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Ducor Petrochemicals launches product range for healthcare applications

Ducor Petrochemicals, a global partner in the development of polypropylene plastics, has developed a product range that is specifically designed for the production of medical devices and other Life Science applications.

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The DuCare product range is ISO 13485 certified. The certification ensures that the DuCare product range meets the rigorous standards required for medical applications, providing customers with the assurance they need to develop new medical products and applications. DuCare polypropylene is suitable for a range of applications for the medical, pharmaceutical, and life science markets, including injection moulding and compound applications. It is ideal for the production of critical applications, such as (PCR) pipette tips, medical packaging, casings and components. 

 Turn key  "Customers can expect controlled production, optimal product consistency and dedicated regulatory support for all products supplied in the DuCare product range," says Patrick Ottens, sales director at Ducor Petrochemicals. "At Ducor we are able to combine this with sustainable production of polypropylene based on bio-based, bio-circular or circular feedstocks, under ISCC PLUS certification. This allows us to produce sustainable polypropylene products for the Healthcare and Life Science markets, providing real turn-key solutions enabling the healthcare sectors to make a contribution towards their sustainability goals, without having to compromise on product safety and quality. We are able to quickly bring to market new product solutions without compromising on quality, service and consistency, focused on project ramp up with a long term volume commitment."

Principles  The launch of the DuCare range of products, demonstrates Ducor’s ongoing drive for optimisation, standardisation, and providing security of supply to customers throughout the value chain. The DuCare range comprises the intersection of its three core principles: control, consistency, and conformance, ensuring the full benefits of each. Ducor's product quality and consistency are key features enabling future Life Science application developments with DuCare PP. 

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Publication date: 20/09/2023

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