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Date Title
2020-10-16 Flexible Plastic Packaging Market 2020 - 2024: Post-Pandemic Industry Planning Structure
2020-10-15 Conagra adds new products to plant-based fiber packaging products - Bio-based News -
2020-10-15 Poland Spring Joins Forces with the University of Maine to Explore Bio-Based Materials for Packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-10-15 Axens, IFPEN and JEPLAN join their forces to demonstrate and commercialize an innovative process for the recycling of all types of waste PET - Bio-based News -
2020-10-15 Cargill and Virent collaborate to study Virent’s BioForming® technology to produce biobased fuels and chemicals - Bio-based News -
2020-10-14 Braskem advances in research into chemical recycling of plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-10-12 W-Cycle replaces plastic packaging with food waste - Bio-based News -
2020-10-12 Schaufenster Bioökonomie: Bio-Kunststoffe machen Verpackungen nachhaltiger - Bio-based News -
2020-10-09 Danimer Scientific to Become Public Company, Signs Agreement with Live Oak
2020-10-08 Post-consumer Recycled Plastics Market by Polymer Type, Service, Processing Type, End-use Application, and Region - Global Forecast to 2025 -
2020-10-08 Carbios Acquires Limagrain Ingredients’ Entire Stake in the Capital of Carbiolice
2020-10-07 Energy Transition: Total Is Investing More Than €500 Million To Convert Its Grandpuits Refinery Into a Zero-Crude Platform for Biofuels and Bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-10-07 Unilever accredits its collaboration with Evonik as one key pillar of its “Clean Future” initiative - Bio-based News -
2020-10-06 Total Corbion PLA to invest in the first world-scale PLA-plant in Europe
2020-10-06 Total Corbion PLA announces the first world-scale PLA plant in Europe - Bio-based News -
2020-10-06 BSI Introduces New Standard for Measuring Biodegradability of Polyolefins
2020-10-05 Bioplastics firm Danimer merging with publicly traded Live Oak
2020-10-02 Poland Spring, University of Maine forage for bio-based alternatives
2020-10-01 Packaging Technology Group (PTG) Completes Its Line of Thermally Pre-Qualified 2-8°C Shipping Solutions for Vaccines and Biologics
2020-09-30 Chemicals in bioplastics not safer than those in conventional plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-09-30 Laundry bags for sanitary prevention: how Lactips’ efficient solution fights COVID-19 - Bio-based News -
2020-09-29 thyssenkrupp to build second bioplastics plant in China - Bio-based News -
2020-09-29 Final issue of ECHA Newsletter published
2020-09-28 Vegan leather for sustainable fashion - Bio-based News -
2020-09-24 Collaboration Between DuPont™ Sorona® and Sateri’s EcoCosy® Results in Innovative Fabrics for Fashion and Athleisure - Bio-based News -
2020-09-24 The World Bioeconomy Forum - Bio-based News -
2020-09-23 Maxwell House Launches New Zero Waste Single-Serve Coffee Pods - Bio-based News -
2020-09-22 Galatea Biotech is launching a revolutionary crowdfunding in the bioplastics sector - Bio-based News -
2020-09-22 European Bioplastics criticises biased interpretation of EEA study on biodegradable and compostable plastics: - Bio-based News -
2020-09-21 This 100% biodegradable packaging material is made from brewers’ spent grain! - Bio-based News -
2020-09-21 Footprint Named to Fortune's 2020 Change the World List
2020-09-21 Thermo Fisher Scientific expands laboratory plastics production
2020-09-21 La tercera edición de okPlast, el Foro de Plásticos y Legislación de Aimplas, presentará los días 6 y 7 de octubre las novedades y tendencias en legislación de materiales plásticos y cómo implementarlas en la empresa.Aimplas consolida su Foro de Plásticos y Legislación okPlast con una innovadora tercera edición en la que el asistente podrá elegir formato
2020-09-21 COVID-19 Recovery Analysis: Polyhydroxyalkanoate Market
2020-09-18 Novedades en la USP para envases farmacéuticos. Nueva prórroga 
2020-09-18 Bio-Fed subsidiary studies film with bio-based carbon content of over 60% for fruit and vegetable bags
2020-09-18 The Start-Up Carbiolice reveals its purpose and launches its revolutionary solution that makes the plastic disappear into the compostin less than 200 days! - Bio-based News -
2020-09-17 DuPont Announces New Brand Name for Its Silicone Healthcare Solutions
2020-09-16 EU microplastics ban set to make a growing problem worse - Bio-based News -
2020-09-15 All green products start with a #Greensource - Bio-based News -
2020-09-15 Stora Enso: Pilotanlage für biobasierten Schaumstoff in Planung - Bio-based News -
2020-09-14 Essential Requirements for Packaging should consider benefits of bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-09-14 Global Foodservices Disposable Market - Post Pandemic Recovery Plan, Strategies and Processes
2020-09-11 Volta Trucks Unveils e-vehicle with Natural Flax Material-based Exterior Body
2020-09-10 Toyochem Launches New Biodegradable Polyurethane Adhesive - Bio-based News -
2020-09-10 Plastics Industry Association Announces Registration for NPE2021
2020-09-09 Stora Enso to build a pilot plant for bio-based packaging foam - Bio-based News -
2020-09-09 Cleaning our Homes while Cleaning the Sky CarbonSmart™ Products hit the Stores in Switzerland! - Bio-based News -
2020-09-09 Biodegradable Polymers Market with Highlights on the Impact of COVID-19 (2020-2024)
2020-09-09 HEXPOL TPE Expands Range of Biobased Thermoplastic Elastomers - Bio-based News -
2020-09-08 Bloom Biorenewables secures 2.9M€ fundraising to prove biomass valorization at pilot scale and signs partnership agreement with Yokogawa - Bio-based News -
2020-09-07 Unilever to eliminate fossil fuels in cleaning products by 2030 - Bio-based News -
2020-09-03 Sulapac’s Nordic Collection: biodegradable and compostable cosmetics packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-09-03 Innovadores materiales plásticos, aditivos naturales y nuevas tecnologías de riego mejorarán el rendimiento de los invernaderos de la zona Mediterránea hasta en un 15%
2020-09-01 DWK Life Sciences Increases Glass Vial Production Capacity to Meet Increased Market Demand
2020-09-01 Biome Technologies plc’s bioplastics division receives order for compostable bioplastic for coffee pods - Bio-based News -
2020-09-01 Unilever to Eliminate Fossil Fuels in Cleaning Products by 2030 as Part of €1 Billion Clean Future Investment
2020-09-01 La optimización del rendimiento de los invernaderos en el Mediterráneo mediante la sinergia de diversas tecnologías reducirá los costes de producción hasta en un 15%Innovadores materiales plásticos, aditivos naturales y nuevas tecnologías de riego mejorarán el rendimiento de los invernaderos de la zona Mediterránea hasta en un 15%
2020-08-26 DS Smith to target hard-to-recycle plastic packaging reduction with Hydropol - Bio-based News -
2020-08-25 Analysis on Impact of COVID-19- Global Cell Culture Protein Surface Coating Market 2020-2024
2020-08-20 Global $1.5 Bn Biodegradable Films Market by Type, Application and Region - Forecast to 2025 -
2020-08-20 An Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Market Client Gains Significant Market Share
2020-08-20 Danimer Scientific and WinCup Named Winners of the 2020 Innovation in Bioplastics Award
2020-08-19 Towards a future with bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-08-19 Nordson Corporation Reports Fiscal Year 2020 Third Quarter Results
2020-08-14 Bimbosan® and ProAmpac Announce ProActive Renewable Bio-Based Packaging for Baby Nutrition
2020-08-13 "New markets are actually old markets" - Bio-based News -
2020-08-13 Mondi Syktyvkar commissions a new crude tall oil plant - Bio-based News -
2020-08-13 Ionic Liquid Bursts Open Wood Fibres In Minutes - Bio-based News -
2020-08-11 BIOnTop obtains promising results in the development of new recyclable and compostable packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-08-11 Michelman Announces Growing Portfolio of Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) Certified Compostable Coatings
2020-08-10 The Global Market for Phase Change Materials 2020 -
2020-08-10 Dairy waste is being turned into bioplastics and plant food - Bio-based News -
2020-08-07 Investment firm ploughs EUR 14m into company developing biodegradation technology / Successful tests on plastic packaging
2020-08-07 What the oil crash means for bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-08-07 14 MSEK to produce forest based materials that will replace fossil-based plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-08-05 Breakthrough packaging partnership puts women in rural Africa at the forefront of materials innovation - Bio-based News -
2020-08-04 Mondi supports youth start-up that turns food waste into compostable plastic - Bio-based News -
2020-08-04 Survey collecting evidence about the use of and knowledge about renewable carbon in products/materials - Bio-based News -
2020-08-03 Kimberly-Clark Joins WWF’s Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance - Bio-based News -
2020-08-03 Terphane Barrier Films Improve Shelf Life
2020-07-31 AIMPLAS’ Project to Develop Recyclable Packaging Shows Promising Results
2020-07-31 Bio-based industries are key to the EU’s green recovery, says BIC's position paper - Bio-based News -
2020-07-31 CPI Receives Million Dollar Grant to Establish Center for Plastic Upcycling
2020-07-30 Partnership with US nanotechnology specialist Titan Bioplastics to boost uptake of recycled plastics in Europe
2020-07-28 BIOnTop logra resultados prometedores en el desarrollo de envases reciclables y compostables
2020-07-28 Los nuevos materiales desarrollados permitirán obtener nuevos envases reciclables, compostables y reutilizablesEl proyecto europeo BIOnTop obtiene resultados prometedores en el desarrollo de nuevos envases reciclables y compostables
2020-07-27 Cortec's BioPad earns USDA certification - Bio-based News -
2020-07-24 Barrier-coated paperboard – the alternative to plastic for smart packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-07-24 Global Tube Packaging Market to 2026 - Featuring Alba Services, Amcor & CCL Industries Among Others -
2020-07-24 Compostable moisture absorption pads keep food fresh - Bio-based News -
2020-07-24 Global E-commerce Plastic Packaging Market (2020 to 2025) - Growth, Trends, and Forecasts -
2020-07-24 El proyecto europeo BIOnTop obtiene resultados prometedores en el desarrollo de nuevos envases reciclables y compostables
2020-07-23 Polyplastics’ Copolymer for Medical Vials Gains Popularity Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-07-23 Conclusions of a study on compostable plastics and microplastics unsupported by data - Bio-based News -
2020-07-22 Clariant’s bio-based additives for biopolymers awarded OK compost INDUSTRIAL & OK biodegradable SOIL certification - Bio-based News -
2020-07-22 Using Existing Injection Blow Moulding Machinery For Bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-07-22 Anellotech Secures Funds to Develop Innovative Plas-TCat™ Plastics Recycling Technology from R Plus Japan, a New Joint Venture Company launched by 12 Cross-Industry Partners within the Japanese Plastic Supply Chain - Bio-based News -
2020-07-21 Pledge to use 100% recycled or bio-based plastics / Group consumed 140,000 t of polymers in 2018
2020-07-21 PolyOne Sustainability Portfolio in Europe Expanded to Support Circular Economy - Bio-based News -
2020-07-21 Home Compostable and Soil Degradable Compound for Injection Moulding Applications - Bio-based News -
2020-07-21 Se trata de empresas que dan empleo a más de 6.000 personasMás de 760 empresas del sector de los materiales avanzados suman una facturación de 2.660 M? en Catalunya
2020-07-21 La tercera edición del Foro de Plásticos y Legislación okPlast de Aimplas permitirá elegir formato
2020-07-20 Removal of single-use plastic packaging in 50 warehouses in India / Expansion of "Packaging-Free Shipping" initiative to 100+ cities
2020-07-20 La tercera edición de okPlast presentará los días 6 y 7 de octubre las novedades y tendencias en legislación de materiales plásticos y cómo implementarlas en la empresa.Aimplas consolida su Foro de Plásticos y Legislación okPlast con una edición en la que el asistente podrá elegir formato
2020-07-20 3ª edición de okPlast, el Foro de Plásticos y Legislación de AIMPLAS -
2020-07-17 Praj and Lygos to Co-develop Advanced Lactic Acid Yeast Technology for Bio-based Products - Bio-based News -
2020-07-16 Unilever sets out new actions to fight climate change, and protect and regenerate nature, to preserve resources for future generations - Bio-based News -
2020-07-15 Mondi Supports Genecis Bioindustries to Develop Compostable Plastic from Food Waste
2020-07-15 Acquisition of JiHÃ¥ Plast / Deal expands Scanfill's PET and PS films portfolio
2020-07-14 Global Bio-plastic Market (2019 to 2024) - Technology Landscape, Trends and Opportunities -
2020-07-14 Eastman partners with IMCD Group to expand its distribution network for specialty plastics in EMEA
2020-07-14 Llega la III edición de okPlast en modalidad presencial o streaming
2020-07-13 A Polymer Solution to Potential Shortage of Glass Vials for COVID-19 Vaccines
2020-07-09 Research Report with COVID-19 Forecasts - Global Biopolymer Coatings Market 2020-2024
2020-07-09 Research Report with COVID-19 Forecasts- Global Cellulose Acetate Market 2020-2024
2020-07-08 Un innovador proceso de triple acción acelerará la degradación del plástico tradicional y lo convertirá en biopolímeros, que podrán utilizarse como sustitutos naturales y biodegradables de los plásticos.El proyecto BioICEP acelerará la degradación del plástico tradicional y lo convertirá en biopolímeros
2020-07-07 Global Sterile Bottles Market Is Expected to Reach US$ 16.4 Billion By End Of 2027, Says CMI
2020-07-07 The Next, ‘Natural’ Evolution in Thermoplastic Expandable Microspheres
2020-07-07 BioICEP acelerará la degradación del plástico tradicional y lo convertirá en biopolímeros y bioproductos
2020-07-07 El Clúster del Plástico de Andalucía contrario a prohibir envasar AOVE en envases de plástico
