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Placon Launches Salad Bowl Family Made of Post-consumer PET Material

Placon adds a new salad bowl family to its post-consumer content, tamper evident line up.
The new line is making a statement to set itself apart by offering a tamper-evident feature and supporting sustainability being made using a minimum 25% EcoStar® ?post-consumer (PCR) PET material.
Tamper Evident
Ten new products are available including a medium and a large footprint clamshell available with a dome or flat lid to provide merchandising flexibility. Plus, different depths and insert trays to keep ingredients separate from the main clamshell portion until ready to mix in for consumption.
The tamper evident closure ensures the product inside stays safe until the consumer opens for consumption, and the crystal-clear PCR material allows for increased shelf visibility and helps meet sustainability goals.
Our food packaging attracts customers with unique features and quality designs that provide a better user experience for the customer. We endeavor to bring our customers a packaging solution that will showcase their food products, keep them protected, and tasting fresh,” said Ron Haub, vice president Sales.
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Source: Placon

Publication date: 04/07/2022

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