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ENTREPINARES Group work on a plastic-free future

Since 2019 Entrepinares is part of the BIOnTOP project wich is funded by the European Commission within the R+D+i Horizon 2020 Program. The main goal of the project is to develop sustainable packaging. In this way, Entrepinares unite innovation and sustainability and work together along other 21 companies, technology centers and universities from 8 countries: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia and Spain. Please note that the linked article is only available in Spanish:

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Workshop – Biobased Materials Research: Advances from ECOFUNCO and BIONTOP European Projects

ECOFUNCO project is coordinating a workshop focused on bio-based materials, with the aim of sharing the expertise gained during the project. The partners involved will deliver presentations on a variety of topics, from chemical extraction of bio-based molecules to sustainability assessment. Furthermore, representatives from the ECOFUNCO advisory board and the BionTop project have been invited to expand the impact of the talks.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 16 June 2021, from 9.30 to 18 (online) and it is free of charge.

Follow this link in order to register to the event

Deadline for registration is on Monday 14 June 2021. All that register will receive a link to the workshop by email 1-2 days before the event.


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BIOnTop's homepage nominated for .eu Web Award 2022

The eighth edition of the .eu Web Awards has started, and BIOnTop's homepage is one of its nominees, being part of the .eu-Top Level Domain family. Feel free to support us in the competition and make your vote for BIOnTop here until 5 August 2021: The 18 finalists (three from each category) will be announced on 16 August 2021 and invited to the .eu Web Awards Gala in September 2021, where the six winners will be announced, one from each category. The winners will get a premium prize package, including a three-month billboard advertising campaign at Brussels Airport, a custom-made promotional video, and a trophy. The .eu Web Award is an online competition that started in 2014. It is meant to honour websites with an appealing design, high-quality content, and strict security rules. The award is presented in six categories utilizing the .eu top-level domain, helping to create a common European internet identity. The .eu Web Award is hosted by EURid (European Registry for Internet Domains), a non-profit organisation based in Diegem near Brussels, Belgium. EURid is responsible for the operational and technical management of the .eu top-level domain on behalf of the European Commission since 2003.

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BIOnTop supporting pathway "Towards A Sustainable Industrial Chemistry Model In Europe"

Rafael Alonso, the main researcher of the BIOnTop Project at AIMPLAS, participated in the online event "Towards A Sustainable Industrial Chemistry Model In Europe", discussing the European chemical industry's new challenges of adapting to sustainability and circularity, which are indispensable to overcome current limitations: product and process life cycle linearity, resource constraints, greenhouse gases and pollution, and the need for decarbonization, among others. The progress of six BBI JU projects – among them BIOnTOP, presented by Rafael Alonso – gave an overview of the initiatives' progress and current success in manufacturing high value-added raw materials from renewable sources or by-products and developing fully recycled and recyclable packaging materials. The webinar, held on 18 May 2021, was kindly hosted by TECNALIA, which is a leading Research and Technological Development Centre in Europe, whose mission is to transform technology into GDP to improve people’s quality of life by creating business opportunities for companies, being a member of BRTA (Basque Research and Technology Alliance).

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BIOnTop supporting a more sustainable cheese production

Committed to local raw materials since its foundation in 1984, our BIOnTop project partner Queserías Entrepinares has been on a steady way to ensure the sustainability of dairy farms. BIOnTop is an essential building block in Entrepinare's drive towards more sustainable packaging of cheese products. Read more about how projects from the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking and Horizon 2020, among others, are helping Entrepinares to improve cheese production in "El Día de Valladolid" (02/05/2021). Please note that the linked article is only available in Spanish:


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Biobased coatings for barrier improvement

In an article published in the magazine Plasterverarbeiter, the recent experimental results about protein coating are outlined. In principle, the development of biobased coating as potential tool to increase the barrier properties of PLA-based flexible films was illustrated. By using an innovative fatty acid grafting process to modify the surface of whey protein films led to a reduction in the water vapor permeability and a water repellance effect. The variation in process parameters such as temperature and time led to an optimization of the covalent bond formation of fatty acids on top of the whey protein films. Whereas pure whey protein films are hydrophilic and water droplets directly immerse into the film, the fatty acid grafted protein films showed a contact angle above 100° which means the formation of a hydrophobic surface. This hydrophobic surface is also suitable to enhance the easy emptying properties. Overall, the biobased protein coating and fatty acid grafting approach provides high potential to develop biobased packaging offering new end-of-life scenarios such as home compostability and sea water degradability which is under analysis by the BIOnTop team. Ongoing research focus on the upscaling of the coating and grafting as well as the optimization of the coating formulations for thermoformed materials.

