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K2019: Husky to present Plastic Packaging for Every Market Needs

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At K 2019, Husky Injection Molding Systems will feature diverse, healthy and sustainable packaging solutions for various markets through development of digitalized end-to-end manufacturing process and flexible and scalable molding solutions.
John Galt, President and CEO of Husky said that consumer trends are dynamic, due to increasing urbanization, health and wellness consciousness. They are focusing on digital experiences and sustainable choices.
Innovative Packaging Solutions
Husky will present new portfolios which will help plastic producers to develop more package designs of different sizes, shapes and colors.
The new portfolio will feature:
  • new versatile HyPET5 PET systems portfolio at the show, as well as its flexible,

  • lower cavitation NexPET™ system and mold. For the first time,

  • high-productivity HyPET® HPP5e system, designed to deliver complete design freedom, energy savings, system reliability, superior preform quality and user friendliness.

Sustainable Injection Molding Solutions
Husky’s variety of sustainable injection molding solutions allow for more post-consumer resin (PCR) in packages, including
  • PET preform molding systems capable of handling recycled content

  • PCR options for its Multi-Layer Technology.

The company is developing more energy efficient systems, increased lightweight capabilities and innovative tethered closure designs to meet recycling and packaging legislation.
Next Generation Operating Model (NGOM) - Manufacturing System
Husky has developed its Next Generation Operating Model (NGOM), which is a digitalized end-to-end manufacturing system that offers enhanced capabilities to deliver solutions with unmatched speed and flexibility for online shopping and e-commerce industries.
This operating model accelerates speed-to-market levels and balances inventory costs.
Multi-Layer Technology - Health and Wellness Packaging
Packaging for health and wellness industries requires better protection for sensitive content.
Husky’s breakthrough Multi-Layer Technology offers barriers for light, oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as bottles with exciting new design and functional treatments that enhances shelf appeal.

Publication date: 20/09/2019

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