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Brightplus and Natural Indigo Finland drive sustainable decorative colours - Bio-based News -

Brightplus is pleased to announce a long-term partnership with Natural Indigo Finland Oy – a supplier of sustainable ethically produced indigo colours from Finland. Natural Indigo Finland provides Brightplus with industrial side-streams for durable water-based decorative and protective coatings.

With EU Green Deal regulations approaching, replacing synthetic colourants with natural alternatives is a growing global trend. Natural Indigo Finland is producing indigo dye from its fields close to Arctic Circle. Their mission is to provide a viable alternative to harmful chemicals used in synthetic indigo dyeing.

Natural Indigo Finland provides Brightplus with natural vegetable peel-based side-streams for BrightBio® water-based coatings. With BrightBio® technology, Brightplus will develop incremental functionalities like increased durability for different natural colour options. These side-stream based coatings can be used with glass, metal, wood and other decorative purposes such as art.

? Sustainability is a global trend, and we need to innovate new materials from renewable sources. This is a unique opportunity for cooperation – both companies are in their early stages, and we can research, innovate and build value to our customers together, says Pasi Ainasoja, the founder of Natural Indigo Finland.

? We already have shipped solution samples to our European customers, as the global luxury markets benefit from these unique colours grown under the White Nights of Finland. Combining our business networks creates attractive export opportunities for both companies, says the Managing Director of Brightplus, Milja Hannu-Kuure.

Brightplus and Natural Indigo Finland are delighted about the positive early market signals and look forward to fruitful collaboration.

About Natural Indigo FinlandWe produce Indigo dye in the fields of Nivala in Finland, the fields our parents once cultivated. Our goal is to bring alternative to the harmful chemicals used in synthetic indigo dyeing whilst using a sustainable resource. We cherish our heritage by striving to choose modern plants for growing, for which there is a demand for now and in the future. We take the advantage of multidisciplinary expertise and enthusiasm for farming within the family into finding the best ways to produce the world’s best Indigo colour.  We are continually creating new innovative ways to grow Indigo in Finland, and our goal is to grow it sustainably and ethically.

About BrightplusBrightplus is a pioneering Finnish biosourced materials company. We create reusable, recyclable and biodegradable side-stream material solutions with our visionary chemistry. Our versatile offering ranges from coating and barrier solutions to plastic replacement materials. Brightplus supports leading global manufacturers and major brands in e.g. packaging, consumer goods and agriculture to achieve their sustainability goals. Our multitalented team works closely with customers to co-create innovations that seamlessly comply with their existing processing methods and requirements. Our side-stream solutions reduce the circularity gap and meet the EU Green Deal 2030 targets.

ContactsMilja Hannu-Kuure
Managing Director, Brightplus Oy
tel. +358400 64 6533

Pasi Ainasoja
Founder, Natural Indigo Finland Oy
tel. +358 400 28 2370

Source: Brightplus, press release, 2021-03-05.

Publication date: 11/03/2021

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This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837761.