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Husky to Introduce Revolutionary RMTP System to Enable Circularity of PET

Husky Technologies announced the introduction of its revolutionary HyPET®HPP5e Recycled Melt to PreformTM (RMTP) system. With one system already running in the field and the second soon to be delivered, this development marks the successful integration of a preform injection molding system with melt decontamination unit – enabling the direct conversion of washed flake to perform.
With today’s circular economy driving new package design and more efficient production, we are dedicated to working closely with our customers to ensure their products meet specific regional requirements, particularly around recycling and enabling recycled content in packaging,” said Robert Domodossola, Husky’s president of Rigid Packaging.
We are truly excited about the possibilities that our new RMTPTM system presents. Its introduction further strengthens our commitment to sustainable PET packaging that is produced with an increasingly lower carbon footprint,” adds Domodossola.
Supporting Closed-loop Packaging
Husky’s RMTP TM technology is offered as a module of the company’s proven HyPET®HPP5e high performance system designed to support the closed-loop conversion of washed flake to preform by accepting food approved grade melt from an upstream provider. By eliminating the drying and melting steps associated with traditional rPET preform manufacturing, this solution facilitates the effective production of packaging made from 100 percent rPET material, further supporting the circularity of PET.
By streamlining the process to bypass inhouse rPET pellet production and go directly from washed flake to preform, the new system enables producers to achieve 30 percent energy savings, helping to further lower production costs. In addition, the system is equipped with Husky’s Advantage+EliteTM real-time proactive, predictive, transparent monitoring solution as a standard feature.
Using the industry’s best processing analytics and service expertise, Advantage+EliteTM connectivity reduces the variability risk associated with running higher levels of post-consumer-resin (PCR), thereby accelerating the shift to manufacture more circular, sustainable packaging with greater stability and assurance.
Investing in the production of sustainable packaging that supports the circular economy has long been a top priority for Husky and the new RMTP TM system is the company’s most recent development enabling this initiative. With more systems in the field running rPET than any other supplier, Husky offers a suite of proven solutions, including system, tooling, auxiliaries and services, specifically engineered to help producers run higher percentages of rPET with confidence.
Source: Husky

Publication date: 27/05/2022

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