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An Egg-cellent development: Spark Sourcing gains eco certification for egg shell based compound

Spark Sourcing, a distributor of sustainable packaging solutions, has announced that its  product, eco-shell, has received EN 13430 certification for recyclability . This adds to a growing list of certifications that includes SGS eco-certification for plastic, waste, and carbon reduction, as well as EU RoHS and REACH certifications. These distinctions firmly establish eco-shell as the ultimate choice for brands and manufacturers dedicated to achieving a circular economy for plastics.  × EcoShell eco-shell is a bio-calcium compound derived from eggshells through a patented seven-step process that involves calcination. Patents have been granted in the USA, UK, Taiwan, Australia, and China . One of its standout features is its remarkable 70% reduction in carbon emissions compared to virgin plastics. 

The company claims that this ‘versatile’ material is compatible with a wide range of plastics, including PP, PE, HDPE, PET, EVA, PS, ABS, rubber, PVC, PLA, as well as recycled plastic, ocean-bound plastics, and bio-plastics. Additionally, eco-shell holds both antibacterial and high FIR emissivity certifications, further enhancing its value and applications. 

The possible applications of eco-shell are vast, spanning various industries and products: 

  • Jars and bottles for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, wellness (supplements and powders) and cannabis industries (up to 30% plastic reduction)  Foam mats and gym flooring that are 40% less plastic, cheaper, and anti-bacterial  Trays and industrial packaging with 50% eco-shell
  • Bags made form 30% eco-shell and 70% recycled plastic.  eco-shell + PLA for reduced plastic and biodegradable straws, utensils, etc.  Industrial buckets, bins, and barriers with a 30% plastic reduction. * Pallets made of recycled plastic and eco-shell that pass stringent strength tests. 
With plastic-reduction mandates rapidly approaching and companies' own sustainability goals getting more and more aggressive, Spark believes the best way to solve our plastic crisis has been an extremely hot topic and an exciting area of innovation. Some espouse the merits of bio-plastics, but those have shown to not be a viable option toward reducing plastic. Not only are they extremely expensive, but they also cannot be recycled, are difficult to separate out from recyclable plastics for consumers, and they only biodegrade under very specific conditions , meaning the vast majority still end up in our landfills and oceans. 

In contrast, it is claimed that eco-shell epitomizes the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle approach to sustainability. It can reduce plastic content by up to 50%; all products made with eco-shell can be recycled; and it makes products of exceptional quality that can be used indefinitely. It is a huge step toward making a circular plastic economy a reality. 

Spark claims eco-shell is an affordable and quick way for companies to meet upcoming plastic reduction mandates and an impactful way for brands to reach their sustainability goals. Eco-shell can be incorporated  into current manufacturing, so companies do not need to change the shape, size, material, or design of their current product or packaging, or the subsequent shipping dimensions. 

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Publication date: 21/08/2023

European Plastic Product Manufacturer


This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837761.