2020-07-07 El plástico que se usa para envasar AOVE es seguro, apto para todos los formatos y más sostenible: su proceso de fabricación y menor peso hacen que genere menos huella de carbonoEl Clúster del Plástico de Andalucía rechaza la prohibición de envasar el aceite de oliva virgen extra en envases de plástico
2020-07-06 Kraton Joins Association of Plastics Recyclers for Sustainable Product Development
2020-07-06 El proyecto BioICEP acelerará la degradación del plástico tradicional y lo convertirá en biopolímeros
2020-07-05 La startup catalana Oimo crea un material biodegradable al mar amb les mateixes propietats que el plàstic tradicional
2020-07-04 Life-Cycle Assessments of Plastic Products Have Blind Spots
2020-07-04 Anellotech Secures Funds to Develop Innovative Plastics Recycling Technology
2020-07-02 ISO 14855: Biodegradabilidad aeróbica en condiciones de compostaje controladas
2020-07-01 Neste and Jokey collaborate to develop the market for rigid packaging from renewable and recycled materials - Bio-based News -
2020-07-01 La feria expondrá en exclusiva algunos de los trabajos ganadores en la próxima edición de los Pentawards, los galardones internacionales más importantes del sectorEmpack y Packaging Innovations 2020 atraerán a Madrid el futuro del diseño en el sector del packaging
2020-07-01 Worldwide Industry for Bonding Film to 2024 - Featuring Arkema, Formplast & Gurit Among Others -
2020-06-29 Partnership with Neste to promote sustainable rigid plastic packaging
2020-06-29 Dolco’s New Partnership for PS Recycling in Packaging and Consumer Goods
2020-06-29 Introducing the NextFilm Line of new compostable packaging films - Bio-based News -
2020-06-29 New Compounding Technique for Nanocellulose Composites Shows Promise
2020-06-25 New Nanocellulose-based Polymer Manufacturing Technology for Vehicles
2020-06-25 ZELCOR webinar series - Bio-based News -
2020-06-22 COVID-19 Sparks Renaissance of Single-Use Plastics
2020-06-19 Neste & Jokey Collaborate to Develop Rigid Packaging from Sustainable Materials
2020-06-19 ASOBIOCOM rechaza el informe elaborado por EASAC
2020-06-19 $2.2 Billion Worldwide Bio-Plasticizer Industry (2020 to 2025) - Key Players Include Broadcom, Bioamber & Danisco Among Others -
2020-06-18 United States Biodegradable Plastics Market to 2026 - Forecast by Type, End-user, Raw Materials, Company Analysis & Forecast -
2020-06-18 Solvent-free Compounding of Nanocellulose into Polymers May Reduce Manufacturing Costs
2020-06-17 UK associations call on government to ban oxo degradable plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-06-17 Buen momento para el mercado internacional de film BOPP - MundoPlast
2020-06-17 Egg-based coating preserves fresh produce - Bio-based News -
2020-06-16 Woodly recycles its cellulose-based plastics with NGR recycling technology - Bio-based News -
2020-06-16 Superworms digest plastic, with help from their bacterial sidekicks - Bio-based News -
2020-06-15 Braskem's bioplastic recognized at UN event as one of Brazil's most transformational cases in sustainable development - Bio-based News -
2020-06-12 French bioplastics producer stems EUR 13m equity increase / Backing from Mitsubishi Chemical and Bpifrance
2020-06-11 PURE Bioscience Reports Fiscal 2020 Third Quarter and Nine-Month Financial Results
2020-06-10 Mitsubishi Chemical Invests to Support Lactips’ Water Soluble Bio-Plastic Technology
2020-06-10 Lactips, producer of first soluble bioplastic, raises $14.4M to ramp up bioplastic production based on milk protein - Bio-based News -
2020-06-10 GO!PHA policy paper on SUP Directive - Bio-based News -
2020-06-08 EuropaBio: Joint statement on the EU Climate Law - Bio-based News -
2020-06-08 Coca-Cola utiliza envases de plástico 100% reciclado - MundoPlast
2020-06-05 BASF and Red Avenue New Materials Group collaborate to produce certified compostable co-polyester (PBAT) in China - Bio-based News -
2020-06-04 AIMPLAS’ Project to Recycle Plastic Packaging Using Microbe-based Process
2020-06-04 PBAT technology licensed to China's Red Avenue New Materials / New plant planned in Shanghai
2020-06-04 French startup raises $14.8M in new investment round
2020-06-03 UPM Raflatac Launches Bio-feedstock-based PE Film for Labeling Applications
2020-06-02 EU-funded YPACK’s bio-paper discoveries reveal “bright future” for food waste prevention - Bio-based News -
2020-06-02 UPM Raflatac expands Forest Film product range with the industry’s first wood-based polyethylene label film - Bio-based News -
2020-06-02 Enzyme recycling process could break down plastics by 70%
2020-06-02 BASF Grants License to Red Avenue for Compostable PBAT Production and Sale
2020-06-02 Chemical recycling makes useful product from waste bioplastic - Bio-based News -
2020-06-02 Towards Closed-Loop Manufacturing – Sateri Enters China’s Lyocell Fibre Market - Bio-based News -
2020-06-01 good natured® Launches Biodegradable Packaging for Food Take-out and Delivery
2020-05-29 PureCycle Technologies, ganador de los premios Re|focus 2020 de Plastics
2020-05-27 Six candidates are nominated for the innovation award “Hemp Product of the Year 2020” - Bio-based News -
2020-05-26 New Automated Optical Inspection from Nordson EFD Verifies Fluid Deposit Placement and Accuracy
2020-05-25 Global Eco-Friendly (Green) Polyols Market Review 2015-2019 and Forecast 2020-2025 -
2020-05-22 NOVA Chemicals and Enerkem Collaborate to Close the Loop on Plastics Recycling - Bio-based News -
2020-05-21 Faster, More-Efficient Chemical Recycling Process Keeps Bioplastics in the Mix
2020-05-20 Toppan Develops Paper-Based Tube-Pouch to Reduce Plastic Use
2020-05-20 Sulzer launches new Global Bio-based and Renewables application development team - Bio-based News -
2020-05-20 Nordson Corporation Reports Fiscal Year 2020 Second Quarter Results
2020-05-19 Making use of the unique properties of cellulose-based nanomaterials - Bio-based News -
2020-05-17 Nova Chemicals and Enerkem Collaborate to Close Loop on Plastics Recycling
2020-05-13 CHINAPLAS 2021: Plastic Packaging Thrives to Overcome Sustainability Challenges
2020-05-12 An Open Letter to ‘Plastiphobes’ about the Material You Love to Hate
2020-05-11 Dow and Doxa Plast join forces to deliver stretch films made with renewable resources - Bio-based News -
2020-05-08 Kraton introduces Revolution rosin ester technology - Bio-based News -
2020-05-07 New investment boosts bioplastics product development capacity at TerraVerdae - Bio-based News -
2020-05-06 Varden Raises $2.2 million To Replace Single-Use Plastic Packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-05-06 PLA advances are changing the plastics industry - Bio-based News -
2020-05-05 TerraVerdae Receives Funding to Boost Bioplastics Product Development Capacity
2020-05-04 The world’s largest meeting on industrial hemp and cannabis will take place online this year – 500 participants from 50 countries and all industrial sectors are expected - Bio-based News -
2020-05-04 Circe: Biodegradable plastic without the plants - Bio-based News -
2020-05-01 Nordson Corporation Announces Earnings Release and Webcast for Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2020
2020-04-30 Biodegradable Plastic Market Size to Reach USD 7.6 Bn by 2027: Grand View Research
2020-04-29 Acquisition of UK's Planned Packaging Films
2020-04-28 Bioplastics Innovations Lagging Behind Public Sentiment for Sustainable Plastics Alternatives, Says New Clarivate Report - Bio-based News -
2020-04-24 Sustainability is crucial for success, says Lux Research - Bio-based News -
2020-04-24 Widespread Use of Bioplastics Held Back by Lagging Innovation, Claims Report
2020-04-24 Kao veröffentlicht Zwischenberichte zur ESG-Strategie „Kirei Lifestyle Plan“
2020-04-23 The Essential Connection Between Food Waste and Compostable Products - Bio-based News -
2020-04-21 Leeds Vacuum Formers hits 100% plastic waste recycling target
2020-04-20 Single-Use Bronchoscopes Could Reduce Contamination Risks During COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-04-20 How Plastic Industry is Putting Up Fight Against COVID-19
2020-04-17 Recycled PET Used in Honeycomb Core
2020-04-17 Earth Day 2020: More Plastic Makes for Enhanced Sustainability in Autos
2020-04-17 NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge Competitor Pitches in to Help COVID-19 Efforts - Bio-based News -
2020-04-16 Outlook on the Worldwide Bioplastics Industry to 2030 -
2020-04-16 Earth Day 2020: Why Compostable Plastics Are Not Sustainable
2020-04-16 Nature Journal Validates CARBIOS’ New PET-degrading Enzyme Technology
2020-04-16 Scientists successfully produce PLA/protein electrospun mats for future biomedical applications - Bio-based News -
2020-04-16 The State of the Global Release Liner Market
2020-04-15 Olive stones to develop a new sustainable plastic material for oil packaging items - Bio-based News -
2020-04-14 Food & Beverage Metal Cans Market by Material, Type, Degree of Internal Pressure, Application and Region - Global Forecast to 2025 -
2020-04-14 Novel Enzyme To Break Down And Recycle PET Bottles
2020-04-13 AIMPLAS & OLIPE Develop Biodegradable Packaging Material from Olive Oil Waste
2020-04-13 Orbis BiOAID N95 Reusable Mask â?? Covid 19
2020-04-09 Icma San Giorgio designs, builds and instals compounding plant for bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-04-09 Dow announces results from Annual Stockholder Meeting
2020-04-08 Biodegradable Plastics Market Rising 9.4% Yearly
2020-04-08 Biodegradable Plastic Markets, 2020-2027: Types, End-uses, Regions, Companies -
2020-04-08 Renewable Chemicals Market Forecasts, 2020-2025: Key Players are BASF, Myriant Corporation, Avantium, and DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products -
2020-04-07 Global Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET) Film Market: Insights, Trends & Forecast (2020 to 2024) -
2020-04-07 COVID-19 Reframes Debate on Single-Use Plastic Bags
2020-04-07 El material irá destinado a proteger al personal sanitario de Madrid, una de las ciudades más castigadas del mundo por el covid-19ADBioplastics dona 200 kilos de PLA-Premium para fabricar pantallas protectoras contra el coronavirus
2020-04-06 Molecular Fusion Technology Permanently Embeds Antimicrobials in Polymer Substrates
2020-04-06 Functional & Barrier Coatings for Paper: Worldwide Markets to 2027 -
2020-04-03 Global Survey Reveals Two Thirds of Adults Not Recycling All Plastic Waste - Bio-based News -
2020-04-02 New Way to 3D Print Composite Parts with High Cellulose Content
2020-04-01 Printing complex cellulose-based objects - Bio-based News -
2020-03-31 The Bioplastics Industry 2020-2024 - Bio-based News -
2020-03-31 Avantium announces 2019 results - Bio-based News -
2020-03-30 Trends Defining the Medical Polymers Market in the New Decade
2020-03-30 Plastics Materials and Products are on the Frontline of Combating COVID -19
2020-03-30 2020 Insights on the Global Market for Antimicrobial, Antiviral and Antifungal Nanocoatings - When the Current COVID-19 Crisis Has Ended Efforts Must Turn to Future Preventative Measures -
2020-03-30 Nordson Corporation Announces Business Realignment and Leadership Appointments
2020-03-26 Global Bioplastics Market with Focus on Biodegradable Plastics (2020 to 2024) - Insights, Trends & Forecast -
2020-03-26 Clariant and Floreon announce collaboration to expand high-performance biopolymer applications to additional markets - Bio-based News -
2020-03-25 Clariant and Floreon Collaborate to Expand High-Performance Biopolymer Applications
2020-03-25 More Than 100 Industry Groups Urge President, And Elected Officials at All Levels to Uniformly Apply Department of Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Definition
2020-03-25 New PLA-based Electrospun Fiber Mats for Drug Delivery and Release
2020-03-25 EUBP raises concerns over biased EASAC report on bio-based and biodegradable plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-03-25 Clover Sonoma Advances Social and Environmental Impact with B Corporation Recertification and New Fully Renewable Milk Carton - Bio-based News -
2020-03-24 Hi-Cone Survey Reveals Consumer Confusion over Recycling
2020-03-24 Innovations in Biodegradable Polymers, Green Hydrogen Production, Engineered Polymer Films & Multi-ion Battery Materials - 2020 -
2020-03-23 Collaboration with Floreon to extend performance of biopolymers
2020-03-23 European Scientists Take Hard Look at Packaging Plastics in Circular Economy
2020-03-23 Bioplastic production to increase by 15% by 2024
2020-03-23 EconCore’s New rPET Honeycomb Cores Available for Licensing
2020-03-21 Chemical Industry Deemed Essential Critical Infrastructure by Department of Homeland Security
2020-03-20 New Circular Economy Action Plan: no circular economy without bioeconomy - Bio-based News -
2020-03-20 Clariant and Floreon collaborate to expand high-performance-biopolymer applications
2020-03-20 Borealis Starts Renewable Polypropylene Production at Kallo and Beringen
2020-03-19 Clariant & Floreon: Partnership to Enhance Biopolymer Properties and Market Potential
2020-03-19 Detailed Analysis of the Downstream Polyethylene Market in South Africa (2019 to 2024) -
2020-03-19 Green Chemicals Market
2020-03-18 The Global Market for Cellulose Nanofibers 2020 - Volumes, Key Trends and Growth -
2020-03-18 Global Disposable Cups and Lids Market in Food and Beverage Industry 2020-2024
2020-03-18 Carbios is a signatory to the European Plastics Pact, a public-private initiative to promote the circular economy of plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-03-17 Clariant Masterbatches earn ‘OK’ certification for home and industrial composting - Bio-based News -
2020-03-17 Borealis producing certified renewable polypropylene at own facilities in Belgium - Bio-based News -
2020-03-17 Labelmaster Consultants Named 2020 Pros to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive
2020-03-16 BBIA responds to Tesco’s packaging strategy - Bio-based News -
2020-03-16 ?Nuestro packaging no contiene plástico, ni adhesivos ni pegas que no sean biodegradables?Entrevista a Manuel Hässig, fundador de Innov8Iberia
2020-03-16 Can Remote Patient Monitoring Curb COVID-19?
