Technological watch

Photo–degradable and recyclable starch/Fe3O4/TiO2 nanocomposites: feasibility of an approach to reduce the recycling labor cost in plastic waste management

In this research, a biodegradable starch/Fe3O4/TiO2 bio-nanocomposites (SFT) were produced using different nano Fe3O4/TiO2 (FT) (3, 5, and 10 (wt% dry based)) contents. Mechanical properties, visual properties, moisture-sensitive parameters, magnetic properties, and physical properties of the film specimens were investigated. Photodegradability of film specimens was also evaluated under UV-A irradiation. The FT content increased the hydrophobicity of the film specimens. Tensile strength (TS) of SFT films was increased by increasing FT up to 3%. Elongation at break (EB) and tensile energy to break (TEB) were decreased by adding FT content up to 3% simultaneously. The film specimens’ water vapor permeability (WVP) was decreased with increasing FT content. The intrinsic viscosity of SFT was decreased by increasing FT content. It confirms the enhancement of photodegradability of the specimens by increasing FT content. It seems the compatibility of FT with biopolymer has had great effects on these properties. Use of FT-based nanocomposites is an appropriate approach to developing magnetic-recyclable and photodegradable packaging materials.


This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837761.