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Celanese Bio-based Materials and Recycled Offerings Deliver Value to Businesses and Consumers

DALLAS & DÜSSELDORF, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Advancements in the “Circular Economy” are creating opportunities for business value while at the same time achieving sustainability goals. Materials from Celanese (NYSE:CE) that are bio-based or contain recycled content are enabling manufacturers to consider new ways to meet these sustainability goals while at the same time delivering quality products to their customers.

“At Celanese, we strive to create opportunities to offer products and applications that protect our natural resources,” said Stefan Kutta, Vice President of EMEA Commercial Operations, Celanese. “Through our advancements in the development of recycled and bio-based polymer materials, we are able to contribute to the ‘Circular Economy’ where we can renew and restore materials at all phases of a product’s life cycle. This, in turn, creates value for our customers while reducing waste and environmental impact.”

In the area of recycled content products, select engineered materials from Celanese contain a percentage of recycled resins and are an environmentally-friendly alternative to prime resin grades. Celanese’s sourcing and manufacturing process enable resins with high consistency and performance. Celanese engineered materials including PA, PP, and PBT/PET allow manufacturers – including automotive, consumer appliances, and electrical/electronics – to achieve their recyclability goals while meeting performance requirements.

Additionally, Celanese ECOMID® recycled PA66 compounds contain high-quality, recycled polyamide fibers and textiles for an environmentally-friendly alternative to standard grades. These compounds, given their sourcing and manufacturing process, provide high lot-to-lot consistency to customers.

Apart from the resin grades containing recycled content, Celanese also provides bio-based polymer solutions. These products are based on PEFC certified wood pulp that is a quickly renewable, GMO-free resource. Clarifoil® cellulose acetate bio-?lms from Celanese, for instance, maximize the visual appeal of packaging while also providing optimal conditions for the contents inside. With the widest certified home compostable and bio-degradable films portfolio available, as well as a rich heritage in serving the premium packaging market, Clarifoil® offers sustainability combined with exceptional aesthetics that let products shine through.

Celanese offers these bio-based solutions in addition to the resin grades containing recycled content. These products are made of all or partial biological products, forestry materials, or renewable domestic agricultural materials, including plant or marine materials.

For more information about Celanese product offerings in the bio-based and recycled content categories, including the use of biodegradable acetate flake, Clarifoil® or Ecomid®, please visit the following websites and discover how Celanese can create business value while also meeting important environmental goals.


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Publication date: 22/10/2019

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