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You’ll find regularly updated news and developments in the ever-widening world of applications for pouches, bags, films, and other types of flexible packaging sourced from supplier breakthroughs, brand launches, and other advances of interest. The content is selected from Tweets by stakeholders in the flexible packaging supply chain supplemented by content drawn from the Twitter feeds of sister publications Packaging Digest and PlasticsToday. Return to this page to quickly scroll through to see what you’ve missed.

Today we launched the newest addition to our ProActive Recyclable® series. R-2000D is designed to be a drop-in replacement for conventional multi-material laminates. #flexiblepackaging #sustainablepackaging #sustainability #packaging #recyclable #recyclablepackaging

— ProAmpac (@ProAmpac) August 26, 2021These #FlexiblePackaging products have caught our eye! Check out the latest shelf standouts in Flex Appeal™ in the FlexPack VOICE® magazine.

— FPA (@FlexPackOrg) August 24, 2021The debate on "closing the loop" in #packaging has become more complex and when you bring #food into the equation, integrating #recycled #plastic into food-grade applications seems to be the logical next step. Read the contribution of #TaghleefIndustries on Packaging Insights.

— Taghleef Industries (@Ti_Films) August 23, 2021We were pleased to spot #plastic #recycling bins in our local Co-Op! Led by Ecosurety and @hubbubUK, the Flexible Plastic Fund aims to get everyone in the flexible plastic supply chain collaborating! Ramer packaging can be recycled at these points too

— Ramer Sponges (@RamerSponges) August 23, 2021The recyclable "Circular Stand-up Pouch" by @WernerMertz has achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold level. #C2CCertified #MadeForTomorrow #SustainablePackaging

— C2C Certified (@C2Ccertified) August 18, 2021Flexible #Packaging for Meat, Poultry, & Seafood (MPS) forecast to rise 4.1% annually through 2024, outpacing demand growth for rigid MPS pkg

— Packaging Digest (@packagingdigest) August 16, 2021With the acquisition of InterFlex, #Toppan will establish a #flexiblepackaging production network in the North American and European markets and drive the growth of #sustainable #packaging products and integrated solution@toppan_printing @interflex_uk

— FoodTechBiz (@FoodTechBiz) August 16, 2021SKC launches #plastic shrink sleeve label that can be recycled with PET bottle it decorates — no removal of the shrink sleeve is necessary prior to #recycling, and no special recycling equipment is needed

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) August 12, 2021Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q2 2021

— TKO Miller, LLC (@TKOMillerLLC) August 10, 2021Flexible Plastic Packaging Market Size, Revenue, Growth Rate Analysis and Forecast 2025

— Jitendra M (@SameerM25248312) August 10, 2021TotalEnergies and Jindal Films reinforce their partnership to introduce Certified Circular Polypropylene into high-end flexible food #Packaging, using advanced #Recycling technology #Circulareconomy #Plastics #RenewableCarbon

— Renewable Carbon News (@RenewableCNews) August 10, 2021Recycling points trial underway for flexible pet food packaging

— Packaging Scotland (@PackScot) August 5, 2021First US Clean Room for 9-Layer Blown Film Production Unveiled by Berry Global supports growing healthcare, medical device #Packaging

— Packaging Digest (@packagingdigest) August 4, 2021Flexibles dominate the snacks market and this report:

10 Dramatic #Snacks #Packaging #PackagingDesigns include product launches, colorful redesigns, and attention-getting limited-editions @PackagingDigest

— Rick T. Lingle (@PackmanRick) August 3, 2021Chan Soke Meng, Business Development Director, Ampacet Asia Pacific will present at "Innovative Solutions for the End-to-End Flexible Packaging Value Chain," a free 8/19 webinar organized by the Indonesian Packaging Federation. Register: #flexiblepackaging

— Ampacet Corporation (@Ampacet) August 3, 2021"#PressRelease: The Liquid Pouch Packaging Market could be worth USD 13.5 billion by 2027, Says Global Market Insights Inc. #News":

— Global News Report (@robinsnewswire) August 2, 2021We have acquired Euroflex, a producer of a broad portfolio of flexible printed film, lamination and pouching packaging solutions. This partnership expands our manufacturing capabilities in Ireland as we serve a growing base of multinational customers.

