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Liviri introduces reusable wine alcohol shipping solution for year round deliveries

(Photo credit Liviri) Liviri Vino is compatible with other temperature-sensitive alcohol shipments, including craft beer bombers, and is available in four- and six-bottle configurations.

“Shipping wine is a time-sensitive, logistical nightmare due to the considerations involved in sending it across hot and cold climates throughout the year,” said Brian Jacoby, senior vice president of global business development for Liviri. “Liviri Vino takes seasonality out of the wine business, allowing wineries to ship at any time of the year and eliminate weather holds. And Vino is more than a delivery box. It’s enabling a shift in thinking for an entire industry.”

Liviri Vino is a premium, reusable and protective shipping solution for fine wine and alcohol in four- and six-bottle configurations. Precision padding keeps bottles secure and separated while reusable coolant inserts and industry-leading insulation provide a safe, temperature-stable environment inside the box. Vino is easy to use and return – simply open the lid, remove the bottles, close the lid and add the included return label.   

Liviri worked with the FedEx Packaging Lab to help ensure the design exceeded durability standards and flowed seamlessly across their network time and time again. In addition, to help streamline the shipping and return process and simplify the cost structure, FedEx is offering a flat rate for return shipping of Liviri Vino containers via FedEx Ground. FedEx also offers solutions that provide visibility into all inbound and outbound shipments, enhancing asset management of customer inventory.

Vino can be reused for up to two years and is 95% recyclable at the end of its life. The reusable insulation and ice packs also eliminate the need for single-use packaging, a huge priority for businesses and consumers alike. A critically reviewed lifecycle assessment has determined that Vino is environmentally preferable to the leading single-use wine shipping solution in seven out of nine factors and comparable in the other two. For industry titan Boisset Collection, an eye on sustainability is vitally important. They trust Liviri Vino to not only present their premium vintages in a manner worthy of the wine inside, but also help lower the impact of their shipments out of Napa Valley, Calif.

(Photo credit: Liviri) “We are excited to partner with Liviri to launch this amazing innovation that reflects our values of environmental sustainability,” said Jean-Charles Boisset, proprietor of Boisset Collection. Boisset Collection has over a dozen properties in Northern California and is one of the leading certified organic and biodynamic growers in France and California.

“We are thrilled to have a new, responsible way to deliver our delicious elixirs in perfect condition to wine lovers around the country,” said Boisset. “We adore it for both the sustainable and reusable design and the luxurious and unique delivery experience it provides our guests.”

Liviri is also partnering with Eagle Rock Fulfillment, a wine aggregator that delivers some of America’s finest wine collections all over the U.S. In a 2019 pilot program, Eagle Rock’s customers raved that Liviri Vino not only made for a seamless pickup experience, but also protected its precious cargo during difficult times to ship.

“Any kind of entrepreneurial business is full of risks and hurdles,” said Bill Myers, owner and president of Eagle Rock Fulfillment. “You have to be willing and able to deal with them, and to be agile. It’s a constant education. With Liviri Vino we can drastically minimize weather holds, if not completely eliminate them. This would allow us to maintain a similar shipping volume year-round.”

In the craft beer industry, no one melds sustainability with creativity like New Belgium Brewing, a fellow Fort Collins, Colo.-based company known for its high-demand, limited-edition beer releases and relentless pursuit of sustainability. New Belgium recently launched a direct-to-consumer shipping program that utilizes Liviri Vino to keep its “cork and cage” craft beers safe and minimize the environmental impact of shipping out of state.

Liviri launched in April 2019 with Liviri Fresh, a durable, insulated, reusable shipping container sized perfectly for meal kits and perishables like meat, seafood, produce, juices and more. Liviri Shuttle followed in September, designed for in-store “click and collect” pickup and to handle the rigors of last-mile home delivery.



This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837761.