2020-03-13 Smart, compostable thin film packaging material - Bio-based News -
2020-03-12 Unilever switches Ingman ice cream to fully renewable packaging material from Stora Enso - Bio-based News -
2020-03-12 Global Biodegradable Plastics Market 2020 - Drivers & Challenges -
2020-03-12 2020 Worldwide Bioplastic Competitive Analysis & Leadership Study -
2020-03-12 Introducing chemical recycling: Plastic waste becoming a resource - Bio-based News -
2020-03-11 New Circular Economy Action Plan shows the way to a climate-neutral, competitive economy of empowered consumers
2020-03-11 Worldwide Biodegradable Plastics Market 2020 - Expected to Grow with a CAGR of 12.5% Over the Coming Years -
2020-03-11 Brewing greener chemicals from fermented waste - Bio-based News -
2020-03-11 EU Commission: New Circular Economy Action Plan shows the way to a climate-neutral, competitive economy of empowered consumers
2020-03-10 New online platform connects crop and food producers to biorefineries - Bio-based News -
2020-03-10 Recycled Plastic Bottles are Fashionable, Literally
2020-03-10 BASF showcases solutions for the entire packaging life cycle at interpack 2020 - Bio-based News -
2020-03-10 Takeover of Italian films manufacturer Soprad
2020-03-09 The Pros and Cons of Thermoforming, and Why It's Necessary
2020-03-06 Anellotech’s Technology Converts Lay’s Potato Chip Bag into Key Chemical Required for New Plastic Bottles - Bio-based News -
2020-03-05 Metsä Spring and Valmet announce collaboration to develop a new wood-based product as alternative to fossil-based materials - Bio-based News -
2020-03-05 ? Knauf presenta el nuevo biomaterial para envases, NeoPS - MundoPlast
2020-03-04 The combination of plant-based particles and water forms an 'eco' super-glue - Bio-based News -
2020-03-03 Graham Packaging’s Deep Dive into Sustainable Packaging
2020-03-03 Georgia-Pacific and Bast Fibre Technologies Inc. Enter into Global Licensing Deal for Nonwoven Sustainable Fibre Applications - Bio-based News -
2020-03-02 New campaign to clear up citizen confusion on plastics
2020-03-02 Bioplastics Production Capacity to Reach 2.4 Mn Tons by 2024: European Bioplastics
2020-03-02 BioSinn – products for which biodegradation makes sense! - Bio-based News -
2020-02-28 Los galardones distinguen soluciones de packaging en alimentación, farmacia y parafarmacia o premium, entre otras categoríasGanadores de los Premios Internacionales de Packaging & PLV Ibérico Arca
2020-02-28 Compostable plastics break down in less than 22 days in real life industrial composting - Bio-based News -
2020-02-27 Ver más artículos sobre: Estudio de mercado de inyectoras, robots y periféricos 2019"En 2019 superamos las ventas de 2018, que fueron las mejores desde que se abrió la oficina de Pallmann Ibérica"Entrevista a Carlos Gómez, responsable de Pallmann Ibérica
2020-02-25 EUBP: los plásticos compostables se descomponen en menos de 22 días en el compostaje industrial real
2020-02-25 Global Specialty Plastic Films Market 2019-2023
2020-02-25 Top Green Heat-Shrink PET Film Gets Thumb’s Up from Association of Plastic Recyclers
2020-02-24 Vellamo and UPM Raflatac partner for wood-based plastic label material
2020-02-24 Dominican Government to provide sustainable bags for all households
2020-02-24 Global Biodegradable Plastic Market Predicted to Reach $6 Billion in 2026 with a CAGR of 21.3% -
2020-02-24 Greenpeace Survey of Material Recovery Facilities Makes Some Valid Points
2020-02-21 Innovation Utility Vehicle releases edible coating
2020-02-21 New Temperature-resistant PLA-based Plastic Food Bowls
2020-02-20 Ver más artículos sobre: Estudio de mercado de inyectoras, robots y periféricos 2019?En lo referente a las máquinas de inyección el ahorro energético y precisión para atender a las nuevas exigencias es un punto a tener en cuenta?Entrevista a Fernando Arantes, gerente de Romi Máquinas España
2020-02-20 Ver más artículos sobre: Estudio de mercado de inyectoras, robots y periféricos 2019"Somos capaces de trabajar con PET 100% reciclado con las mismas garantías que los materiales vírgenes"Entrevista a Albert Ferré, director general de Gs Técnic
2020-02-20 How Sustainable Are Sustainable Coffee Cups?
2020-02-19 Stora Enso introduces new dispersion barrier materials
2020-02-19 Novamont Launches Bio-degradable Plastic Cling Film for Fresh Food Packaging
2020-02-19 NextGen Consortium launches reusable cup pilot in local cafes
2020-02-19 The Sustainable Packaging Evolution: Kwik Lok’s Eco-Lok Closure
2020-02-19 Nordson Corporation Reports Fiscal Year 2020 First Quarter Results
2020-02-18 Pick&Pack: los ?Smart Logistics & Packaging Awards 2020? reconocen a las soluciones biodegradables y digitales
2020-02-18 UAE’s Agthia launches new 100% plant-based water bottle
2020-02-17 BASF & Fabbri Group Co-develop Compostable Cling Film for Fresh-food Packaging
2020-02-17 Polyolefins from bio-based feedstock to be made in Cologne / UPM's "Bio Verno"
2020-02-17 MTP se instala en BarcelonaEntrevista a Ernest Gallego, director de la delegación de Cataluña de MTP
2020-02-16 Desenvolupen un embalatge comestible i biodegradable per evitar l'ús de plàstic al supermercat en l'àmbit de l'alimentació
2020-02-14 Kuraray to establish MonoSol production facility in Poland
2020-02-14 Airlite Plastics unifies Arctic Fox brand into KodiaKooler
2020-02-14 ? Satisfacción por la primera edición de Pick&Pack - MundoPlast
2020-02-13 BASF and Fabbri Group develop compostable film for fresh-food packaging
2020-02-13 La ceremonia tendrá lugar el 4 de marzo en la Antigua Fábrica Estrella DammHispack y Graphispack Asociación entregan los Premios Líderpack 2019 de packaging y PLV
2020-02-13 SCF Packaging introduce fast-acting biodegradable packaging
2020-02-12 Novamont introduces packaging machine-compatible Mater-Bi cling film
2020-02-12 INEOS to use UPM BioVerno to produce bio-attributed polyolefins
2020-02-12 Global Medical Plastics Market Analysis & Trends - Industry Forecast to 2028 -
2020-02-12 Liviri introduces reusable wine alcohol shipping solution for year round deliveries
2020-02-12 ?2019 ha sido un año extraordinario; bueno en ventas y nos hemos consolidado como un referente en el mercado del IML?Entrevista a Jordi López, senior sales manager Spain&Portugal de Solutions Plastic Group
2020-02-11 Scientists develop biodegradable packaging for the cosmetic industry
2020-02-11 El polietileno es, con diferencia, el material más utilizadoLigero, práctico, polémico: el mercado europeo de bolsas y sacos de plástico
2020-02-11 Ineos to make PVC from pulp production by-product
2020-02-10 Sustainable packaging innovation programme selects three start-ups / Bio-based and reusable containers
2020-02-10 ?La tendencia es considerar la máquina de inyección como una parte muy importante de un conjunto o isla de trabajo?Entrevista a Adolfo Ibáñez, gerente de Negri Bossi España
2020-02-09 World may not reach 50% recycling rate by 2030, but ‘plastiphobia’ is not the answer
2020-02-08 Consumers confused by distinction between biobased and biodegradable plastics
2020-02-07 Biotherm partners with NGO for plastic pollution awareness
2020-02-07 New Method to Chemically Recycle Plant-based Plastics Without Losing Quality
2020-02-07 Fake biodegradable products flood market after India bans single-use plastics
2020-02-06 Joint venture for reusable cups set up in Belgium
2020-02-06 Partnership to Develop 100% Renewably-sourced Nylon-6: Genomatica and Aquafil
2020-02-06 Resource Label acquires US company Axiom Label & Packaging
2020-02-06 BASF and Fabbri Group develop new fresh-food packaging film
2020-02-06 Carbios enters joint development agreement with Novozymes to produce its proprietary enzyme for complete recycling of PET-plastics and fiber
2020-02-05 ? Emsur presenta una bolsa compostable barrera - MundoPlast
2020-02-05 UK supplement brand Rejuvenated launches compostable packaging
2020-02-05 Worn AgainTechnologies makes step towards a sustainable and circular resource world with the launch of pilot R&D facility
2020-02-04 New Mountain Capital acquires packaging solutions provider ILC Dover
2020-02-04 Grooming brand men-ü develops smaller and more sustainable packaging
2020-02-03 ? Mega presenta una serie de juguetes fabricados con bioplásticos
2020-02-03 El Congreso Nacional de Packaging 4.0 debatirá sobre los retos del sector del packaging para impulsar la economía circular y el uso de nuevos materiales sosteniblesLa industria del packaging define la estrategia de nuevos plásticos 2030 en Pick&Pack
2020-02-03 Chemistry for Toxicological Risk Assessment—Transitions in Expected Approach
2020-02-03 Ajinomoto to transfer stake in Fuji Ace packaging materials company
2020-02-01 Plastics power innovation at PLASTEC West
2020-01-31 Danimer and CPG partner to manufacture home compostable bags
2020-01-31 UK researchers develop new method of recycling plant-based plastics
2020-01-30 The truth about compostable plastics
2020-01-28 ? La sostenibilidad será protagonista en Pick&Pack 2020 - MundoPlast
2020-01-27 Smithers Announces Sustainability in Packaging US 2020 Conference
2020-01-27 Surveys reveal buzzword burnout among consumers bombarded with sustainability claims
2020-01-27 ? BASF amplía su planta de Castellbisbal de dispersiones de PU
2020-01-23 Packaging Speaks Green: el foro internacional dedicado al envase sostenible
2020-01-23 China to Enforce Ban on Non-biodegradable and Disposable Plastics
2020-01-23 Global Laboratory Glassware and Plasticware Market 2020-2024
2020-01-23 Swedish company AR Packaging acquires rlc Packaging Group
2020-01-21 Sanner introduces bio-based plastic packaging
2020-01-21 Global Transparent Plastics Global Market Analysis & Outlook, 2018-2027: Covestro, LG Chem, Teijin Limited & BASF SE -
2020-01-21 FutureBridge: Food and Nutrition Industry Poised to Tap Emerging Technologies to Meet Sustainability Goals and User Demands In 2020
2020-01-21 Half of companies ignore carbon impact of plastic alternatives: Survey
2020-01-20 Indian Institute of Technology develops degradable plastic-like films
2020-01-16 Packaging Technology Group open new facility in Louisville, US
2020-01-16 Enthalpy Analytical Receives DoD’s ELAP Accreditation
2020-01-15 Colgate launches vegan toothpaste in fully-recyclable packaging
2020-01-15 Global Post-consumer Recycled Plastics Market Expected to Grow with a CAGR of 7.7% During the Forecast Period, 2018-2027 -
2020-01-15 Global Plastic Ampoules Market: Drivers, Constraints, Opportunities, Threats & Challenges During the Forecast Period, 2018-2027 -
2020-01-14 Plastic Bags and Pouches Industry Procurement Intelligence Report
2020-01-13 DS Smith develops solid board packaging for anti-allergy kits
2020-01-13 Valio and Stora Enso to introduce wood-based reusable lids
2020-01-13 BioBag compostable food wrapping expands into new markets
2020-01-13 Más de 3.000 profesionales inscritos en PICK&PACK en sólo 2 semanas
2020-01-13 Finnish study shows "Bioska" films biodegrade within six months
2020-01-09 The Clarke Companies Acquires Covex, LLC, to Better Connect Enterprise IT with Manufacturing & Operations for FDA Regulated Customers
2020-01-09 Solid growth projected for recycled plastics market
2020-01-08 Chemical recycling of plastics gets a catalytic boost in Australia, China
2020-01-08 North America Recycled Plastics Market Expected to Generate a Value of US $21.6 Billion by 2024 -
2020-01-07 Se fallan los Premios Liderpack más sostenibles
2020-01-07 Solo New York launches recycled bags collection
2020-01-03 Sumitomo Demag injection moulding machines installed at Greek food packaging specialist
2020-01-02 A green alternative to the regular PVC and polyethylene rolls
2019-12-30 Braskem, Biowash and Greco & Guerreiro to launch sustainable packaging
2019-12-26 Braskem and Biowash to Co-develop Sugarcane-based Plastic Packaging
2019-12-26 Global Blow Fill Seal Technology Market Forecast Report, 2019-2024 -
2019-12-24 Global Nanocrystalline Cellulose Market Analysis, Size, Share, Growth & Trends - Forecast 2018-2026 -
2019-12-23 PlasticsToday’s quotes of the year
2019-12-23 France charts course for zero-waste society
2019-12-19 Braskem, Biowash and Greco & Guerreiro to launch biobased packaging
2019-12-19 Estonian plastics sector innovates as it targets overseas markets
2019-12-18 Innovations in Battery Coatings, Coating Additives, and Coatings for Flexible Packaging, 2019 Research Report -
2019-12-18 Innovations in Compostable Resins, Biochemicals, Fabrics, Biopolymers, and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, 2019 Research Report -
2019-12-18 Anellotech Offers Technology to Covert Waste Plastic Packaging into Chemicals
2019-12-18 Globsl $6 Billion Biodegradable Plastic Market to 2026: Volume by Material Types (PBAT, PBS, PLA, PHA, Starch Blends, Others), Regions, Application, & Companies -
2019-12-18 Innovations in Nanoprocessing, Nanofertilizers and Nanomaterials, 2019 Research Report -
2019-12-18 Innovations in Anti-corrosive, Anti-bacterial, Protective, and Intumescent Coatings, 2019 Report -
2019-12-18 New York Governor proposes to ban single-use Styrofoam food containers
2019-12-17 El packaging español hace pleno en el concurso internacional de envases WorldStar
2019-12-17 44 % of hazardous mixtures not compliant with classification and labelling obligations
2019-12-17 A lesson on how to educate eateries about plastics and recycling
2019-12-17 European Bioplastics publica su informe anual sobre el mercado y la industria de los bioplásticos
2019-12-16 Stora Enso Invests to Build Facility for Bio-based Plastic Packaging Material
2019-12-16 European Bioplastics welcomes EU Green Deal
2019-12-16 21 casos de innovación papelera española y europea para la descarbonización del sector
2019-12-13 ASOBIOCOM se convierte en Supporting Partner de Pick&Pack 2020
2019-12-13 Smurfit Kappa and Wings for Aid develop disaster relief packaging
2019-12-13 Diez envases españoles, entre los mejores del mundo - MundoPlast
2019-12-13 United States Esters (Fatty, Phosphate, Acrylic, Cellulose, Allyl and Aromatic) Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report 2019-2025 -
2019-12-12 Sulapac and Quadpack partner on microplastic-free packaging
2019-12-12 PCI begins expansion of Tredegar facility in Wales, UK
2019-12-12 Process technology for chemical Recycling of plastic waste / Development program expanded / Commercial plant construction planned in 2020
2019-12-11 Nordson Corporation Reports Fiscal Year 2019 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results
2019-12-11 Stora Enso and Sulapac launch new biodegradable straw
2019-12-10 Global Polyethylene Packaging Market 2019-2023
2019-12-10 Nordson Corporation Declares First Quarter Dividend for Fiscal Year 2020
2019-12-10 The European Union votes to ban single-use plastics by 2021
2019-12-09 Colgate introduces recyclable toothpaste tube; shares technology with competitors
2019-12-09 Vodafone reduces size of SIM holder to reduce plastic use
2019-12-09 Can a Breakthrough Medical Device Reduce the Risk of Hospital-Associated Infections?
