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Leeds Vacuum Formers hits 100% plastic waste recycling target

Nigel Coates, managing director of LVF. (Photo credit: LVF) Nigel Coates, managing director of LVF, said: “The lack of a local recycling outlet for polythene waste was a real thorn in the side of our aim to recycle 100 per cent of all waste generated during and after manufacture.”

“Teaming up with the OSO Group means we can now achieve a level of recyclability that few would even consider a plastic packaging manufacturer could come close to achieving.”

The polythene waste now being recycled by OSO Polymers UK Limited is that which is generally used for wrapping pallets of raw material by its suppliers, and ordinarily would have to go into its general waste skip and consequently ended its life in landfill.

As well as now recycling all polythene and post-process plastic waste, LVF also recycles all of its cardboard waste, and is one of the few packaging companies able to legitimately claim that all of the products it manufactures are fully recyclable.

The company also leads the way with its use of biodegradable plastic, Breakdown PET, which means any plastic waste produced in that material will naturally decompose should it end up in landfill.

“The war against plastic is relatively new, but for the packaging industry we have spent years striving to recycle as much as we possibly can,” added Nigel. “As a result, I feel we, as an industry, were well prepared to find ourselves under the spotlight and have reacted very well to the scrutiny.”

“To be able to say we now recycle 100 per cent of all post-process waste, whether plastic, polythene or cardboard is perhaps my proudest achievement in over 30 years of business.”


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