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A vanillin derivative P/N/S?containing high?efficiency flame retardant for epoxy resin

Valorization of acorn shell residue is achieved through the sustainable extraction of its antioxidant extracts and their use as food packaging additives in biopolymer?based films. The new materials exhibit improved water and UV?light resistance indicating their suitability to prepare emitting sachets capable of retarding the oxidation of soybean oil during 10?days of storage.AbstractAcorn shell residue is valorized for the efficient obtention of antioxidant extracts by ultrasound?assisted extraction and applied in the development of biopolymer?based films, studying its influence in different matrices for the subsequent preparation of emitting sachets for active food packaging. The effect of increasing extract addition on the physical, mechanical, optical, and antioxidant properties of biopolymer films is studied. It is observed that the water resistance increases with increasing amounts of extract in PVA films and from 5% extract in chitosan films. Furthermore, 3% extract in both types of matrices increases the UV?light blocking capacity (up to 97%). Considering the mechanical performance, not weakening of the structure is observed because of the extract addition. Films possess radical scavenging activity against DPPH with the incremental amounts of extract. Moreover, acorn shell extract as active additive in biopolymer?based sachets demonstrates an effective delay of soybean oil oxidation during 10?days of storage.

Publication date: 16/09/2022

Journal of Applied Polymer Science


This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837761.