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Swiss compounder acquires Hungarian rival Kays

Swiss compounder acquires Hungarian rival KaysSwiss masterbatch and compound manufacturer Sukano (Schindellegi; recently announced its acquisition of a majority stake in Hungarian rival Kays (Gyà¶r; Neither party disclosed details of the transaction. Both companies will continue operating independently at first, with Kays being run by its managing partner Krisztià¡n Kaisz.
Since 2022, a photovoltaic system has been generating a large portion of Sukanoâ??s electricity requirements (Photo: EWJR)
Sukano said it is setting out to strengthen its position in new markets, with the focus undoubtedly on Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, the Swiss company expects to gain additional expertise in the use of higher recyclate contents in engineering compounds.
The Swiss, family-owned company specialises in the production of compounds, additives, and colour masterbatches for polyesters, biopolymers, and, to a lesser extent, engineering thermoplastics. These are intended primarily for applications in packaging, consumer goods, construction, textiles, and medical technology. The company has three production facilities in Switzerland, the US, and Malaysia.
Kays, meanwhile, specialises in engineering materials with a strong focus on automotive and rail vehicle construction as well as E&E. Its production plant in Gyà¶r compounds polycarbonate, polyamide 6, PA 6.6, PBT, and ABS, as well as a range of speciality blends of these. Kays also covers high-performance polymers like PPS, LCP, and TPE in smaller quantities. Capacity was increased to 4,500 t/y in 2018 with an additional Leistritz extruder. 28.02.2024 [254696-0]

Publication date: 28/02/2024



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