producer sets out expansion in China / MoU with Liaoning Bora for cracker complex JV
2019-09-17 Plans progress with PTT to build rPET and rHDPE plant in Thailand / JV Envicco established
2019-09-17 K 2019: FKuR to Launch Biobased Compounds for Growing Applications
2019-09-17 ADBioplastics presentará la ?botella dulce? en #Ftalks19
2019-09-16 Bio-based thermoplastics applications including packaging, consumer products, sporting goods and technical parts at K 2019
2019-09-16 Ethane cracker in Louisiana just ahead of commissioning
2019-09-16 Opening of 75,000 t/y bioplastics plant in Thailand / Fully integrated production chain from sugar to PLA
2019-09-16 UK graphene specialist gets European Space Agency funding / Project on non-metallic fuel tanks
2019-09-13 Nestlé opens new packaging research institute in Switzerland
2019-09-13 Spanish injection moulder sets up plant in Mexico
2019-09-13 Construction of ethane cracker in Shaanxi province begins / Downstream PE totalling 800,000 t/y
2019-09-13 Carbon fibre capacity expansion plans to 2028 / Hydrogen cars a major growth driver
2019-09-12 Adventures in paddle-boarding: 'Hudson Project' documentary draws attention to plastics pollution
2019-09-12 Groundbreaking for 750,000 t/y propylene facility in Belgium
2019-09-12 Partnerships with PureCycle Technologies and Loop e-commerce platform / Deal with Nippon Closures for tethered bottle caps / H1 sales up 5% on strong pharma demand
2019-09-11 Israeli compostable packaging firm Tipa raises $25m
2019-09-11 Pharmco expands Brookfield packaging facility in US
2019-09-11 Certified biodegradable PE film for tomato growers
2019-09-11 Investment in Chinese 3D printing start-up / Medical implants made of PEEK
2019-09-11 Polish group to get extrusion equipment from Italy's Union / XPS insulation panels with recycled resin
2019-09-11 Illig celebra su 18ª jornada de puertas abiertas 2019 y anuncia sus novedades para la KIllig, compromiso con la sostenibilidad en su jornada de puertas abiertas y la K 2019
2019-09-10 ?Trosifol? PVB films rebranded ?Mowital?
2019-09-10 Italian compounder expands commitment to biocompounds / Takeover of Microtec
2019-09-10 Acquisition of Vincap & Adolfse / Food and pharma applications augment range
2019-09-09 New wood-based polypropylene film material unveiled
2019-09-09 Benvic continues expansion, enters recycling compounding industry 
2019-09-09 Bioplásticos para packaging de FKuR, en la FachPack 2019
2019-09-09 Compounder opens technical centre in France
2019-09-09 TPE compounder expands capacities / New plant to focus on customers in Europe and Asia
2019-09-09 Bpi protec studies consumer understanding / Poll highlights need for improvements in labelling, education and infrastructure
2019-09-06 World Centric adds paper cold cups to NoTree collection
2019-09-06 K Special: Bioplastics could help improve industry image
2019-09-06 Pet food packaging facilities in France and Germany upgraded
2019-09-06 Turnover for H1 2019 down on 2018 / Heavy falls in June / Technical components still a big worry / Industrial packaging, building products and consumer goods also on the decline
2019-09-06 "Thermoplast M" range complies with new rules for medical-grade plastics
2019-09-06 Recycling capacity with German site planned / Focus on processing WEEE from Germany and Europe
2019-09-06 Mood in fibre-composite industry is clouding over / Automotive sector putting a brake on growth
2019-09-06 Propylene: Borealis declares force majeure in Kallo / FM is also now in effect on PP in Burghausen / Restart for OMV's cracker
2019-09-06 Chemicals | Monthly bulletin | September 2019
2019-09-05 Cotton swabs made of plastic to be replaced in Germany / Plastic packaging in UK to be reduced / Cooperation with Plastic Bank in the Philippines
2019-09-05 New York City Official Enforced Styrofoam Ban Starting July 1, 2019
2019-09-05 UK drinks group rolls out bottles made from recycled and bioplastics
2019-09-05 Expansion of BOPP film metallisation in Poland
2019-09-05 Sale of composites business and German BDO plant to Ineos completed
2019-09-05 Polymers from chemically recycled waste / Dutch firm Fuenix Ecogy provides technology
2019-09-05 Breaking news: Plastic is the future
2019-09-05 In the future, we will use more plastics – and why this is good news - Bio-based News -
2019-09-05 Ver más artículos sobre: Todas las novedades de la K 2019BMB presenta cuatro islas de trabajo. Tres expuestas en su stand 13/A33 y otra expuesta en el stand de la firma Enelkon, 12/A36, experto en la implementación de automatizaciones IML de alto rendimientoBMB lleva su eslogan 'technology First' a la K 2019
2019-09-04 UPM Raflatac responds to the growing need for renewable packaging materials by unveiling industry’s first wood-based film material - Bio-based News -
2019-09-04 Extension of additive range for virgin and recycled polyamide / Launch of products at "K 2019"
