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Benvic’s new film grades enable transition to natural solutions

The Benvic Group is set to launch a range of biopolymers that specifically target the plastic films sector. The company has committed what is says are "significant R&D resources" to their development to ensure their uptake in the marketplace.

Under the brand name Plantura, Benvic will be launching a number of new film grades, available in both compostable and durable versions and suitable for a very wide variety of industrial and consumer packaging applications

According to Denis Grechi of Benvic Plantura, the "sky is the limit" for the new bio-based film grades. He pointed to three major advantages provided by the films, the first of which, he said, was an aesthetic one: their appearance and smell. Starch-free and odorless, the new Plantura OK grades are available in translucent and transparent versions.

“The second factor is the work that Benvic has done in ensuring that Plantura meets all legislative requirements and specifications, particularly for food packaging, including issues of disposability, food contacts and performance at frozen temperatures,” he said.

The third relates to the mechanical performance of the new Plantura grades.

“Benvic is developing a variety of different grades offering low elongation and excellent stiffness up to 1100 MPa in order to manage heavy-duty applications,” he explained.

Moreover, the range of materials available in Benvic’s portfolio make new combinations possible.

“One example: we are offering our bacteriostatic solution Plastisafe as a Plantura additive, creating unique biopolymer film with bacteriostatic benefits,” he added.

The company will continue to expand the Plantura range. According to Grechi, the OK compost film currently available does "not meet conditions for the small but growing home composting sector."

Benvic R&D is accordingly also developing a Plantura grade for the consumer market which should be ready by mid 2021.

The company has, moreover, paid careful attention to ensuring the processability of the new Plantura resins and to offer these at a competitive cost — "in order to optimize productivity and lower cost of ownership."

Publication date: 03/02/2021

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