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Brabender offers a free webinar on “Clear Vision – Optical inspection for plastic film quality”

Whether as food packaging, packaging for sterile medical products or as greenhouse films for agriculture, plastic films are of great importance. These versatile materials play a crucial role in many aspects of our daily lives. They are used in numerous industries and applications due to their versatility, durability and cost-effective properties – making them an indispensable material in the modern economy.

Highest quality despite low costsThe free webinar will focus on the latest developments in the plastic film industry and film batch challengesBrabender, a leading manufacturer of measurement and process technology solutions for testing the quality of materials and products, is organizing a free webinar on the topic of “Clear Vision – Optical Inspection for Plastic Film Quality”. Interested parties will have the opportunity to gain insights into the latest developments in the plastic film industry and learn more about batch challenges for films and consistent quality. After all, the production of blown or cast films is a balancing act: manufacturing costs should be kept low and at the same time high technical standards must be met. This challenge becomes even more complex when recycled and bio-based materials are used, which leads to differences in the batches.

Brabender expert Michael Stanko will reveal the intricacies of optical film inspection, which are essential for material assessment and process optimization, in the 30-minute webinar on Thursday, 23 November at 8am and 4pm Central European Time. He will also exclusively present the tools for customized film development that ensure precise fulfillment of requirements. The webinar will be held in English.

New film quality analysis system: identifying and optimizing problemsAs a manufacturer of extrusion machines on a laboratory and pilot plant scale, which are used in the development and production of plastic films, Brabender now also offers its customers a newly developed film quality analysis system – the Brabender FQA. With the help of the new FQA, Michael Stanko demonstrates the characterization of optical film properties in the context of material development at laboratory level. The system’s camera detects and classifies defects such as black specks, gels, holes and extrusion lines. The analysis system is an efficient and fast tool for inline process monitoring in the production process. The FQA unit can also be adapted to peripheral devices such as the Univex flat film haul-off, the blown film haul-off and the Brabender Auto-Grader and can therefore be used to evaluate the optical properties of both flat films and blown films. Using the well-known MetaBridge software, the extrusion process data can be linked to the optical properties determined, resulting in the development of a holistic understanding of the process.

The current processing of recyclates poses considerable challenges for plastics processing companies due to the need for more sustainable use of raw materials and resources with regard to the impurities contained in these secondary raw materials.

Publication date: 17/11/2023

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This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837761.