2019-12-09 El mercado mundial de bioplásticos crecerá más de un 15% en los próximos años
2019-12-05 Stora Enso to create new Packaging Materials division
2019-12-05 Global Polyester Straps Market 2019-2023
2019-12-04 New Way to turn Banana Pseudostem into Recyclable Food Packaging
2019-12-04 Kumru Kimya distributes PLA in Turkey
2019-12-03 Smurfit Kappa launches paper-based eco-friendly toys
2019-12-03 Tetra Pak claims a bioplastic first for food and beverage packaging
2019-12-03 Graphene nanotubes help breakthroughs in polymer industry
2019-12-03 Novolex brand Eco-Products introduces new compostable utensil line
2019-12-02 Global Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market 2020-2024
2019-12-02 UNSW Sydney researchers develop packaging from banana plantation waste
2019-11-29 The House of Extrusion® to present four rigid film extrusion lines
2019-11-27 Stora Enso enters strategic collaboration with HSMG
2019-11-26 Danimer Scientific & Genpak Co-develop Biodegradable Food Containers Using PHA
2019-11-26 Braskem Partners with Colgate-Palmolive to Develop Recyclable Toothpaste Packaging
2019-11-25 Gerresheimer, SQ Innovation developing micro pump for heart failure
2019-11-25 Stora Enso launches a new concept for constructing office buildings from wood - Bio-based News -
2019-11-25 Global Polymer Foams Market Study 2019 - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends & Forecasts (2018-2027) -
2019-11-22 Danimer Scientific and Genpak Partner to Launch New Line of Biodegradable Food Packaging - Bio-based News -
2019-11-22 Smurfit Kappa launches new corrugated range for beverage packs
2019-11-22 Global Polylactyic Acid Market Study 2019-2024
2019-11-21 Fish Waste-based Plastic for Single-use Packaging Receives James Dyson Award
2019-11-21 New Tubulanes-like 3D-printed Polymer Blocks for Extraordinary Strength
2019-11-21 Braskem partners with Colgate-Palmolive in initiative to drive the circular economy in the packaging segment - Bio-based News -
2019-11-20 Tetra Pak first to use fully traceable polymer sugarcane packaging
2019-11-20 Novartis invests in SiO2 to use material sciences for packaging tech
2019-11-20 El enfoque del consumidor en la conveniencia y la sostenibilidad no sólo está ejerciendo presión sobre los fabricantes de envases, sino también sobre los minoristas que almacenan el productoEn busca del envase sostenible
2019-11-20 European Social Innovation Competition 2019: â?¬200,000 across 4 social innovation projects
2019-11-20 AR Packaging to launch fibre-based cutlery in cooperation with Bionatic - Bio-based News -
2019-11-20 AR Packaging präsentiert faserbasiertes Besteck in Kooperation mit Bionatic - Bio-based News -
2019-11-20 BT2i and nova-Institute join forces to offer multi-client program for technology and market intelligence on “Greener Plastics” - Bio-based News -
2019-11-19 Global Polyhydroxyalkanoate Market 2019-2023
2019-11-19 Gerresheimer develops refillable plastic bottle for cosmetics customer
2019-11-19 Avantium opens branch office in Japan to reinforce high-value market for PEF - Bio-based News -
2019-11-19 Winners of the innovation award “Biocomposite of the Year 2019” show the amazing versatility of commercially available biocomposites - Bio-based News -
2019-11-15 University of Sussex student creates bioplastic from fish waste
2019-11-15 Radical Plastics awarded $ 500 K for a game changing solution to plastic pollution
2019-11-15 Avantium advances its plant-based MEG technology with the opening of its demonstration plant - Bio-based News -
2019-11-14 Bangor University to create biodegradable food packaging using stover
2019-11-14 Tubulane-Like Polymer Structures Stop Bullets Better than Solid Materials
2019-11-13 Genpak and Danimer Scientific partner for biodegradable containers
2019-11-13 Curtin-Devised Plastic Films to Benefit Food Industry and Environment
2019-11-11 First Mile launches wine corks and long-life carton recycling service
2019-11-11 Queensland Government proposes plan to ban single-use plastics
2019-11-07 Smurfit Kappa and Mitsubishi HiTec Paper to develop food packaging
2019-11-06 KFC Canada to test bamboo fibre poutine bucket
2019-11-06 Plastics group announces performance decline / Plant shutdowns impact results
2019-11-06 Plans for US pilot plant for PET recycling technology / Start-up due in late 2020
2019-11-06 Divisional results collapse dramatically / Polyurethanes suffer from falling price of MDI
2019-11-05 El Packaging Cluster coorganizará el Congreso Nacional de Packaging 4.0 en Pick & Pack
2019-11-05 Next to no organic growth in high-performance polymers / Acquisition of ArrMaz in the US boosts sales and earnings
2019-11-05 Core profit down 48% on provision to cover EU anti-trust probe into ethylene market / Masterbatches and Pigments business declines / Bernd Högemann joins executive committee
2019-11-05 MonoSol announces expansions to serve growing global customer base 
2019-11-04 October’s top five in plastics packaging were 80% sustainable
2019-11-04 ADBioplastics participa en un debate y en una conferencia sobre bioplásticos en Packaging Innovations 2019
2019-11-04 Films and flexible packaging made of wood cellulose / Prototypes in cooperation with Amerplast and Wipak
2019-11-04 Purchase of Lotte Chemical's UK PET plant / First acquisition outside the Americas
2019-11-04 Additives producer opens European central office in Rotterdam
2019-11-04 Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. Announces Upcoming Participation at Morgan Stanley Investor Conference
2019-11-04 NextChem awarded contract to build new bio-lubricants plant  
2019-11-03 Two women entrepreneurs launch ‘radical’ approach to plastics that can ‘change the world’
2019-11-01 Plastics business stable in Q3 vs Q2 / Q3 group profits and revenue down year on year
2019-11-01 UK manufacturing plant to be closed / Company shifts production to three plants in Germany
2019-11-01 Fiat looking to merge with Peugeot Citroën / Fourth largest car manufacturer in the world would be created
2019-11-01 Consumer goods group plans to save over 300,000 t of virgin plastics per year by 2030 / Up to 50% recyclate used in detergent bottles so far
2019-11-01 Creating A Green Solution For Bioplastics Logistics Security 
2019-10-31 Danimer Scientific and UrthPact to develop biodegradable straws
2019-10-31 Update on PP project in Police / PDH Polska rebranded as Polyolefins
2019-10-31 Additives manufacturer extends portfolio of stabilisers for recycling / Investments in the last years focused on Asia
2019-10-31 Former DuPont CEO Kullman sides with Chemours in PFOA liability dispute / DuPont pushes back
2019-10-31 Expansion of "Mater-Bi" plant in Patrica / Launch of compostable biopolymers / Joint development with Italy's Saes group
2019-10-31 Q3 profits plunge as disappointing demand depressed selling prices / Forecast for 2019 confirmed but narrowed ranges / Sales down 14.6%
2019-10-30 Brink Group is industry’s ‘best kept secret’
2019-10-30 Trade disputes and economic downturn put pressure on sales
2019-10-30 Borealis and Adnoc partners for India petrochemical project / USD 4 bn investment
2019-10-30 Launch of 100% rPET tray for food contact use / Formulated for thermoforming market
2019-10-30 Partnership with Remondis to develop chemical recycling process for plastic waste / Target capacity of above 200,000 t/y
2019-10-30 Plans to speed up expansion of biodegradable polymer / Food contact approvals granted in EU, USA and Japan
2019-10-29 La conferencia ?Circularidad para los Polímeros? tendrá lugar el 5 de noviembre en Berlín
2019-10-29 Norwegian group commits to making 40% of world's plastic packaging recyclable by 2030
2019-10-29 Increased use of rPET with recyclate from external sources / Company renamed ANL Packaging
2019-10-29 Packaging manufacturer reports excellent first half-year / Croatian site to be expanded on a large scale
2019-10-29 Danimer Scientific and UrthPact partner on manufacture new compostable straw 
2019-10-29 Doubling output of rPP for automotive / PS recycling in France
2019-10-29 Concept of first recyclable juice bottle presented / Wide-neck PET containers for hot filling also unveiled at "K 2019"
2019-10-28 Total Corbion seeking to give PLA recycling a boost
2019-10-28 Design of new products with recycled polyethylene content / Collaborations with several industry partners
2019-10-28 Hengyi and Rongsheng to jointly build 6m t/y PTA project in Eastern China
2019-10-28 Q3 revenue and net profit weaken on subdued demand / CEO sees broader masterbatch business as growth driver for sustainable solutions / No comment on alks with Clariant
2019-10-25 Chemical recycling of PET / Test run for industrial production
2019-10-25 Acquisition of German distributor and trader CHG Thermoplast completed
2019-10-25 Distribution of Lucite's PMMA portfolio in Iberia / Sales region for Covestro's PC expanded
2019-10-25 Chemical recycling of PA and PET / Same properties as virgin material plus suitability for food-contact applications
2019-10-25 Distribution group surpasses the EUR 100m sales mark / New warehouse in Morocco / Portfolio extended Sabic products
2019-10-25 EBIT before special items down 24% in Q3 as sales ease off 2% / Contribution of plastics businesses ?significantly lower? amid pricing problems / Outlook for full year subdued
2019-10-24 La división Coexpan cuenta con cinco plantas de producción especializadas en la extrusión de láminas de plástico a base de PET y rPET en todo el mundoCoexpan lanza Corepet, sus primeras láminas 100% r-PET para contacto alimentario
2019-10-24 New distribution partners in Europe / Styrenic copolymers and PC blends for Iberia and France
2019-10-23 Aptar Activ-Blister packaging solution obtains FDA approval
2019-10-23 Kaneka Presents Biodegradable Polymer Technology for Food Contact at K 2019
2019-10-23 Braskem expands I'm green product portfolio through new circular economy solutions  
2019-10-23 Global Reusable Icepacks Market 2020-2024
2019-10-22 Transcend acquires Leeds-based BioStraw
2019-10-22 Hi-Cone halves new plastics use with RingCycles packaging solution
2019-10-22 ADM, LG Chem develop project on superabsorbent polymers  
2019-10-22 Celanese Bio-based Materials and Recycled Offerings Deliver Value to Businesses and Consumers
2019-10-22 Nordson EFD Introduces New 797PCP Progressive Cavity Pump Systems for Continuous Volumetric Dispensing
2019-10-21 AB Group Packaging introduces 100% sustainable reusable paper bag
2019-10-21 Novamont announces expanded production Mater-Bi to 150,000 Tonnes  
2019-10-21 @KronesAG Diseà±o sostenible para envases
2019-10-21 New PA and PBT compounding plant starts up in India / Plans to add PPS
2019-10-21 Expansion of injection moulding plant in Portugal complete
2019-10-21 Sale of UK bag-in-box business to win approval for DS Smith purchase
2019-10-21 New catalysis-based chemical recycling scheme / Pilot plant at Ferrara / First samples of Samsonite suitcases made with recycled plastics at ?K 2019?
