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Jabil Packaging Solutions launches Sustainable Packaging Services to accelerate innovation

Jabil Packaging Solutions (JPS; St. Petersburg, FL), a division of Jabil Inc., introduced a new suite of Sustainable Packaging Services that enable packaged goods brands to rapidly design and deliver innovative sustainable packaging formats into the marketplace. Companies producing consumer packaged goods (CPGs) are at “a turning point,” said JPS, and they need to find “smart ways to make their products and packaging sustainable or face increasing regulations, taxes and pushback from consumers.”

“For CPGs, there has never been a bigger challenge than the transition to a truly sustainable business model,” said Jason Paladino, JPS Vice President of Technology. “Managing this shift and truly achieving sustainability goals requires a new level of partnership and collaboration across the supply chain. As a custom packaging solutions provider with a rich history of transformational brand equity packaging, we are uniquely positioned to work intimately with brands to solve these challenges at speed, while reducing complexity and mitigating risks,” said Paladino.

The new program from JPS comprises three services that accelerate the new product development process while dramatically reducing the risk associated with developing sustainable packaging formats, including:

  • Design for Sustainability: Drive faster time-to-market and eco-friendly validation with a proven design innovation process.
  • Sustainable Packaging Assessment: Iteratively assess key sustainability factors, such as carbon footprint and recyclability, in parallel with critical new product introduction requirements.
  • Materials Sourcing and Development: Introduce holistic procurement strategies that account for price, supply chain optimization and performance.
The new suite of Sustainable Packaging Services will enable customers in the food and beverage, home care, personal care and professional care sectors to work with a single packaging innovation leader with expertise in all areas of sustainable packaging development.

While many of the world’s leading brands have publicly stated that they aim to make their packaging 100% reusable or recyclable by 2025, limitations in material science may pose the biggest barrier in achieving that milestone, said Jabil’s announcement. Jabil’s Sustainability Packaging Trends survey found that 44% of packaging decision-makers say the biggest obstacle CPGs have in being able to meet their goals is the lack of technical solutions.

Jabil’s documentary, The Sustainable Packaging Revolution, explores the race to develop solutions that drive a more sustainable approach to packaging. The documentary on YouTube features input from industry leaders Danimer Scientific, a pioneer in creating more sustainable, natural ways to make plastic products using micro-organisms, and KW Plastics, one of the largest recyclers of HDPE and PP.

“As the world’s largest plastics recycler and supplier of recycled resins, we are seeing an ever-increasing demand for quality post-consumer resins,” said Stephanie Baker, Executive Director of Market Development at KW Plastics. “We applaud Jabil for researching the options and opportunities for PCR in packaging, as it works to help its customers achieve their sustainability goals.”

Stephen Croskrey, CEO of Danimer Scientific, commented: “Reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste will take a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors, and it all starts with educating businesses and industry stakeholders of the best technology and processes available today. Jabil’s initiative comes at a critical time, and it was a privilege for our team to contribute our knowledge of the current state of biodegradable plastics to the documentary.”

Publication date: 03/07/2019

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