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Poligal purchases second BOBST Metallizer

Poligal purchases second BOBST MetallizerPoligal, a leading European manufacturer of BOPP and CPP films has purchased a K5 EXPERT 2450mm with AluBond® and Hawkeye Pinhole Detector which will be installed at their plant in Poland towards the end of the year.
This metallizer is the second Poligal has bought from BOBST, the first being a K5000 with AluBond® and AlOx for the Portugal plant back in 2015 which was the first machine in Europe for the production of AlOx on BOPP.
Poligal has been manufacturing bioriented polypropylene films for more than 25 years and has an extensive catalogue of films for flexible packaging, lamination, labels and a variety of industrial applications. The Poland plant opened in 2017 with the objective of improving service to customers in Central Europe; the location of the plant puts it at the heart of the flexibles market in Poland. 
High Barrier on BOPP
The new machine has been purchased to increase capacity and production of films created with the AluBond® process. AluBond® has been shown to greatly increase metal bond strength and metal adhesion on the most commonly used substrates (PET, BOPP, CPP and PE) during aluminium vacuum metallization; metal adhesion values of up to 5N/15mm can be achieved.
As well as providing excellent adhesion levels on all substrates, when AluBond® is applied to BOPP and CPP films it provides enhancement of oxygen (OTR) and water vapour (WVTR) barrier performance. For BOPP films, OTR values decrease to less than 10 cm³/(m² d) and on CPP values of less than 5 cm³/(m² d) can be achieved. On both substrates, WVTR levels of < 0.1 g/(m² d) can be obtained. 
???????Hawkeye Pinhole Detector
The new machine also includes the Hawkeye Pinhole Detector which is a monitoring system that at full metallizer speed, detects, counts and categorizes pinholes and other defects from 0.1 mm upwards. Hawkeye sets the benchmark for in-process control and final product quality.
Commenting on the new investment, Antonio Viladomiu, Operations Director from Poligal said “We are very happy with our existing BOBST machine so when we decided to purchase a metallizer to install in our new factory in Poland, there was no question that we would buy a second BOBST metallizer. We are also very happy with the barrier results from the AluBond® process on our film produced in Portugal so had no hesitation in adding this to our new machine. We are looking forward to having our K5 EXPERT installed”.

Publication date: 28/08/2019



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