— ProAmpac (@ProAmpac) July 27, 2021Plastic Possibilities: Focus on Future-Ready Flexible #Packaging podcast w/ Anantshree Chaturvedi, head of FlexFilms, the global flexible pkg div. of UFlex #sustainability #circulardesign #plastic #plastics #circulareconomy #cryptocurrencies

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 27, 2021Thank you to everyone who joined us to learn more about the new novel approach to improving barrier properties for #polyethylene (PE) film and #flexiblepackaging which are supporting sustainable #packaging trends. Watch it back here:

— Milliken Chemical (@MillikenChem) July 27, 2021Nosco announced today the official launch of its sustainable packaging portfolio, Nosco® Grow, for cartons, labels, inserts and flexible packaging. Read more: #packaging #sustainability #recycling

— Nosco Pkg Solutions (@NoscoKnows) July 26, 2021#FUTUREPRINT PODCAST!
The latest episode is here, and it's a great one! @KarisCoppMedia speaks with @BOBSTglobal's Sara Alexander about #flexiblepackaging opportunities, challenges, drivers behind market growth, and much more.

— #FuturePrint Events (@FuturePrintVS) July 22, 2021An amazing step towards a more #CircularEconomy
The Flexible Plastics Fund is a scheme which provides a new innovative way to #recycle types of #FlexiblePackaging (inc. plastic bags & crisp packets),which were formerly deemed un-recyclable - .

— Cromwell Polythene Ltd (@CromwellPoly) July 22, 2021#FlexiblePackaging recycling is well worth the time and effort! Check out our latest blog post for all the information you need to get started. #Recycling

— FPA (@FlexPackOrg) July 21, 2021Scholle IPN announces strategic partnership with chemical #plastic recycler OBBOTEC #sustainable #plastics #packaging

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 20, 2021When @whitworths Ltd asked for support in developing recyclable pouches for their delicious Evening Snacks range, we were extremely keen to share our pouch making and sustainable packaging expertise. Read the full story here:

— FFP Packaging Solutions (@FFP_Packaging) July 20, 2021#Pregis makes $80 million investment in new blown film #extrusion facility in Anderson, SC. The 168,000-square-foot facility will produce engineered films for food, consumer, and medical device #packaging

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 19, 2021Today we opened our new Collaboration & Innovation Center. The CIC is our new home for product development, rapid sample prototyping, evaluation of new packaging and a training hub for our customers and employees. Read our full press release here.

— ProAmpac (@ProAmpac) July 14, 2021Windmöller & Hölscher India has commissioned two reliable.. #HatsunAgroProduct ,#flexiblepackaging #CIflexopress #dairyproducts #milkproducts #flexibility #sustainability #Ibaco #packagingproduction #brands #pressroom #filmandflexible

— Packaging South Asia (@PSATalk) July 14, 2021@COMEXI and Reifenhäuser (@Extrusioneers) produced a sophisticated packaging solution: our All-PE Pouch! This #packaging is fully #recyclable and also identifiable in the #recycling process via R-Cycle. German radio station WDR 5 took a closer look:

— R-Cycle (@RCycle5) July 13, 2021You can register for HP Indigos Flexible packaging event by entering their reception at Printing Expo Online and clicking the Info button. @GPrintexpo @hpindigo #flexiblepackaging #hpindigo #printing

— David McGuiness (@DavidMcGuiness) July 13, 2021Our latest work is out!
We have fabricated a new waterproof and breathable cellulose ester with tunable transparency for textiles or food packaging.
Waterproof-breathable films from multi-branched fluorinated cellulose ...

— Alejandro Heredia (@JA_Herediag) July 13, 2021New to our Innovation Zone - Thetford, UK packaging producer Camvac have recently developed a new post-consumer recycled (PCR) Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) clear barrier film called ExtraPET PCR. #packaging

— ThePackHub: Packaging innovation experts (@ThePackHub) July 12, 2021Join us to talk about how performance barrier #additives are key to sustainable, mono-material #flexiblepackaging on 15 July: Henrique Noguchi and Nicholas King will talk about new solutions such as Milliken’s UltraGuard for #PE film & flexible #packaging.

