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Sulapac and Quadpack partner on microplastic-free packaging

body.single-projects .post-content :not(p) img, body.single-post .post-content :not(p) img { display: none; } The partnership will provide global cosmetics customers with microplastic-free packaging. Credit: PressReleaseFinder. Finnish biomaterials start-up Sulapac and cosmetic industry packaging supplier Quadpack have agreed to partner on microplastic-free packaging.The agreement will enable Quadpack to become the ‘Preferred Global Cosmetics Packaging Partner’ in Sulapac’s partner programme. Sulapac’s existing and new cosmetic customers will have access to various sustainable packaging solutions.In addition, the partnership will allow Sulapac to sell its microplastic-free solutions as part of Quadpack’s cosmetic packaging product range.Next year, Quadpack will launch a new Sulapac Nordic Collection, including 15ml, 30ml and 50ml jars. The company is also expected to release new packaging types. Sulapac’s microplastic-free products are made from renewable raw materials and are fully recyclable.
Sulapac sales head Ami Rubinstein said: “We have got thousands of enquiries from cosmetics customers all over the world about our Nordic Collection and it has been sold out already in August 2019.“The partnership with Quadpack, one of the top ten European providers of cosmetic packaging, ensures we can more effectively serve a wider customer base.”The partnership will strengthen Quadpack’s position in sustainable cosmetics packaging by complementing its existing Bi-Injection Blow Moulding technology.The technology enables Quadpack to use two materials at the same time.Quadpack Advanced Technology director and co-founder Jeremy Garrard said: “Besides placing Quadpack among the most innovative and competitive cosmetic packaging providers worldwide, the partnership means that beauty brands will have access to truly sustainable packaging solutions with the best microplastic-free, biodegradable material that is currently available in the market.”In a separate development, Sulapac raised €15m to support its development and international expansion.

Publication date: 12/12/2019



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