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Kickstart: Plastic packaging? For some Hasbro products, it's still the way

Hasbro Inc. is walking back earlier pledges to go plastics-free in packaging.

Six-inch collectible figurines — many valued for their "mint-in-package" status — will resume being packaged with plastic clamshells and clear windows, although the toymaker says the plastic will be sourced from recycled or bio-based PET, trade publication The Toy Book says.

"Since the move toward windowless boxes, sales have reportedly slid from collectors who view the package as part of the product but wish to see the toy inside," wrote April 7. "Additionally, the windowless boxes have led to increased issues with theft, the despicable act of 'figure swapping' (also a form of theft in which unscrupulous consumers swap less desirable parts into a new package and return the figure to the store for a refund), and the inability to spot quality control issues such as poor paint applications or broken pieces."

Hasbro announced its plastics-free pledge in 2019, saying plastics would be virtually gone by the end of 2022.

Despite the step back on collectible figurines, Hasbro has continued with other "green" versions of its toys and games, including a version of Monopoly with wooden houses and hotels and a Nerf Super Soaker made using recycled plastics.

Publication date: 10/04/2023

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