— Milliken Chemical (@MillikenChem) July 8, 2021TODAY: Designing flexible packaging so it can be easily collected, sorted and recycled is fundamental to the circular economy. But how does that happen in practice?
15:00 CET & #gualapack take us behind the innovation & collaboration

— CEFLEX (@MissionCircular) July 8, 2021We are pleased that our TACOIL from #plasticwaste will be used in the manufacturing of recycled #packaging for @TotalEnergies & @JindalFilms. Another ex. of our #advancedrecycling tech used in a value-chain collab for the #circulareconomy. PR here:

— Plastic Energy (@plasticenergy) July 8, 2021#Austrian flexible #packaging supplier @SchurFlexibles has acquired #Italy-based #sustainable and fully #recyclable film producer #Termoplast.

— European Supermarket Magazine (@esm_magazine) July 7, 2021Sleeve Labels Market to reach a valuation of $28 billion by 2031 #packaging w/ high interest in stretch sleeves at 7.7% CAGR

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) July 6, 2021Clever convenience: Single-handed opening and drinking for gels, beverages, medicines, and other products.

— Packaging Digest (@packagingdigest) July 6, 2021We've partnered with @uvic to research the feasibility of using other flexible plastic packaging collected in our program to create fibre reinforced concrete. Read about this project and its benefits at

— Recycle BC (@RecycleBC) July 6, 2021The road to sustainability just got shorter with 20% PCR content MLP packs by UFlex. The latest technology in flexible packaging combined with premium quality and sustainability is now available in India!

— UFlex Limited (@uflexltd) July 5, 2021ProAmpac has acquired @UGFlexoPrint to expand our presence in the United Kingdom and add to our leadership position in sustainable flexible packaging solutions. We welcome Ultimate Packaging’s talented team to the ProAmpac family.

— ProAmpac (@ProAmpac) July 1, 2021Carbon-Negative @ImpactSnacks #Packaging is Home #Compostable in 30 days and is edible

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) June 29, 2021NOVA Chemicals announced the launch of our new SURPASS HPs267-AB resin, an HDPE that sets a new standard for moisture barrier performance in multilayer flexible packaging. Read more here:

— NOVA Chemicals (@NOVAChemicals) June 29, 2021In 2019, @WRAP_UK estimated that flexible film contributed to 290,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste.
It's great to read news that @sainsburys new flexible plastic recycling system will significantly cut the amount of plastic going to landfilll.

— NRC (@UKNRC) June 28, 2021Flexible Packaging Market – study navigating the future growth outlook 2021 – 2027

— (@PressRelease_cc) June 26, 2021Flexible packaging company #Coveris has developed recyclable, mono-material film liner for bag-in-box cereal #packaging. The liner is made from 100% polyethylene co-extruded film that can contain up to nine layers

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) June 25, 2021It's no secret COVID-19 affected almost all aspects of life. Today, we're diving into the changes the #FlexiblePackaging industry experienced during the pandemic and how it adapted.

— FPA (@FlexPackOrg) June 23, 2021Smurfit Kappa’s Bag-in-Box division has announced the completion of a significant EUR 12 million investment in a new flexible material production facility at its plant in Ibi, Spain. @smurfitkappa #packaging #BagInBox #investment #confructa

— confructa medien (@confructamedien) June 23, 2021Agreed common position on collecting flexible packaging waste in a circular economy outlines essential elements to capture resources --- SYMPHONY d2p is the Technology Leader in Antiviral and Antibacterial Plastics

— Bioplastics News (@Bioplasticsnews) June 22, 2021Packaging plays a key role in guaranteeing a high level of quality and safety to our products and in preventing food waste.
As major users of flexible packaging, ESA members strive to improve the circularity and environmental performance of their packaging Here's how!

— Savoury Snacks Europe (@ESA_Snacks) June 22, 2021.@NoscoKnows announced that it will continue its #FlexiblePackaging leadership through a new certified child-resistant / senior friendly (CRSF) press-to-close offering utilizing Zip-Pack’s Safety-Lok™ closure.

