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Application of ethylene?regulating packaging in post?harvest fruits and vegetables storage: A review

Different types of ethylene?regulating packaging.Ethylene is a key hormone to promote the ripening of fruits and vegetables (F&V). It is detrimental to the transportation, storage, and sale of F&V. In order to control the maturation of F&V and reduce their losses, many ethylene?regulating packaging (ERP) have been developed. In this review, we first introduced the synthesis pathway of ethylene. Next, we divided ERP into four categories: ethylene?degrading packaging, ethylene?adsorbing packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, and bioactive packaging according to the way of regulating ethylene, clarifying the regulation mechanism and characteristics of various types of packaging. Finally, we predicted the future development direction of ERP.

Publication date: 23/02/2022

Packaging Technology and Science


This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837761.