2019-10-21 Expansion of ?STOP? initiative against marine litter with Borouge and Nova / New partnership with AEPW / Bio-propane from Neste / Pellets with a high recyclate content and mono-materials added to portfolio
2019-10-18 At K 2019: Coperion and Sirmax celebrate their business relationship 
2019-10-17 Sirmax Relies on Coperion ZSK Technology for Bioplastics
2019-10-16 Kaneka Highlights Biodegradable Polymers and Foam at K 2019
2019-10-15 Carolina Biological Supply Company Minimizes Environmental Footprint by Reducing Plastic Use and Designing Reusable Kits
2019-10-14 McLaren invests in sustainable energy site
2019-10-11 Global Rigid Plastic Packaging Market 2019-2023
2019-10-11 Recyk, Meplas to open medical waste recycling plant in UK
2019-10-10 Novamont recognised with Innovation Award by PIA Bioplastics Division 
2019-10-10 Everything is awful: Greenpeace comes to the realization that no alternative materials to plastics are eco-friendly
2019-10-10 Trinseo to Present Sustainable Plastic Solutions and more at K 2019
2019-10-09 SECOS Launches Home Compostable Resin, An Alternative Compostable Replacement
2019-10-09 Versatility drives stunning growth of BOPET films
2019-10-09 SECOS launches new certified home compostable resin 
2019-10-09 Potential closure of acrylonitrile plant in UK
2019-10-09 Management team expanded in tandem with international growth / Production increase in Scotland planned
2019-10-09 Italy's Stevanato Group licenses pen-injector technology for diabetes care
2019-10-09 FKuR to Display Bioplastic-based Reusable Cup Developed by Dom at K 2019
2019-10-08 Biodegradable whisky pods cause ‘a bit of a stir’  
2019-10-08 En la edición de 2019 se han premiado 29 trabajos de envase, embalaje y PLVFallados los Liderpack más sostenibles
2019-10-08 German distributor plans to market more propylene
2019-10-08 Teijin subsidiary starts construction of new US plant / EUR 64m investment
2019-10-08 Proposed acquisition of UK's Low & Bonar / Expansion of expertise in nonwovens
2019-10-08 Construction work begins at Marl cumene project
2019-10-08 Talks with PolyOne on sale of masterbatch business said to be well-advanced
2019-10-08 German consumer goods producer announces job cuts / Relocation of production processes to Poland
2019-10-07 What’s new in packaging at K 2019
2019-10-07 Nova ordered by Canadian court to pay nearly EUR 1 bn in Joffre cracker dispute
2019-10-07 Investment in maleic and phthalic anhydride intermediates in Americas / New reactor in Italy planned
2019-10-06 Speaking of sustainability, what have Coke and Pepsi been up to lately?
2019-10-04 Greenpeace USA says plastics solutions from multinationals unsustainable
2019-10-04 Distribution of PBT from Sipchem in the Benelux region and Germany
2019-10-04 Expansion of thermoplastics composites capacity in US / Strong growth in aerospace sector
2019-10-04 Expansion of neopentyl glycol in Germany / Intermediate product for plasticisers and polyester resins
2019-10-03 Ya se conocen los ganadores de los premios Liderpack 2019
2019-10-03 US group expands PVC masterbatch capacity in the Netherlands
2019-10-03 Acquisition of India's Monachem Additives / Velox merged with IMCD Deutschland
2019-10-03 Foundation stone laid for EUR 1.2 bn polyol complex in Hungary / Start-up expected in 2021
2019-10-03 Sirmax moving into bioplastics 
2019-10-03 Researchers Develop Composite Using Coffee Waste for Cost-effective 3D Printing
2019-10-02 PepsiCo Announces New Target to Reduce Plastic Content in Beverage Packaging
2019-10-02 Kiefel Packaging to show future proof performance tool at K2019
2019-10-02 Spanish company takes over Germany's Louvrette / Expansion of cosmetic packaging capacity
2019-10-02 Partnership with UPM Biofuels to produce bio-based PE / Plans to scale production at Terneuzen plant
2019-10-02 FKuR welcomes visitors for a sustainable coffee break at K2019 
2019-10-01 Collaboration on recyclable polyethylene packaging for ?Finish? detergents successfully piloted for retail
2019-10-01 Polyamide and PBT compounding plant starts up in China
2019-10-01 Groundbreaking at PET and HDPE recycling plant in Hong Kong
2019-10-01 Construction permit for chlor-alkali project in southern China / PVC production start up in 2021
2019-10-01 A fish story: waste offcuts turn into bioplastic 
2019-09-30 Acquisition of Russian packaging manufacturer TT-print completed
2019-09-30 Expansion of PTFE and precursor production in US
2019-09-30 Expansion of polypropylene compounding in Germany / World's largest PP compounding site
2019-09-30 Huhtamaki acquires packaging firm Everest Flexibles
2019-09-30 Ahlstrom-Munksjö and Seoil to introduce U-shaped drinking straws
2019-09-27 Dow and UPM partner to produce plastics made with renewable feedstock 
2019-09-27 Israel's compostable packaging producer raises USD 25m
2019-09-27 Ultrafiltration membrane business divested to DuPont / Technology for drinking and wastewater treatment
2019-09-26 Dow and UPM Co-develop Renewable Naphtha-based Plastic Packaging
2019-09-25 K 2019 news: Palsgaard’s biobased additives offer safety, sustainability and superior performance 
2019-09-25 Belgian PVC compounder acquires UK's Dugdale
2019-09-24 Color, care, clarity keywords at K 2019 for Milliken
2019-09-24 Sale of cosmetics packaging department to Quadpack / Third plant in Germany currently under construction
2019-09-24 Construction of PA 12 complex begins in Germany
2019-09-24 Contract signed with wind energy specialist Vestas for structural foams
2019-09-23 Coperion helps Benin firm convert to bio-based film
2019-09-23 UK authorities review Kohlberg's merger of three plants with subsidiary
2019-09-23 JV for recycling starts up in Kosovo / First batches of rLDPE and rLLDPE produced
2019-09-23 Distribution of polyamide barrier resins from DuPont in EMEA and Brazil
2019-09-23 Additional C2 capacity in South Korea now in operation / More downstream polyolefins to follow
2019-09-23 Two-year project to upgrade Fife ethylene plant / Plans include reducing the impact of flaring
2019-09-20 K2019: Husky to present Plastic Packaging for Every Market Needs
2019-09-20 Eastman unveils vision for sustainable future at Luxe Pack Monaco
2019-09-20 Acquisition of French PVC recycler Ereplast
2019-09-20 Divestment of European production of polycarbonate sheets to Germany's Serafin
2019-09-20 Two new production lines for composite material start operations / Lanxess subsidiary widens capacity by 50%
2019-09-20 German film manufacturer expands distribution to Northern Europe / Filmolux Scandinavia founded
2019-09-19 Synthos buys XPS insulation panel line from Italian supplier
2019-09-19 Novamont wins 2019 Innovation in Bioplastics award
2019-09-19 Almost 1,700 jobs to be cut worldwide in efficiency drive / Major changes to production in Hungary
2019-09-19 Opening of PU systems house in Dubai / Base for expansion into Middle East and North Africa
2019-09-19 New Biomass-derived PC Composite to Replace BPA-based Polycarbonates
2019-09-18 New Nettle Fiber-based Biodegradable Composite for Packaging Applications
2019-09-18 H1 revenue and consumer sales rise / Business in China sees double-digit growth
2019-09-18 WinCup introduces biodegradable line of straws and stirrers
2019-09-17 FachPack 2019: FKuRâ??s New Terralene® rPP Range for Bioplastic Packaging & More
2019-09-17 California legislature rejects bills to phase out single-use plastics, for now
2019-09-17 Stora Enso and Fiskeby announce success in paper cup recycling trial
2019-09-17 Polyolefins producer sets out expansion in China / MoU with Liaoning Bora for cracker complex JV
2019-09-17 Plans progress with PTT to build rPET and rHDPE plant in Thailand / JV Envicco established
2019-09-17 K 2019: FKuR to Launch Biobased Compounds for Growing Applications
2019-09-17 ADBioplastics presentará la ?botella dulce? en #Ftalks19
2019-09-16 Bio-based thermoplastics applications including packaging, consumer products, sporting goods and technical parts at K 2019
2019-09-16 Ethane cracker in Louisiana just ahead of commissioning
2019-09-16 Opening of 75,000 t/y bioplastics plant in Thailand / Fully integrated production chain from sugar to PLA
2019-09-16 UK graphene specialist gets European Space Agency funding / Project on non-metallic fuel tanks
2019-09-13 Nestlé opens new packaging research institute in Switzerland
2019-09-13 Spanish injection moulder sets up plant in Mexico
2019-09-13 Construction of ethane cracker in Shaanxi province begins / Downstream PE totalling 800,000 t/y
2019-09-13 Carbon fibre capacity expansion plans to 2028 / Hydrogen cars a major growth driver
2019-09-12 Adventures in paddle-boarding: 'Hudson Project' documentary draws attention to plastics pollution
2019-09-12 Groundbreaking for 750,000 t/y propylene facility in Belgium
2019-09-12 Partnerships with PureCycle Technologies and Loop e-commerce platform / Deal with Nippon Closures for tethered bottle caps / H1 sales up 5% on strong pharma demand
2019-09-11 Israeli compostable packaging firm Tipa raises $25m
2019-09-11 Pharmco expands Brookfield packaging facility in US
2019-09-11 Certified biodegradable PE film for tomato growers
2019-09-11 Investment in Chinese 3D printing start-up / Medical implants made of PEEK
2019-09-11 Polish group to get extrusion equipment from Italy's Union / XPS insulation panels with recycled resin
2019-09-11 Illig celebra su 18ª jornada de puertas abiertas 2019 y anuncia sus novedades para la KIllig, compromiso con la sostenibilidad en su jornada de puertas abiertas y la K 2019
2019-09-10 ?Trosifol? PVB films rebranded ?Mowital?
2019-09-10 Italian compounder expands commitment to biocompounds / Takeover of Microtec
2019-09-10 Acquisition of Vincap & Adolfse / Food and pharma applications augment range
2019-09-09 New wood-based polypropylene film material unveiled
2019-09-09 Benvic continues expansion, enters recycling compounding industry 
2019-09-09 Bioplásticos para packaging de FKuR, en la FachPack 2019
2019-09-09 Compounder opens technical centre in France
2019-09-09 TPE compounder expands capacities / New plant to focus on customers in Europe and Asia
2019-09-09 Bpi protec studies consumer understanding / Poll highlights need for improvements in labelling, education and infrastructure
2019-09-06 World Centric adds paper cold cups to NoTree collection
2019-09-06 K Special: Bioplastics could help improve industry image
2019-09-06 Pet food packaging facilities in France and Germany upgraded
2019-09-06 Turnover for H1 2019 down on 2018 / Heavy falls in June / Technical components still a big worry / Industrial packaging, building products and consumer goods also on the decline
2019-09-06 "Thermoplast M" range complies with new rules for medical-grade plastics
2019-09-06 Recycling capacity with German site planned / Focus on processing WEEE from Germany and Europe
2019-09-06 Mood in fibre-composite industry is clouding over / Automotive sector putting a brake on growth
2019-09-06 Propylene: Borealis declares force majeure in Kallo / FM is also now in effect on PP in Burghausen / Restart for OMV's cracker
2019-09-06 Chemicals | Monthly bulletin | September 2019
2019-09-05 Cotton swabs made of plastic to be replaced in Germany / Plastic packaging in UK to be reduced / Cooperation with Plastic Bank in the Philippines
2019-09-05 New York City Official Enforced Styrofoam Ban Starting July 1, 2019
2019-09-05 UK drinks group rolls out bottles made from recycled and bioplastics
2019-09-05 Expansion of BOPP film metallisation in Poland
2019-09-05 Sale of composites business and German BDO plant to Ineos completed
2019-09-05 Polymers from chemically recycled waste / Dutch firm Fuenix Ecogy provides technology
2019-09-05 Breaking news: Plastic is the future
2019-09-05 In the future, we will use more plastics – and why this is good news - Bio-based News -
2019-09-05 Ver más artículos sobre: Todas las novedades de la K 2019BMB presenta cuatro islas de trabajo. Tres expuestas en su stand 13/A33 y otra expuesta en el stand de la firma Enelkon, 12/A36, experto en la implementación de automatizaciones IML de alto rendimientoBMB lleva su eslogan 'technology First' a la K 2019
2019-09-04 UPM Raflatac responds to the growing need for renewable packaging materials by unveiling industry’s first wood-based film material - Bio-based News -
2019-09-04 Extension of additive range for virgin and recycled polyamide / Launch of products at "K 2019"
2019-09-04 World's leading plastics trade fair open its doors soon / Industry looks to Düsseldorf with anticipation / Sustainability and recycling to be dominant topics / KI Group more active than ever
2019-09-03 BillerudKorsnäs introduces Xpression E-Com paper for online market
2019-09-03 Edible seaweed-based packaging gets boost from Innovate UK - Bio-based News -
2019-09-03 Growing application areas for biocomposites - Bio-based News -
2019-09-03 CEO Roel Zeevat leaves packaging group / Anthonie Zoomers heads company in the interim
2019-09-03 Polypropylene: Production stopped by Borealis in Burghausen / New orders not taken for time being
2019-09-02 EU imposes tariffs on PET manufactured in India
2019-09-02 Consumption drops across public sector in Wales / Wrap to issue procurement guidance
2019-09-02 Beyond food: the role of animals in the bioeconomy - Bio-based News -
2019-08-30 Sulapac: the startup making biodegradable, plastic-free beauty packaging a reality - Bio-based News -
2019-08-30 Glitter that won’t hurt the environment - Bio-based News -
2019-08-30 Polyethylene imports skyrocket in first half of 2019 / Much less cargo from US amid trade war
2019-08-30 New fibre-reinforced ASA grade / Suitable for metal-plastic combinations and structural outdoor uses
2019-08-30 Head of German subsidiary departs / Nick Lemmens named managing director of Benelux branch
2019-08-29 Sustainable Compounding: Blown film manufacturer from Benin switches to biodegradable products with help from Coperion - Bio-based News -
2019-08-29 US sees second-quarter sales recovering slightly
2019-08-29 Siegfried Köhler switches to Sumitomo, Valentina Faloci succeeds him at Wittmann Battenfeld
2019-08-29 Presence in run-off could threaten drinking water / Cautious WHO report says more data needed / Monomers leached into environment during polymerisation not primary concern
2019-08-29 University of Minnesota receives $20M grant for sustainable plastics research - Bio-based News -
2019-08-28 AMR says global bioplastics market will reach $68.57 billion by 2024 - Bio-based News -
2019-08-28 Emerging Trends, Drivers and Challenges in the Recycled Plastics Market 2019 - 2023 | Technavio
2019-08-28 Poligal purchases second BOBST Metallizer
2019-08-27 Terphane Selected as One of the Best Companies to Work For in Brazil for 2019 by Great Place to Work
2019-08-27 Ahead of K 2019, Clariant Reveals the Theme â??Symphony of Collaborationâ?? to Tackle Plastics Waste Challenge
2019-08-27 Karl-Heinz Bußbach sees a future for bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2019-08-26 Green Cell Foam Meets Safe and Reliable Packaging Needs - Bio-based News -
2019-08-26 Werner & Mertz - Used plastic: Genuine only with RAL Quality Mark!
