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Terphane Barrier Films Improve Shelf Life

Terphane Barrier Films Improve Shelf LifeEnsuring food safety and reducing food waste are critical priorities for the food industry. Terphane is proactively addressing these demands with its barrier films to improve shelf life and help to guarantee product safety. Terphane offers a variety of barrier films, ranging from metallized films to transparent barrier film.
Terphane’s barrier films -- whether clear, white or metallized -- guard against oxygen, water vapor, and light. With over 20 years of metallized film experience, Terphane has developed a large variety of metallized films that can be used for all major food packaging needs and provide chemical, corona and coex treatments. Marcos Vieira, North America Sales and Global R&D Director, explained, “These treatments provide great lamination and printing performance with adhesives, cold seal, inks and metal. For special and critical applications, such as hard-to-hold products susceptible to oxidation, our high barrier films are the best option.”
For applications allowing the consumer to see the product, Terphane’s transparent barrier films offer various solutions. In addition to AlOx, Terphane’s PVdC films show excellent performance in printing and laminations. In addition, Terphane offers a chlorine-free option in its new high barrier CBR film that meets stringent environmental standards.
For barrier lidding needs, Terphane has developed LIDBAR, which provides both high barrier and easy-peal sealing and can be used in a printed monolayer format. This film is specifically designed to improve shelf life for products in trays. “It is widely known that nearly 40 percent of harvested food goes to landfills, and typical shelf life of fresh products is one or two days. To combat this, a growing segment of convenience-food brand owners, selling small or large portion trays, use lidded films. Terphane LIDBAR films extend shelf life up to 90 days and provide an anti-fog property,” explained Vieira. “LIDBAR is excellent for fresh and refrigerated ready meals, including pasta. It saves brand owners money and improves product appearance on shelves,” added Vieira.
Terphane’s Ecophane line of films provide brand owners with highly sustainable options, including films that are biodegradable and contain at least thirty percent post-consumer recycled resin.

Publication date: 03/08/2020



This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837761.