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Multifunctional flexible strain sensor based on three?dimensional core?shell structures of silver nanoparticles/natural rubber

SA/PA Mn+ aerogels with high flame retardancy were successfully prepared.SA/PA Mn+ aerogels have excellent thermal insulation and good mechanical properties.Hydrophobic modification of SA/PA Mn+ aerogels by trans?cinnamic acid broadens the application range.The flame retardant mechanism of SA/PA Mn+ aerogels was discussed.AbstractSodium?alginate?based aerogels possess wide prospects in the fields of packaging, aerospace, industrial construction and transportation because of their environmental compatibility and thermal insulation, but it is still a challenge to obtain a sodium alginate?based aerogel with high flame retardancy and good thermal insulation. Herein, a sodium?alginate?based aerogel with high flame retardancy, thermal insulation and good hydrophobic properties was prepared by two?step crosslinking strategy of phytic acid and metal ions and liquid phase deposition of trans?cinnamic acid. As a result, the prepared SA/PA Mn+ aerogels obtained excellent flame retardancy (UL?94?V?0, LOI 50.1%) and rapid self?extinguishing, and SA/PA Mn+ aerogels obtained good hydrophobic ability (CA?=?134.2°). In addition, the mechanical properties of SA/PA Mn+ aerogels have also been improved, the compressive modulus increased from 0.66 to 6.37?MPa, and the specific modulus increased from 15.7 to 140.2?MPa?cm??3?g?1. This research broadens the application of bio?based flame?retardant aerogels in the fields of packaging, aerospace, industrial construction and transportation.

Publication date: 15/03/2024

Journal of Applied Polymer Science


This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837761.