2019-08-26 Coloring the "Circular Economy" - Bio-based News -
2019-08-23 Reduce, Recycle, Replace: SÜDPACK takes 3-pronged approach to sustainability - Bio-based News -
2019-08-23 Plastic waste: Think globally, act locally
2019-08-23 Indian Railways to enforce ban on single-use plastics
2019-08-22 The yin and yang of plastics taxes
2019-08-22 Tell the truth, now: Do companies really want to be green?
2019-08-21 Strong growth for global market to 2027 / Preference for plastic increases / TM Research report
2019-08-21 Hasbro to eliminate plastic packaging from new products by 2020
2019-08-21 Labeling a smarter future 
2019-08-20 Avantium releases first half 2019 results 
2019-08-18 Thailand promotes promise as bioplastics base
2019-08-15 Edible seaweed-based packaging gets boost from Innovate UK 
2019-08-15 Bayer provides produce growers with holistic approach to field challenges during first ever Agriculture and Innovation Showcase
2019-08-12 Sky supporting 10 UK companies to reduce ocean plastics
2019-08-12 Glitter that won’t hurt the environment 
2019-08-09 Sky Ocean Ventures and Innovate UK set up fund to tackle ocean plastic 
2019-08-08 AMR says global bioplastics market will reach $68.57 billion by 2024 
2019-08-07 Global Flexible Plastic Packaging Market 2019-2023 | Emergence of Recyclable Flexible Plastic Packaging to Boost Growth | Technavio
2019-08-07 Nordson MARCH to Present Paper on Plasma Applications for Wafer-Level Packaging at ICEPT
2019-08-02 Coloring the “Circular Economy”  
2019-08-01 UK to lead global innovation in sustainable plastics in drive to net zero - Bio-based News -
2019-08-01 Partnership during K-2019: Braskem, Kautex Maschinenbau and Erema will demonstrate a closed plastic loop - Bio-based News -
2019-07-31 PACCOR adquiere EDV Packaging Solutions
2019-07-24 Arburg en la K 2019: dos perspectivas del mismo mundo
2019-07-23 DWK Life Sciences Introduces Ready-to-Use High-Recovery Workflow Solution Designed for Containment of High-Value Biological Products
2019-07-23 Huhtamaki announces launch of its new compostable double wall cups
2019-07-23 Global $15.12 Billion Industrial Wax Market Outlook to 2026 -
2019-07-23 Karl-Heinz Bußbach sees a future for bioplastics 
2019-07-19 Huhtamaki launches compostable Impresso double-walled hot cup
2019-07-19 Huhtamaki launches new compostable double wall cup 
2019-07-18 Genera to open sustainable packaging facility in Tennessee, US
2019-07-18 Global Biodegradable Plastics Market Forecasts Through 2019-2027 - Availability of Cost-effective Bio-based Raw Materials Spurs Opportunities -
2019-07-18 Patrick Zimmermann joins management team FKuR Kunststoff  
2019-07-17 K 2019 plans a show of sustainability
2019-07-17 Spanish compounder plans to expand / Compostable resins for single-use applications
2019-07-17 Milacron to Present Latest, Cutting-Edge Technologies at K 2019
2019-07-16 BillerudKorsnäs and Paper Straw develop 180° U-Bend straw
2019-07-16 Trex offers free recyclability testing of polyethylene packaging
2019-07-16 BASF says ecovio contributes to closing the nutrient cycle towards a Circular Economy 
2019-07-15 ScottsMiracle-Gro® and ProAmpac Win 2019 AmeriStar Award
2019-07-15 ScottsMiracle-Gro® and ProAmpac Win 2019 AmeriStar Award
2019-07-15 IMCD and Lactips enter into distribution agreement - Bio-based News -
2019-07-15 Distributor of Lactips' bio-based resins for France and the Nordic region
2019-07-15 Top 5 Vendors in the Global Bicomponent Fiber Market 2019-2023 | Technavio
2019-07-14 Sustainable plastics: How far and how fast can we go?
2019-07-13 Increased usage in automotive to drive global demand of polymer nanocomposites to US$31 bln by 2025
2019-07-12 Global Bioplastics Packaging Market Outlook to 2024: Increased Usage of Green Products, Sustainability, and Inclination for Environment Protection -
2019-07-12 Top 5 Vendors in the Global Polyurethane Foam Market 2019-2023 | Technavio
2019-07-11 Biodegradable plastics trend could sabotage beverage companies’ efforts to use more recycled content
2019-07-11 Sustainable Compounding: Blown film manufacturer switches to biodegradable products with help from Coperion
2019-07-11 Benin blown film manufacturer chooses Coperion equipment to produce biodegradable film 
2019-07-10 Clariant Masterbatches initiative seeks to help make plastics packaging more sustainable
2019-07-10 DOMO Film Solutions committed to the sustainable future of nylon, to investigate biobased solutions 
2019-07-10 Anellotech’s New Biomass Pre-Treatment Technology to Remove Minerals Successfully Demonstrated at 20 Metric Tons/Day Scale - Bio-based News -
2019-07-09 IMCD and Lactips enter into distribution agreement 
2019-07-09 Saudi Arabia PE Pipes Market Forecast: The Market Reached a Volume of 164,687 Tons by 2018 -
2019-07-09 Global Cellulose Acetate Market Outlook 2019-2023 with Celanese Corp, Daicel Corp, Eastman Chemical Co, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp, and Rayonier Advanced Materials Dominating the Competition -
2019-07-08 Clariant multiplies efforts to make plastic packaging more sustainable
2019-07-08 CH-Bioforce revolutionizes biomaterials production - Bio-based News -
2019-07-08 What’s new in PHA bioplastics: An update with Cambridge Associates
2019-07-08 What’s new in PHA bioplastics: An update with Cambridge Consultants
2019-07-08 Global Analysis on Dioctyl Terephthalate & Emerging Alternatives, 2019 -
2019-07-08 Lygos Announces Bio-DEM™ Product Qualified at Metric Ton Scale for Sirrus’ Chemilian™ and Forza™ Product Lines
2019-07-08 $1.8 Bn Biofertilizer Market - Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2019-2024 -
2019-07-05 Hansen launches compostable jars in bid to cut plastic packaging
2019-07-05 Top 5 Vendors in the Global Styrene Butadiene (SB) Latex Market 2019-2023 | Technavio
2019-07-05 Castor Oil Market Projections to 2024 - Leading Players are Adani Wilmar, Jayant Agro, Gokul Overseas, and Kandla Agro & Chemicals -
2019-07-04 ALPLA and GC plan to build plastic recycling plant in Thailand
2019-07-04 $119.4 Million Muconic Acid Market to 2024 - Carpets & Textiles Currently Represent the Biggest Application -
2019-07-03 Jabil Packaging Solutions launches Sustainable Packaging Services to accelerate innovation
2019-07-03 New feedstock source helps companies minimize their carbon footprint
2019-07-02 UK festival plastic bottle deposit return scheme trial set to launch
2019-07-02 CH-Bioforce revolutionizes biomaterials production 
2019-07-02 Ahead of K 2019, Clariant reveals the theme ‘Symphony of Collaboration’ to tackle plastics waste challenge - Bio-based News -
2019-07-02 Launch of revised commercialisation strategy for "YXY" process / Site decision due H2 2019 / EUR 1.3m grant from EU
2019-07-02 Global Cellulose Acetate Market 2019-2023 | Product Development of Acetate Filter Tow to Boost Growth | Technavio
Date Title
2021-02-01 Synergistic enhancement of gas barrier and aging resistance for biodegradable films with aligned graphene nanosheets
2020-12-01 Consumer behaviour towards Wood-Polymer packaging in convenience and shopping goods: A comparative analysis to conventional materials
2020-12-01 Ingestion of plastic litter by the sandy anemone Bunodactis reynaudi
2020-12-01 Bio-based polyether from limonene oxide catalytic ROP as green polymeric plasticizer for PLA
2020-11-01 Nanoperlite effect on thermal, rheological, surface and cellular properties of poly lactic acid/nanoperlite nanocomposites for multipurpose applications
2020-11-01 pH-sensitive (halochromic) smart packaging films based on natural food colorants for the monitoring of food quality and safety
2020-11-01 Emerging trends in pectin extraction and its anti-microbial functionalization using natural bioactives for application in food packaging
2020-11-01 Active and intelligent biodegradable packaging films using food and food waste-derived bioactive compounds: A review
2020-10-14 Biopolymer blended films of poly(butylene succinate)/cyclic olefin copolymer with enhanced mechanical strength for packaging applications
2020-10-12 Use of Alginates as Food Packaging Materials
2020-10-11 Biodegradable Antimicrobial Food Packaging: Trends and Perspectives
2020-10-10 Properties of Biodegradable Films Based on Poly(butylene Succinate) (PBS) and Poly(butylene Adipate-co-Terephthalate) (PBAT) Blends †,‡
2020-10-09 Traditional Sensory Evaluation and Bionic Electronic Nose as Innovative Tools for the Packaging Performance Evaluation of Chitosan Film
2020-10-08 Nanotechnology Filter Coatings to Combat the Spread of Coronavirus
2020-10-05 Preparation, characterization and properties of biodegradable poly(butylene adipate?co?butylene terephthalate)/thermoplastic poly(propylene carbonate) polyurethane blend films
2020-10-04 Flame retardancy and thermal stability of agricultural residue fiber?reinforced polylactic acid: A Review
2020-09-26 Bacterial Nanocellulose—A Biobased Polymer for Active and Intelligent Food Packaging Applications: Recent Advances and Developments
2020-09-25 Barrier Film of Etherified Hemicellulose from Single-Step Synthesis
2020-09-25 Role of Surface-Treated Silica Nanoparticles on the Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Poly(Lactide)
2020-09-18 Cascade strategies for the full valorisation of Garganega white grape pomace towards bioactive extracts and bio-based materials
2020-09-17 Pumpkin seed oil cake/polyethylene film as new food packaging material, with perspective for packing under modified atmosphere
2020-09-17 Torrefaction of Coffee Husk Flour for the Development of Injection-Molded Green Composite Pieces of Polylactide with High Sustainability
2020-09-17 Structural, Morphological and Thermal Properties of Cellulose Nanofibers from Napier fiber (Pennisetum purpureum)
2020-09-15 Rheological properties of teak wood flour reinforced HDPE and maize starch composites
2020-09-15 Optimization of wheat?straw?extracted cellulose via response surface methodology and mechanical properties of its poly(lactide)?based biocomposites
2020-09-13 Incorporation of norbixin in biodegradable alginate films crosslinked with Ca2+: Pro?oxidant action
2020-09-10 A Critical Review of SCWG in the Context of Available Gasification Technologies for Plastic Waste
2020-09-10 Long-Term Antibacterial Effect of Electrospun Polyvinyl Alcohol/Polyacrylate Sodium Nanofiber Containing Nisin-Loaded Nanoparticles
2020-09-09 Trimetallic Nanoparticles: Greener Synthesis and Their Applications