— FPA (@FlexPackOrg) June 16, 2021Improving barrier properties in #polyethylene film offers one of the best ways to improve the #recyclability of multilayer flexible food #packaging, by enabling the use of more mono-material structures. Join us for this webinar on our UltraGuard Solutions:

— Milliken Chemical (@MillikenChem) June 16, 2021Beyond excited to introduce you to a new member of our family - the eco pouch! Keep your beautiful Explorer's bottle and order one of these. It will cost you less and the planet will love you more. #letterboxfriendly #ecopouch #sustainability #recycle #worldginday

— Downton Distillery (@DowntonDistill1) June 12, 2021Good graphics and info:

Sustainability of Bag-in-box: advantages of the flexible packaging

— Technologia (@Technologia13) June 9, 2021Useful information:

The benefit of flexible #packaging is a question for many retailers. Flexible packaging innovations have resulted in a complex balance between performance, weight, functionality, production cost, recycle-ability, and sustainability.

— Pioneer Packaging Worldwide (@PioneerPKGWW) June 8, 2021#Plastic Possibilities and Super #Sustainable Flexible #Packaging: Robert Lilienfeld summarizes the eco-state of #flexiblepackaging’s past, unpacks the present, and predicts the future #plastics #circulareconomy

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) June 7, 2021Did you know you can take plastic envelopes with bubble lining to #RecycleBC depots or @LondonDrugs? They’re collected with other flexible plastic packaging. Find out what to do with common delivery packaging on our blog:

— Recycle BC (@RecycleBC) June 6, 2021@PolysackL Validates Digital Printing @hpindigo for Recyclable #sustainable Flexible #Packaging made using mono-polyethylene (MOPE) #plastic #plastics for pouches, printed films, and labels

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) June 2, 2021Flexible #Packaging Market at a 4.42% CAGR forecast to reach $41.12 Billion by 2025 | SpendEdge

— Packaging Digest (@packagingdigest) June 2, 2021EverMinds™ in Action: As an example of our ambition to drive plastics circularity, through a partnership with Ecoplast and @NEEMANNLiteFlex, we have launched new hygiene packaging made with recycled material produced mainly from household municipal waste. #PostConsumerRecyclate

— Borealis (@BorealisGroup) June 2, 2021Cyclpac are delighted to receive the winning award for Sustainable Packaging Design at today’s Australian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards.#PIDA2021 #packaginginnovation#sustainablepackaging #Bope #packagingdesign #CircularEconomy #sustainability

— cyclpac (@cyclpac) May 26, 2021Design it right: flexible packaging to be recycled and deliver valuable recycled content
Practical advice every packaging company should have - for free!
Make a difference and get your copy today:

— CEFLEX (@MissionCircular) June 1, 2021Retailers and brands have come together to reduce plastic waste and help ensure flexible packaging is collected and recycled across the UK

— British Plastics Federation (@TheBPF) June 1, 2021Deli meats often use flexible plastic with a plastic seal for packaging. You can return this type of empty packaging, whether it’s cold cuts, pasta, etc., to a #RecycleBC depot with other flexible plastic packaging.

— Recycle BC (@RecycleBC) May 25, 2021We’re pleased to be included in @Tesco’s sustainability report for our participation in a flexible plastic recycling trial that used #advancedrecycling technology to create new food-grade cheese packaging from used plastic dropped off by Tesco shoppers.

— Sealed Air Corporation (@Sealed_Air) May 24, 2021Get connected with Mr. Jason Yew of Dow Chemical Pacific (Singapore) Pvt Ltd at Sustainable Flexible Packaging, 25 May 2021 >>

— Centre for Management Technology (@CMTconferences) May 24, 2021Compostable Packaging Virtual Event will go LIVE on 27 May 2021.
Join @vincentkneefel, Senior Director of Sustainability TIPA, and other esteemed speakers, at the @CMTconferences to discover new innovations and opportunities for compostable packaging.

