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According to a Report by Straits Research, The Global Bioadhesives Market is Estimated to Reach $5.89 billion by 2030

According to a report by Straits Research, the global bioadhesives market size was valued at $3.86 billion in 2021. It is expected to reach $5.89 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 4.8%. The growth is expected to due to the advancement of biotechnology, increasing environmental regulations, and the growth of the packaging industry.

Bioadhesives include naturally occurring polymeric substances with adhesive properties and modified synthetic substances. This category contains glues derived from cellulose, starch, or gelatines. Bioadhesives are a popular alternative to synthetic adhesives with a less harmful effect on the environment as they are made from replenishable materials. The growing demand for biomedical applications in healthcare is driving the global market for bioadhesives. The global bioadhesives industry also benefits from stricter environmental legislation and consumer awareness of the dangers of synthetic materials. 

The governments of numerous nations are enforcing bio-based regulations due to growing environmental concerns and an accompanying increase in the number of regulatory laws. Adhesive manufacturers worldwide are shifting their focus to bioproducts to ensure safety and avoid the potential health risks associated with the emissions of VOCs by synthetic or petroleum-based adhesives. Regulations concerning the environment are subjected to the most stringent levels of scrutiny in Europe and the United States. Environmental and food safety regulators in the U.S. favor adhesives made from renewable resources, known as bio-based, over conventional adhesives made from petroleum. Both prefer adhesives made from renewable resources over those made from traditional materials. For this reason, it is beneficial to encourage research and development of, as well as investments in, environmentally sustainable products made from biomaterials.

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Publication date: 06/01/2024

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