2020-09-08 The Recent Developments in the Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles
2020-09-02 Whey Protein Concentrate/Isolate Biofunctional Films Modified with Melanin from Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) Seeds
2020-09-02 An ultrafast and clean method to manufacture poly(vinyl alcohol) bead foam products
2020-09-01 Nanosystems of plant-based pigments and its relationship with oxidative stress
2020-09-01 Green strategies for active food packagings: A systematic review on active properties of graphene-based nanomaterials and biodegradable polymers
2020-08-26 Preparation and properties of poly(lactic acid)/lignin?modified polyvinyl acetate composites
2020-08-25 Improvement of water barrier properties of soybean protein isolate films by poly(3?hydroxybutyrate) thin coating
2020-08-19 Biodegradable Hybrid Nanocomposite of Chitosan/Gelatin and Green Synthesized Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for Food Packaging
2020-08-13 Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Biodegradable Active Packaging Enriched with Clove and Thyme Essential Oil for Food Packaging Application
2020-08-09 Developed Chitosan/Oregano Essential Oil Biocomposite Packaging Film Enhanced by Cellulose Nanofibril
2020-08-07 Hemicellulose-Based Film: Potential Green Films for Food Packaging
2020-08-06 A Review on Plant Cellulose Nanofibre-Based Aerogels for Biomedical Applications
2020-08-06 Investigation of surface?pegylated nanocellulose as reinforcing agent on PBAT biodegradable nanocomposites
2020-08-05 Influence of particle size and glassy carbon content on the thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties of PHBV/glassy carbon composites
2020-08-04 Compostable Polylactide and Cellulose Based Packaging for Fresh-Cut Cherry Tomatoes: Performance Evaluation and Influence of Sterilization Treatment
2020-08-04 Cellulose Nanocrystals/Graphene Hybrids—A Promising New Class of Materials for Advanced Applications
2020-08-02 Analysis of the Characteristics and Cytotoxicity of Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials Following Simulated In Vitro Digestion
2020-08-01 Migration of volatile compounds from natural biomaterials and their safety evaluation as food contact materials
2020-07-30 Compatibility improvement of poly(lactic acid)/thermoplastic starch blown films using acetylated starch
2020-07-29 Effect of Iignocellulosic Nanoparticles Extracted from Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) on the Structural, Thermal, Optical and Barrier Properties of Mechanically Recycled Poly(lactic acid)
2020-07-24 Antibacterial Activity of Biocellulose with Oregano Essential Oil against Cronobacter Strains
2020-07-23 Development and Characterization of Citrus Junos Pomace Pectin Films Incorporated With Rambutan (Nephelium Lappaceum) Peel Extract
2020-07-23 Bio-Polyethylene (Bio-PE), Bio-Polypropylene (Bio-PP) and Bio-Poly(ethylene terephthalate) (Bio-PET): Recent Developments in Bio-Based Polymers Analogous to Petroleum-Derived Ones for Packaging and Engineering Applications
2020-07-19 Recent Progress in High?Strength and Robust Regenerated Cellulose Materials
2020-07-14 Bio-Based Packaging: Materials, Modifications, Industrial Applications and Sustainability
2020-07-14 Chitosan?based biomaterials: From discovery to food application
2020-07-14 Novel Materials in the Preparation of Edible Films and Coatings—A Review
2020-07-14 Raw and chemically treated bio?waste filled (Limonia acidissima shell powder) vinyl ester composites: Physical, mechanical, moisture absorption properties, and microstructure analysis
2020-07-12 Bio-Based and Biodegradable Plastics: From Passive Barrier to Active Packaging Behavior
2020-07-09 Effects of polylactic acid antimicrobial films on preservation of Chinese rape
2020-07-06 Chia seeds to develop new biodegradable polymers for food packaging: Properties and biodegradability
2020-06-30 Sustainable Use of Fruit and Vegetable By-Products to Enhance Food Packaging Performance
2020-06-30 Bio-Based Poly(butylene succinate)/Microcrystalline Cellulose/Nanofibrillated Cellulose-Based Sustainable Polymer Composites: Thermo-Mechanical and Biodegradation Studies
2020-06-28 Characterisation of Biologically Active Hydrolysates and Peptide Fractions of Vacuum Packaging String Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
2020-06-16 Effect of Purification Methods on Commercially Available Cellulose Nanocrystal Properties and TEMPO Oxidation
2020-06-15 Review on Polysaccharides Used in Coatings for Food Packaging Papers
2020-06-10 Encapsulation of Bioactive Compounds from Aloe Vera Agrowastes in Electrospun Poly (Ethylene Oxide) Nanofibers
2020-06-05 Unveiling a Recycling-Sourced Mineral-Biocellulose Fibre Composite for Use in Combustion-Generated NOx Mitigation Forming Plant Nutrient: Meeting Sustainability Development Goals in the Circular Economy
2020-06-04 Polysaccharide and Protein Films with Antimicrobial/Antioxidant Activity in the Food Industry: A Review
2020-06-03 In-Situ Biofabrication of Silver Nanoparticles in Ceiba pentandra Natural Fiber Using Entada spiralis Extract with Their Antibacterial and Catalytic Dye Reduction Properties
2020-06-02 Development and characterisation of gelatine/palm wax/lemongrass essential oil (GPL)?coated paper for active food packaging
2020-06-01 Obtaining cellulosic nanofibrils from oat straw for biocomposite reinforcement: Mechanical and barrier properties
2020-06-01 Engineering antigen as photosensitiser nanocarrier to facilitate ROS triggered immune cascade for photodynamic immunotherapy
2020-06-01 Biodegradable green packaging with antimicrobial functions based on the bioactive compounds from tropical plants and their by-products
2020-05-31 Development of ZnO/Na-Montmorillonite Hybrid Nanostructures Used for PVOH/ZnO/Na-Montmorillonite Active Packaging Films Preparation via a Melt-Extrusion Process
2020-05-29 Calorimetric and Dielectric Study of Renewable Poly(hexylene 2,5-furan-dicarboxylate)-Based Nanocomposites In Situ Filled with Small Amounts of Graphene Platelets and Silica Nanoparticles
2020-05-27 Na-Montmorillonite vs. Organically Modified Montmorillonite as Essential Oil Nanocarriers for Melt-Extruded Low-Density Poly-Ethylene Nanocomposite Active Packaging Films with a Controllable and Long-Life Antioxidant Activity
2020-05-27 Internalization of Metal–Organic Framework Nanoparticles in Human Vascular Cells: Implications for Cardiovascular Disease Therapy
2020-05-21 Synthesis of Polylactic Acid Initiated through Biobased Antioxidants: Towards Intrinsically Active Food Packaging
2020-05-21 Biodegradation of Bioplastic Using Anaerobic Digestion at Retention Time as per Industrial Biogas Plant and International Norms
2020-05-20 Plasticized poly(lactic acid) reinforced with antioxidant covalent organic frameworks (COFs) as novel nanofillers designed for non-migrating active packaging applications
2020-05-19 Forensic Engineering of Advanced Polymeric Materials—Part VII: Degradation of Biopolymer Welded Joints
2020-05-18 Effects of Immobilized Ionic Liquid on Properties of Biodegradable Polycaprolactone/LDH Nanocomposites Prepared by In Situ Polymerization and Melt-Blending Techniques
2020-05-15 Controlled size green synthesis of bioactive silver nanoparticles assisted by chitosan and its derivatives and their application in biofilm preparation
2020-05-14 Nanomaterials to Enhance Food Quality, Safety, and Health Impact
2020-05-14 Extracted Compounds from Neem Leaves as Antimicrobial Agent on the Physico-Chemical Properties of Seaweed-Based Biopolymer Films
2020-05-14 Production of Sustainable and Biodegradable Polymers from Agricultural Waste
2020-05-14 Manufacturing and Properties of Binary Blend from Bacterial Polyester Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) and Poly(caprolactone) with Improved Toughness
2020-05-13 3D?printed polymer packing structures: Uniformity of morphology and mechanical properties via microprocessing conditions
2020-05-11 A Review on Barrier Properties of Poly(Lactic Acid)/Clay Nanocomposites
2020-05-11 (Bio)Degradable Polymeric Materials for Sustainable Future—Part 3: Degradation Studies of the PHA/Wood Flour-Based Composites and Preliminary Tests of Antimicrobial Activity
2020-05-10 Influence of Genipin Crosslinking on the Properties of Chitosan-Based Films
2020-05-10 Pectin-Based Films Loaded with Hydroponic Nopal Mucilages: Development and Physicochemical Characterization
2020-05-08 Polylactic acid/Lignocellulosic residue composites compatibilized through a starch coating
2020-05-07 Potential Natural Fiber Polymeric Nanobiocomposites: A Review
2020-05-05 Effect of gamma irradiation on the oxygen barrier properties in ethyl?vinyl acetate/ethylene?vinyl alcohol/ethyl?vinyl acetate multilayer film
2020-05-02 Effect of Gelatin Coating Enriched with Antioxidant Tomato By-Products on the Quality of Pork Meat
2020-05-01 Effect of Chinese chives (Allium tuberosum) addition to carboxymethyl cellulose based food packaging films
2020-05-01 Biodegradable packaging of cellulose acetate incorporated with norbixin, lycopene or zeaxanthin
2020-04-18 Bio-Based Coatings for Food Metal Packaging Inspired in Biopolyester Plant Cutin
2020-04-15 Recent Advances in Bioplastics: Application and Biodegradation
2020-04-14 Electrospinning of Essential Oils
2020-04-14 Wearable Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Advanced Soft Materials, Sensor Integrations, and Applications of Wearable Flexible Hybrid Electronics in Healthcare, Energy, and Environment (Adv. Mater. 15/2020)
2020-04-11 Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Bacterial Cellulose for the Production of Nanocrystals for the Food Packaging Industry
2020-04-03 Evaluation of the Suitability of Poly(Lactide)/Poly(Butylene-Adipate-co-Terephthalate) Blown Films for Chilled and Frozen Food Packaging Applications
2020-04-02 Nanofluid to Nanocomposite Film: Chitosan and Cellulose-Based Edible Packaging
2020-04-01 Preparation of Silver/Chitosan Nanofluids Using Selected Plant Extracts: Characterization and Antimicrobial Studies Against Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria
2020-03-31 Nano ZrO2 reinforced cellulose incorporated polyethylmethacrylate/polyvinyl alcohol composite films as semiconducting packaging materials
2020-03-29 Novel Extruded Starch-Beet Pulp Composites for Packaging Foams
2020-03-25 Starch-Based Foam Packaging Developed from a By-Product of Potato Industrialization (Solanum tuberosum L.)