2019-09-04 World's leading plastics trade fair open its doors soon / Industry looks to Düsseldorf with anticipation / Sustainability and recycling to be dominant topics / KI Group more active than ever
2019-09-03 BillerudKorsnäs introduces Xpression E-Com paper for online market
2019-09-03 Edible seaweed-based packaging gets boost from Innovate UK - Bio-based News -
2019-09-03 Growing application areas for biocomposites - Bio-based News -
2019-09-03 CEO Roel Zeevat leaves packaging group / Anthonie Zoomers heads company in the interim
2019-09-03 Polypropylene: Production stopped by Borealis in Burghausen / New orders not taken for time being
2019-09-02 EU imposes tariffs on PET manufactured in India
2019-09-02 Consumption drops across public sector in Wales / Wrap to issue procurement guidance
2019-09-02 Beyond food: the role of animals in the bioeconomy - Bio-based News -
2019-08-30 Sulapac: the startup making biodegradable, plastic-free beauty packaging a reality - Bio-based News -
2019-08-30 Glitter that won’t hurt the environment - Bio-based News -
2019-08-30 Polyethylene imports skyrocket in first half of 2019 / Much less cargo from US amid trade war
2019-08-30 New fibre-reinforced ASA grade / Suitable for metal-plastic combinations and structural outdoor uses
2019-08-30 Head of German subsidiary departs / Nick Lemmens named managing director of Benelux branch
2019-08-29 Sustainable Compounding: Blown film manufacturer from Benin switches to biodegradable products with help from Coperion - Bio-based News -
2019-08-29 US sees second-quarter sales recovering slightly
2019-08-29 Siegfried Köhler switches to Sumitomo, Valentina Faloci succeeds him at Wittmann Battenfeld
2019-08-29 Presence in run-off could threaten drinking water / Cautious WHO report says more data needed / Monomers leached into environment during polymerisation not primary concern
2019-08-29 University of Minnesota receives $20M grant for sustainable plastics research - Bio-based News -
2019-08-28 AMR says global bioplastics market will reach $68.57 billion by 2024 - Bio-based News -
2019-08-28 Emerging Trends, Drivers and Challenges in the Recycled Plastics Market 2019 - 2023 | Technavio
2019-08-28 Poligal purchases second BOBST Metallizer
2019-08-27 Terphane Selected as One of the Best Companies to Work For in Brazil for 2019 by Great Place to Work
2019-08-27 Ahead of K 2019, Clariant Reveals the Theme â??Symphony of Collaborationâ?? to Tackle Plastics Waste Challenge
2019-08-27 Karl-Heinz Bußbach sees a future for bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2019-08-26 Green Cell Foam Meets Safe and Reliable Packaging Needs - Bio-based News -
2019-08-26 Werner & Mertz - Used plastic: Genuine only with RAL Quality Mark!
2019-08-26 Coloring the "Circular Economy" - Bio-based News -
2019-08-23 Reduce, Recycle, Replace: SÜDPACK takes 3-pronged approach to sustainability - Bio-based News -
2019-08-23 Plastic waste: Think globally, act locally
2019-08-23 Indian Railways to enforce ban on single-use plastics
2019-08-22 The yin and yang of plastics taxes
2019-08-22 Tell the truth, now: Do companies really want to be green?
2019-08-21 Strong growth for global market to 2027 / Preference for plastic increases / TM Research report
2019-08-21 Hasbro to eliminate plastic packaging from new products by 2020
2019-08-21 Labeling a smarter future 
2019-08-20 Avantium releases first half 2019 results 
2019-08-18 Thailand promotes promise as bioplastics base
2019-08-15 Edible seaweed-based packaging gets boost from Innovate UK 
2019-08-15 Bayer provides produce growers with holistic approach to field challenges during first ever Agriculture and Innovation Showcase
2019-08-12 Sky supporting 10 UK companies to reduce ocean plastics
2019-08-12 Glitter that won’t hurt the environment 
2019-08-09 Sky Ocean Ventures and Innovate UK set up fund to tackle ocean plastic 
2019-08-08 AMR says global bioplastics market will reach $68.57 billion by 2024 
2019-08-07 Global Flexible Plastic Packaging Market 2019-2023 | Emergence of Recyclable Flexible Plastic Packaging to Boost Growth | Technavio
2019-08-07 Nordson MARCH to Present Paper on Plasma Applications for Wafer-Level Packaging at ICEPT
2019-08-02 Coloring the “Circular Economy”  
2019-08-01 UK to lead global innovation in sustainable plastics in drive to net zero - Bio-based News -
2019-08-01 Partnership during K-2019: Braskem, Kautex Maschinenbau and Erema will demonstrate a closed plastic loop - Bio-based News -
2019-07-31 PACCOR adquiere EDV Packaging Solutions
2019-07-24 Arburg en la K 2019: dos perspectivas del mismo mundo
2019-07-23 DWK Life Sciences Introduces Ready-to-Use High-Recovery Workflow Solution Designed for Containment of High-Value Biological Products
2019-07-23 Huhtamaki announces launch of its new compostable double wall cups