Please find the article (in German) under the following link:

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BIOnTop obtains promising results in the development of new recyclable and compostable packaging

In its first year, the European project BIOnTop has achieved good results in its experimental work on copolymers and compounds with customized biodegradability and multifunctional coating solutions with customized properties. Although these tasks are currently ongoing, the first trials have shown promising results. 
Another task performed in this first year was defining the specifications for PLA-based products with customized end of life and properties. Two technical deliverables and one scientific paper have been published with these initial project results. The first deliverable is an extensive review of the state of the art, including scientific papers, patents and commercial information on biodegradable household packaging and textiles. The information in this deliverable was consulted to write the paper Bio-Based Packaging: Materials, Modifications, Industrial Applications and Sustainability, published in the international scientific journal Polymers (ISSN 2073-4360). The second deliverable consists of a compilation of information on commercial biopolymers, additives and monomers, including suppliers and prices, in order to select the source materials to be used to start working with the laboratory scale-up formulation in upcoming project activities. All three documents are accessible through this website (dissemination-publications).  The paper is also available on the journal website.

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BBI JU: a high-impact initiative for green recovery of Europe

Since its inception in 2014, BBI JU has contributed to the development of Europe’s competitive and sustainable bio-based industries sector. Through 123 projects funded by BBI JU, close to 1,000 beneficiaries from 37 countries are laying the foundations for a green recovery of Europe.
The booklet published highlights the environmental, socio-economic and technological impacts of BBI JU, and how BBI JU projects are contributing to the EU’s environment and sustainability goals. The high creation rate of skilled jobs and collaboration links between academia and industry, as well as the great leverage effect of investments made in these projects prove the success of the BBI JU model.
Access the publication

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EU research project BIOnTop – Research and development of more sustainable packaging concepts

Albstadt-Sigmaringen University released an article about BIOnTop in IDM International Dairy Magazine 05/2020. The bi-monthly published English-language trade journal offers an up-to-date summary of global dairy industry developments. The article gives an overview of BIOnTop's general approach to the production of bio-based packaging and how innovations such as whey-protein based coatings and PLA-based films will support the dairy industry to use more renewable and recyclable packaging, that fulfils the technical specifications needed to pack dairy products.

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EU joint project BIOnTop - Research and development of more sustainable packaging concepts - Article in magazine Plastverarbeiter

BIOnTop’s partner Albstadt-Sigmaringen University has published an article about the project at Plastverarbeiter magazine. This publication supports plastics processors in designing production in a cost and resource-efficient way as well as recognizing new market opportunities at an early stage. Innovative products and production strategies are also presented, as are concrete practice problems.

The article gives an overview of the project, focused on polylactic acid material, explaining how different teams work on coating technqiues as well as on composites to increase the barrier and mechanical properties of polylactic acid based films and textiles to develop an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic packaging currently produced from crude oil.

Link to the article

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BIOnTop at 13th International Conference on Bio-based materials

Rafael Alonso, main researcher of BIOnTop Project at AIMPLAS, participated on the 2nd day (13/05/2020) of the 13th International Conference on Bio-based materials organized by nova-Institut GmbH. This conference is the second largest event on bio-based materials in Europe, with around 250 participants and 30 exhibitors, and continues to expand. Due to the Corona crisis, this year's conference couldn't take place in its established and appreciated format but it was held online.

Rafael Alonso was one of the selected speakers with its presentation "Novel bio-based polymers and biomolecules for sustainable packaging developments". He presented BIOnTop and three more projects in which AIMPLAS is involved on this subject.

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BIOnTop at REFUCOAT virtual event

Researchers from the EU-funded project REFUCOAT presented key outcomes during their virtual event “From plastics to policy: how can we improve the performance of food packaging?” The event was held in two parts:

  • Session 1 on Tuesday 5 May: Environmental and regulatory challenges related to bio-plastics
  • Session 2 on Thursday 7 May: The technology behind bio-plastics

Over 100 participants gathered online to hear presentations about key results coming from the project which will end in September 2020.

Elodie Bugnicourt, from our partner IRIS and also partner in REFUCOAT Project, mentioned BIOnTop's approach in the presentation Recycling of complex packaging structures.

See presentation

Find more about REFUCOAT event (all presentations)

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Emerging circular biobased barrier solutions

Elodie Bugnicourt, from our partner IRIS, has published an interesting article in Bioplastics Magazine about Emerging circular biobased barrier solutions, including those to be developed in BIOnTop Project.

Read the article E. Bugnicourt et al., Bioplastics Magazine, Vol. 5, September 2019

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Kick-off Meeting of the BIOnTop Project

Kick-off Meeting of the BIOnTop Project, coordinated by AIMPLAS, was held on the 17th and 18th June 2019.

The four-year project aims at delivering bio-based recyclable-by-design cost competitive packaging solutions that can be mechanically recycled, industrially or home compostable, or suitable for anaerobic digestion.

Leading experts from 21 organisations based in 8 European countries form the project consortium. At this first meeting, they could share their general view of the project and to plan in detail the steps to be taken in the next 6 months.

During this first stage of the project, the progress will focus on the definition of specifications for PLA derived products with tailored end of life and properties and the development of copolymers and compounds with tailored biodegradability.

During the meeting, partners also visited AIMPLAS’s facilities, where the meeting was held.

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This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837761.