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BSI Introduces New Standard for Measuring Biodegradability of Polyolefins

BSI, in its role as the UK National Standards Body, has published the first standard for measuring the biodegradability of polyolefins: The most littered form of .
The new standard, called PAS 9017 Plastics – in an open-air terrestrial environment– Specification, specifies requirements of polyolefinic materials enhanced with technology that imparts biodegradability in an open-air terrestrial environment. It also specifies the chemical analysis and the numerical limits required to meet compliance with the PAS at the end of each stage of testing.
Standardized Protocol to Evaluate Materials
For the first time plastic manufacturers have the means to obtain data on the performance of the biodegradability process of polyolefinic material and deliver testing laboratories with a standardized protocol to evaluate polyolefinic materials for conformance to the PAS.
The standardized protocols for testing at each stage will include:
  • Weathering exposure of test polyolefinic materials for a defined period of time, including chemical analysis to yield quantifiable measurement of chemical transformation into a wax;
  • Eco-toxicity testing upon the wax to ensure no hazardous substances are present; and
  • Biodegradation testing under mesophilic (real world) soil conditions.

Accelerated Verification of Technologies
Scott Steedman, director of standards at BSI, said, “Tackling the global . New ideas need agreed, publicly available, independent standards to enable the delivery of trusted solutions by industry. PAS 9017 is the first stakeholder consensus on how to measure the biodegradability of polyolefins which will accelerate the verification of technologies for plastic biodegradation. It is an excellent example of BSI’s commitment as the UK National Standards Body to support industry, government and society in our common ambition to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.”
Nadhim Zahawi, minister for business and industry said, “The government, consumers and businesses are taking collective action to , helping to reduce harm to wildlife, clean up our oceans and reach our trailblazing net zero goals. To support this ambition, the government published a call for evidence on biodegradable plastics, which will soon publish its findings. We always welcome innovation aimed at increasing the sustainability of plastics and will monitor the introduction of this new standard with interest.”
The standard has been developed by a steering group of experts in the field of plastics and is sponsored by Polymateria. It was subject to a public consultation process, where other interested parties submitted comments. It publishes with consensus of the steering group.

Publication date: 06/10/2020

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