2019-07-23 Global $15.12 Billion Industrial Wax Market Outlook to 2026 -
2019-07-23 Karl-Heinz Bußbach sees a future for bioplastics 
2019-07-19 Huhtamaki launches compostable Impresso double-walled hot cup
2019-07-19 Huhtamaki launches new compostable double wall cup 
2019-07-18 Genera to open sustainable packaging facility in Tennessee, US
2019-07-18 Global Biodegradable Plastics Market Forecasts Through 2019-2027 - Availability of Cost-effective Bio-based Raw Materials Spurs Opportunities -
2019-07-18 Patrick Zimmermann joins management team FKuR Kunststoff  
2019-07-17 K 2019 plans a show of sustainability
2019-07-17 Spanish compounder plans to expand / Compostable resins for single-use applications
2019-07-17 Milacron to Present Latest, Cutting-Edge Technologies at K 2019
2019-07-16 BillerudKorsnäs and Paper Straw develop 180° U-Bend straw
2019-07-16 Trex offers free recyclability testing of polyethylene packaging
2019-07-16 BASF says ecovio contributes to closing the nutrient cycle towards a Circular Economy 
2019-07-15 ScottsMiracle-Gro® and ProAmpac Win 2019 AmeriStar Award
2019-07-15 ScottsMiracle-Gro® and ProAmpac Win 2019 AmeriStar Award
2019-07-15 IMCD and Lactips enter into distribution agreement - Bio-based News -
2019-07-15 Distributor of Lactips' bio-based resins for France and the Nordic region
2019-07-15 Top 5 Vendors in the Global Bicomponent Fiber Market 2019-2023 | Technavio
2019-07-14 Sustainable plastics: How far and how fast can we go?
2019-07-13 Increased usage in automotive to drive global demand of polymer nanocomposites to US$31 bln by 2025
2019-07-12 Global Bioplastics Packaging Market Outlook to 2024: Increased Usage of Green Products, Sustainability, and Inclination for Environment Protection -
2019-07-12 Top 5 Vendors in the Global Polyurethane Foam Market 2019-2023 | Technavio
2019-07-11 Biodegradable plastics trend could sabotage beverage companies’ efforts to use more recycled content
2019-07-11 Sustainable Compounding: Blown film manufacturer switches to biodegradable products with help from Coperion
2019-07-11 Benin blown film manufacturer chooses Coperion equipment to produce biodegradable film 
2019-07-10 Clariant Masterbatches initiative seeks to help make plastics packaging more sustainable
2019-07-10 DOMO Film Solutions committed to the sustainable future of nylon, to investigate biobased solutions 
2019-07-10 Anellotech’s New Biomass Pre-Treatment Technology to Remove Minerals Successfully Demonstrated at 20 Metric Tons/Day Scale - Bio-based News -
2019-07-09 IMCD and Lactips enter into distribution agreement 
2019-07-09 Saudi Arabia PE Pipes Market Forecast: The Market Reached a Volume of 164,687 Tons by 2018 -
2019-07-09 Global Cellulose Acetate Market Outlook 2019-2023 with Celanese Corp, Daicel Corp, Eastman Chemical Co, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp, and Rayonier Advanced Materials Dominating the Competition -
2019-07-08 Clariant multiplies efforts to make plastic packaging more sustainable
2019-07-08 CH-Bioforce revolutionizes biomaterials production - Bio-based News -
2019-07-08 What’s new in PHA bioplastics: An update with Cambridge Associates
2019-07-08 What’s new in PHA bioplastics: An update with Cambridge Consultants
2019-07-08 Global Analysis on Dioctyl Terephthalate & Emerging Alternatives, 2019 -
2019-07-08 Lygos Announces Bio-DEM™ Product Qualified at Metric Ton Scale for Sirrus’ Chemilian™ and Forza™ Product Lines
2019-07-08 $1.8 Bn Biofertilizer Market - Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2019-2024 -
2019-07-05 Hansen launches compostable jars in bid to cut plastic packaging
2019-07-05 Top 5 Vendors in the Global Styrene Butadiene (SB) Latex Market 2019-2023 | Technavio
2019-07-05 Castor Oil Market Projections to 2024 - Leading Players are Adani Wilmar, Jayant Agro, Gokul Overseas, and Kandla Agro & Chemicals -
2019-07-04 ALPLA and GC plan to build plastic recycling plant in Thailand
2019-07-04 $119.4 Million Muconic Acid Market to 2024 - Carpets & Textiles Currently Represent the Biggest Application -
2019-07-03 Jabil Packaging Solutions launches Sustainable Packaging Services to accelerate innovation
2019-07-03 New feedstock source helps companies minimize their carbon footprint
2019-07-02 UK festival plastic bottle deposit return scheme trial set to launch
2019-07-02 CH-Bioforce revolutionizes biomaterials production 
2019-07-02 Ahead of K 2019, Clariant reveals the theme ‘Symphony of Collaboration’ to tackle plastics waste challenge - Bio-based News -
2019-07-02 Launch of revised commercialisation strategy for "YXY" process / Site decision due H2 2019 / EUR 1.3m grant from EU
2019-07-02 Global Cellulose Acetate Market 2019-2023 | Product Development of Acetate Filter Tow to Boost Growth | Technavio

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