— TIPA-Corp (@TIPACorp) May 24, 2021Walex Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment pods (@walexadventures) are now available in a store drop-off recyclable pouch.
Learn more here:

— Glenroy, Inc. (@GlenroyInc) May 19, 2021“We are extremely excited to add PHA to our EarthFirst® #biopolymer films portfolio. We appreciate the support we received from @danimersci in making this a success.” - George Thomas, CEO of EarthFirst Films by PSI.
Learn more:

— Danimer Scientific (@danimersci) May 18, 2021Flexible packaging is used by the majority of specialty roasters whether selling whole beans or ground #coffee. But despite its benefits, there are a few things to consider before using it.
Learn more in today's blog post

— MTPak Coffee (@mtpakcoffee) May 18, 2021Flexible Packaging VS Rigid Packaging: Which is right for YOU?

— Industrial Packaging (@industrialpkg) May 18, 2021@ePacFlexibles Launches Sustainable Child-Resistant Pouch Line #Packaging

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) May 17, 2021Tune in today at 12:40hrs to CII Packaging Expo & Conclave to hear UFlex' @Jeevarajpillai speak about the roadmap for #sustainable solutions in flexible packaging, Register at: #Packedright #Conference #insights #ecofriendly #innovation #Join

— UFlex Limited (@uflexltd) May 18, 2021The agenda is now live! Join us June 28-30, 2021 at the Multilayer Flexible Packaging virtual congress and find out about the latest innovations and developments in multilayer film. View the agenda here: #AMIMultilayer #Packaging

— AMI (@Contact_AMI) May 13, 2021Flexible plastics, like plastic bags & wrapping, represent nearly a quarter of all UK citizen plastic packaging yet only 6% is currently recycled. Guidance published today will help supermarkets collect this material in-store for recycling #UKPlasticsPact

— WRAP (@WRAP_UK) May 13, 2021We love that many businesses make recycling a priority! Did you know, you can drop off your flexible plastic packaging at @LondonDrugs locations? In 2019, they collected roughly 46 tonnes! PHEW! #RecycleBC #DYK

— Recycle BC (@RecycleBC) May 12, 2021

C-P Flexible Packaging announces acquisition of Genpak Flexible, a leading North American supplier of compostable packaging.

— FPA (@FlexPackOrg) May 12, 2021WEDNESDAY: Flexible Films in Packaging #Webinar: overview of the #manufacturing process, perspective from a leader in food #packaging, #adhesive & #sealant use, #SustainablePackaging, #Ecommerce and Innovations.

— AdhSealCouncil (@ASCouncil) May 10, 2021@tricorbraunflex launches Biotre 3.0, a fully-compostable, plant-based flexible #Packaging material

— Packaging Digest (@packagingdigest) May 5, 2021The latest edition of FlexPack VOICE® is here! Use the link below to read the May/June issue. #FlexiblePackaging

— FPA (@FlexPackOrg) May 3, 2021Scholle IPN Launches First @APRrecycles recognized 100% Recyclable Bag-in-Box Package for Water #sustainable #plastic #packaging

— Packaging Digest (@packagingdigest) April 28, 2021We are excited to share the March/April FlexPack VOICE™ interview with Guenther Hering, Business Director, Global Business Development Coatings in Flexible Packaging, @Henkel

— FPA (@FlexPackOrg) April 28, 2021Fully #sustainable, #recyclable & suitable for the #food#packaging industry, that's the novel sugar beet #paper brought to the market by @Crownvangelder

— Business Focus MAG (@BusinessFocus_) April 26, 2021Apparel brand RSVLTS introduces 3-month compostable bioplastic waterproof Mailer #Packaging made of PBAT+PLA+ corn starch that eliminates 5 tons of #plastic

— PlasticsToday (@plasticstoday) April 22, 2021We’re taking #recyclingto the next level with the expansion of our Simple Truth Recycling Program in partnership with @TerraCycle to include all Our Brands. This solution makes recycling flexible plastic packaging free and easy. Learn more:

— Kroger News (@KrogerNews) April 22, 2021On #WorldEarthDay2021 we celebrate Tarmac Dunbar playing an important role in a UK first for sustainable plastic packaging. We are the first major cement manufacturer to move to 50 per cent recycled plastic in our packaging with new all-weather, fully recyclable bags.

— Tarmac Dunbar (@DunbarCement) April 22, 2021F. Gaviña & Sons celebrates #EarthDay2021 by now recycling #coffee bags through @TerraCycle in a zero-waste-to-landfill initiative...more than 500,000 pods & capsules recycled since last year ht


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