2020-03-24 Comparative Structure-Property Characterization of Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-??-3-Hydroxyvalerate)s Films Under Hydrolytic And Enzymatic Degradation: Finding a Transition Point in 3-Hydroxyvalerate Content
2020-03-21 The Influence of Processing and Particle Size on Binderless Particleboards Made from Arundo donax L. Rhizome
2020-03-21 Surface antimicrobial modification of polyamide by poly(hexamethylene guanidine) hydrochloride
2020-03-19 Potato Starch Utilization in Ecological Loose-Fill Packaging Materials—Sustainability and Characterization
2020-03-19 Microplastics generated when opening plastic packaging
2020-03-18 Biodegradable Polyester Materials Containing Gallates
2020-03-15 Reinforced ZnONPs/ rosemary essential oil-incorporated zein electrospun nanofibers by ?-carrageenan
2020-03-12 Gas Transport Phenomena and Polymer Dynamics in PHB/PLA Blend Films as Potential Packaging Materials
2020-03-09 Essential Oil Based PVP-CMC-BC-GG Functional Hydrogel Sachet for ‘Cheese’: Its Shelf Life Confirmed with Anthocyanin (Isolated from Red Cabbage) Bio Stickers
2020-03-02 Strong UV absorption by nanoparticulated lignin in polymer films with reinforcement of mechanical properties
2020-03-02 Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Based Biofilms Plasticized with Polyols and Colored with Pigments Extracted from Tomato By-Products
2020-03-01 Chitosan based nanocomposite films and coatings: Emerging antimicrobial food packaging alternatives
2020-02-22 The Effects of Nanoclay on the Mechanical Properties, Carvacrol Release and Degradation of a PLA/PBAT Blend
2020-02-17 Fluorescent cellulose films with pH response and polarized emission
2020-02-16 Accelerated Weathering and Soil Burial Effect on Biodegradability, Colour and Textureof Coir/Pineapple Leaf Fibres/PLA Biocomposites
2020-02-14 Improving the Performance of Feather Keratin/Polyvinyl Alcohol/Tris(hydroxymethyl)Aminomethane Nanocomposite Films by Incorporating Graphene Oxide or Graphene
2020-02-13 Effect of Natural Rubber in Polyethylene Composites on Morphology, Mechanical Properties and Biodegradability
2020-02-12 The Use of Edible Films Based on Sodium Alginate in Meat Product Packaging: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Conventional Plastic Materials
2020-02-11 Chitosan Composites in Packaging Industry—Current Trends and Future Challenges
2020-02-11 Chitosan-TiO2: A Versatile Hybrid Composite
2020-02-09 Efficiency of Novel Antimicrobial Coating Based on Iron Nanoparticles for Dairy Products’ Packaging
2020-02-07 Physical and Antioxidant Properties of Cassava Starch–Carboxymethyl Cellulose Incorporated with Quercetin and TBHQ as Active Food Packaging
2020-02-04 Active Packaging – Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Films Enriched with Tomato By-Products Extract
2020-02-03 Recent Trends in the Use of Pectin from Agro-Waste Residues as a Natural-Based Biopolymer for Food Packaging Applications
2020-02-02 Angelica Essential Oil Loaded Electrospun Gelatin Nanofibers for Active Food Packaging Application
2020-02-02 Effects of Heating Temperature on the Properties of Bio-Board Manufactured by Using Soybean Straw
2020-02-01 Functionalized starch microparticles for contact-active antimicrobial polymer surfaces
2020-02-01 A biobased aliphatic polyester derived from 10-hydroxydecanoic acid: Molecular weight dependence of physical properties
2020-01-30 Research of the Influence of the Ultrasonic Treatment on the Melts of the Polymeric Compositions for the Creation of Packaging Materials with Antimicrobial Properties and Biodegrability
2020-01-28 Eco-Friendly ZnO/Chitosan Bionanocomposites Films for Packaging of Fresh Poultry Meat
2020-01-28 Evaluation of the Food Contact Suitability of Aged Bio-Nanocomposite Materials Dedicated to Food Packaging Applications
2020-01-27 Influence of Hybrid Cellulose/Bentonite Fillers on Structure, Ambient, and Low Temperature Tensile Properties of Thermoplastic Starch Composites
2020-01-23 Applications of Nanocellulose/Nanocarbon Composites: Focus on Biotechnology and Medicine
2020-01-16 Valorization of Linen Processing By-Products for the Development of Injection-Molded Green Composite Pieces of Polylactide with Improved Performance
2020-01-15 Development of bacterial cellulose/chitin multi-nano?bers based smart films containing natural active microspheres and nanoparticles formed in situ
2020-01-15 Electrospun Functional Materials toward Food Packaging Applications: A Review
2020-01-09 Fabrication of ??carrageenan and whey protein isolate?based films reinforced with nanocellulose: optimization via RSM
2020-01-08 Preparation and Characterization of Edible Dialdehyde Carboxymethyl Cellulose Crosslinked Feather Keratin Films for Food Packaging
2020-01-06 Biodegradable Poly(?-Caprolactone) Active Films Loaded with MSU-X Mesoporous Silica for the Release of ?-Tocopherol
2020-01-05 Effects of Heat Treatment and Tea Polyphenols on the Structure and Properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol Nanofiber Films for Food Packaging
2020-01-05 Picosecond Laser Ablation of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs): Comparative Study of Neat and Blended Material Response
2020-01-02 Thermal Analysis of Aliphatic Polyester Blends with Natural Antioxidants
2020-01-01 Biologically and environmentally benign approach for PHB-silver nanocomposite synthesis and its characterization
2020-01-01 Preparation and characterization of shrimp shell waste protein-based films modified with oolong tea, corn silk and black soybean seed coat extracts
2020-01-01 Tannery trimming waste based biodegradable bioplastic: Facile synthesis and characterization of properties
2020-01-01 Naturally sourced biosubstances for regulating freezing points in food researches: Fundamentals, current applications and future trends
2019-12-30 Design of Bioinspired Emulsified Composite European Eel Gelatin and Protein Isolate-Based Food Packaging Film: Thermal, Microstructural, Mechanical, and Biological Features
2019-12-26 Plasticization of poly(lactide) with poly(ethylene glycol): Low weight plasticizer vs triblock copolymers. Effect on free volume and barrier properties
2019-12-23 On the Use of Gallic Acid as a Potential Natural Antioxidant and Ultraviolet Light Stabilizer in Cast-Extruded Bio-Based High-Density Polyethylene Films
2019-12-22 Vegetable Additives in Food Packaging Polymeric Materials
2019-12-21 Preparation and Performance of Radiata-Pine-Derived Polyvinyl Alcohol/Carbon Quantum Dots Fluorescent Films
2019-12-20 Multifunctional PLA Blends Containing Chitosan Mediated Silver Nanoparticles: Thermal, Mechanical, Antibacterial, and Degradation Properties
2019-12-19 Edible Films and Coatings Functionalization by Probiotic Incorporation: A Review
2019-12-14 Plasticization of Cottonseed Protein/Polyvinyl Alcohol Blend Films
2019-12-14 A study on efficient microbial biodegradation of cellulose based jute composite
2019-12-14 Development of Injection-Molded Polylactide Pieces with High Toughness by the Addition of Lactic Acid Oligomer and Characterization of Their Shape Memory Behavior
2019-12-13 Next-generation polymers: Isosorbide as a renewable alternative
2019-12-11 Effects of Cellulose Nanocrystals and Cellulose Nanofibers on the Structure and Properties of Polyhydroxybutyrate Nanocomposites
2019-12-10 Preparation and characterization of synthetic melanin-like nanoparticles reinforced chitosan nanocomposite films
2019-12-09 Application of Protein-Based Films and Coatings for Food Packaging: A Review
2019-12-08 Lyophilized Protein Structures as an Alternative Biodegradable Material for Food Packaging
2019-12-07 Rheological and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Abutilon Natural Straw and Polylactic Acid Biocomposites
2019-12-05 Poly(propylene carbonate)/poly(3?hydroxybutyrate)?based bionanocomposites reinforced with cellulose nanocrystal for potential application as a packaging material
2019-12-01 Effect of coating with novel bio nanocomposites of cationic starch/cellulose nanocrystals on the fundamental properties of the packaging paper
2019-12-01 Antibacterial biopolymeric foams: Structure–property relationship and carvacrol release kinetics
2019-12-01 Nanoencapsulated nisin: An engineered natural antimicrobial system for the food industry
2019-12-01 Recent advances and challenges on applications of nanotechnology in food packaging. A literature review
2019-11-30 Modification of Polyacrylonitrile Fibers by Coupling to Thiosemicarbazones
2019-11-28 Effects of Preparation Method on the Physicochemical Properties of Cationic Nanocellulose and Starch Nanocomposites
2019-11-27 Preparation and Characterization of Electrospun Pectin-Based Films and Their Application in Sustainable Aroma Barrier Multilayer Packaging
2019-11-26 Advance on processing of compostable and thermally stable biodegradable polyester blends
2019-11-26 Fungicides Films of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)/Inclusion Complexes (Carvacrol and Cinnamaldehyde) Against Botrytis Cinerea
2019-11-25 Compatibility of Chitosan in Polymer Blends by Chemical Modification of Bio-based Polyesters
2019-11-22 Lignin Redistribution for Enhancing Barrier Properties of Cellulose-Based Materials
2019-11-22 The MUC5B mucin polymer is dominated by repeating structural motifs and its topology is regulated by calcium and pH
2019-11-16 A Method of Large-Scale Resource Utilization of Algae—Eutrophic Waste from Lake Chao, China: Preparation and Performance Optimization of Composite Packaging Materials
2019-11-16 Application of Polyphenol-Loaded Nanoparticles in Food Industry
2019-11-16 Preparation and Applications of the Cellulose Nanocrystal
2019-11-15 Combined effects of clay minerals and polyethylene glycol in the mechanical and water barrier properties of carboxymethylcellulose films
2019-11-15 In vitro bioactivity of novel chitosan bionanocomposites incorporated with different essential oils
2019-11-15 Synergistic effect of graphene oxide nanoplatelets and cellulose nanofibers on mechanical, thermal, and barrier properties of thermoplastic starch
2019-11-11 Flat Die Extruded Biocompatible Poly(Lactic Acid) (PLA)/Poly(Butylene Succinate) (PBS) Based Films
2019-11-08 The Use of Chitosan, Alginate, and Pectin in the Biomedical and Food Sector—Biocompatibility, Bioadhesiveness, and Biodegradability
2019-11-07 Preparation and Characterization of Soy Protein Isolate-Based Nanocomposite Films with Cellulose Nanofibers and Nano-Silica via Silane Grafting
2019-11-05 Development of bionanocomposites of pectin and nanoemulsions of carnauba wax and neem oil pectin/carnauba wax/neem oil composites
2019-11-02 Indigenous communities win share of South Africa’s rooibos tea profits in landmark bioprospecting agreement
2019-11-01 Unveiling the physicochemical properties of natural Citrus aurantifolia crosslinked tapioca starch/nanocellulose bionanocomposites
2019-11-01 Reusable ternary PVA films containing bacterial cellulose fibers and ?-polylysine with improved mechanical and antibacterial properties
2019-11-01 PLA/organoclay bionanocomposites impregnated with thymol and cinnamaldehyde by supercritical impregnation for active and sustainable food packaging
2019-11-01 Aerobic biodegradation of starch–polyurethane flexible films under soil burial condition: Changes in physical structure and chemical composition
2019-11-01 Edible flowers: Emerging components in the diet
2019-10-28 Effect of Preparation Parameters on Microparticles with High Loading Capacity and Adsorption Property Adsorbed on Functional Paper
2019-10-25 Fabrication of Cellulose Nanocrystal/Silver/Alginate Bionanocomposite Films with Enhanced Mechanical and Barrier Properties for Food Packaging Application
2019-10-21 Development and Characterization of a Biodegradable PLA Food Packaging Hold Monoterpene–Cyclodextrin Complexes against Alternaria alternata
2019-10-17 Preparation of Progressive Antibacterial LDPE Surface via Active Biomolecule Deposition Approach
2019-10-16 In situ synthesis and properties of Ag NPs/carboxymethyl cellulose/starch composite films for antibacterial application
2019-10-14 Conformable Hybrid Systems for Implantable Bioelectronic Interfaces
2019-10-11 Cactus Mucilage for Food Packaging Applications
2019-10-10 Effect of pH on the physicochemical properties of starch films
2019-10-06 Assessment of intermittent exposure of zinc oxide nanoparticle (ZNP)–mediated toxicity and biochemical alterations in the splenocytes of male Wistar rat
2019-10-01 Preparation of chitosan/zinc oxide/Melissa officinalis essential oil nano-composite film and evaluation of physical, mechanical and antimicrobial properties by response surface method
2019-09-29 Safely Dissolvable and Healable Active Packaging Films Based on Alginate and Pectin
2019-09-25 Daily briefing: The world’s oceans are losing their power to stall climate change
2019-09-24 Plastic wrap: journals, practise what you preach
2019-09-23 Inkjet Decoration of Plastics: A Bright Future
2019-09-12 Water?annealing treatment for edible silk fibroin coatings from fibrous waste
2019-09-10 Sodium Alginate-Based Green Packaging Films Functionalized by Guava Leaf Extracts and Their Bioactivities
2019-09-06 Biopolymer Coatings as Alternative to Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Shelf Life Extension of Minimally Processed Apples
2019-09-03 Effect of hinokitiol impregnated sheets on shelf life and quality of “KEK?1” tomatoes during storage
2019-09-03 Sugar palm (Arenga pinnata [Wurmb.] Merr) starch films containing sugar palm nanofibrillated cellulose as reinforcement: Water barrier properties
2019-09-03 Study of 4,4‘-Methylene Diisocyanate Phenyl Ester-Modified Cassava Residues/Polybutylene Succinate Biodegradable Composites: Preparation and Performance Research
2019-09-03 Gelatin capsule residue?based films crosslinked with the natural agent genipin
2019-09-02 Enzymatic PET Degradation
2019-09-01 Coloration of the polylactic acid with the natural dye extracted from acacia cyanophylla flowers
2019-08-30 Poly(Lactic Acid)/Zno Bionanocomposite Films with Positively Charged Zno as Potential Antimicrobial Food Packaging Materials
2019-08-30 Conversion of waste cooking oil into medium chain polyhydroxyalkanoates in a high cell density fermentation
2019-08-29 Nanostructured Antimicrobials in Food Packaging – Recent Advances
2019-08-29 Influence of Nano Titanium Dioxide and Clove Oil on Chitosan–Starch Film Characteristics
2019-08-28 Synthesis and Properties of Bionanocomposites of Polyhydroxybutyrate-Polylactic Acid Doped with Copper and Silver Nanoparticles
2019-08-23 Active Edible Films Based on Arrowroot Starch with Microparticles of Blackberry Pulp Obtained by Freeze-Drying for Food Packaging
2019-08-14 Mechanical and antibacterial properties of oriented poly(lactic acid)
2019-08-14 Functionalized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Polyimide Composite Films with Enhanced Mechanical and Thermal Properties
2019-08-10 Modified hemp fibers intended for fiber?reinforced polymer composites used in structural applications—A review. I. Methods of modification
2019-08-08 The Contribution of a Whey Protein Film Incorporated with Green Tea Extract to Minimize the Lipid Oxidation of Salmon (Salmo salar L.)
2019-08-01 Title: Cold plasma treatment to improve the adhesion of cassava starch films onto PCL and PLA surface
2019-07-26 Barrier properties and abrasion resistance of biopolymer?based coatings on biodegradable poly(lactic acid) films
2019-07-25 Effect of Radix Hedysari Polysaccharide on Glioma by Cell Cycle Arrest and TNF-α Signaling Pathway Regulation
2019-07-24 Effect of Bay Leaves Essential Oil Concentration on the Properties of Biodegradable Carboxymethyl Cellulose-Based Edible Films
2019-07-22 Extrusion Coating of Paper with Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) (PHBV)—Packaging Related Functional Properties
2019-07-19 Morphological, barrier and mechanical properties of films from poly (butylene succinate) reinforced with nanocrystalline cellulose and chitin whiskers using melt extrusion
2019-07-17 Alginate biofilms plasticized with hydrophilic and hydrophobic plasticizers for application in food packaging
2019-07-13 Improving the barrier character of poly(caprolactone): Transport properties and free volume of immiscible blends
2019-07-09 Biocompatible agar/xanthan gum composite films: Thermal, mechanical, UV, and water barrier properties
2019-07-08 Advanced Soft Materials, Sensor Integrations, and Applications of Wearable Flexible Hybrid Electronics in Healthcare, Energy, and Environment
2019-07-05 Direct and complete utilization of agricultural straw to fabricate all-biomass films with high-strength, high-haze and UV-shielding properties
2019-07-04 Reactive Melt Mixing of Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate)/Rice Husk Flour Composites with Purified Biosustainably Produced Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-co-3-Hydroxyvalerate)
2019-06-21 Recent developments in the synthesis of poly(hydroxybutyrate) based biocomposites
2019-05-23 Preparing chitosan–polyaniline nanocomposite film and examining its mechanical, electrical, and antimicrobial properties
2019-05-22 Pineapple shell fiber as reinforcement in cassava starch foam trays


This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837761.