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Swedish company AR Packaging acquires rlc Packaging Group

Sweden-based AR Packaging has acquired innovative solutions provider rlc Packaging Group.The deal includes indirectly purchasing a certain share in BSC Drukarnia Opakowa? and South African Nampak Cartons Nigeria.In November 2019, AR Packaging signed an agreement for the acquisition of rlc Packaging Group. According to the deal, AR Packaging bought 24.1% of the shares indirectly owned by the management of BSC Drukarnia Opakowa?, increasing its stake in the Polish company to 60.8%.The acquisition will not change the BSC management structure.
The acquisition of Nampak Cartons Nigeria will enable AR Packaging to establish its presence in the African market. The company signed a definitive agreement in April 2019.The deal is in line with the company’s strategic expansion plan in selected sectors and geographies. AR Packaging president and CEO Harald Schulz said: “We are very pleased to have received full clearance on the acquisitions and warmly welcome the new companies in our group. This is a very important step in the development of AR Packaging, which will now encompass 28 plants in thirteen countries with 5,500 highly experienced employees.“The customers of rlc Packaging, BSC and Nampak will benefit from our group’s unique product portfolio, including multi-substrate packaging for a wide range of applications.”Following the acquisition, all entities will operate under AR Packaging brand.AR Packaging has 5,500 employees and 28 factories in thirteen countries. What you should read next
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  • Publication date: 23/01/2020



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